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I have already heard via the news, where some of our homeless VETERANS have been evicted from hotels to make room for YOU GUESSED IT, ILLEGALS ! Take a good hard look at many of the illegals coming over into our country. Many are clothed better than our homeless.

Yesterday, I had a panhandling illegal approach me in a Walmart parking lot. Never had this happen before. The girl was about 20, well dressed, could not speak English, was attractive, and didn’t look like she had such a hard time just getting here. She obviously had some help. Now she is here, she made it. It hasn’t taken long for her to start panhandling. Some of our laws prohibit panhandling on the streets, I guess parking lots don’t count. But hey, breaking the law means nothing to them, their first act of crossing over broke the law. They are criminals immediately. Yes I can categorize them as that. Don’t tell me I don’t have the right! Illegal immigration will have an effect on our homeless. BIG TIME. It has already started.

I don’t hate these people. I just want them to stay home, where they were born. If you don’t like the way your country is run, if you don’t like your leaders/your government……….STAY HOME AND CHANGE IT. Yes many may die doing it. We understand that here in America. Fight for your own country, for love of country and it’s people. Don’t abandon it, to come here with hands extended expecting freebies.

I know they won’t see this blog, but I need to get this off my chest. NONE of them should be given a bus ticket to go where ever they are going here, UNTIL they retrace their steps and pick up the trash they scattered along the way, on our side of the border. Earn your f___ing stay!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: on biden removing harris as border boss

Won’t happen, they have exactly who and what they want in place. To them it is working beautifully. U.S. is inching towards being a third world trash hole, if we aren’t already there. Biden/Harris and this BS of an administration don’t care about illegals, criminals (to include drug, child trafficking, rape), health issues (yes these same people that lecture AMERICANS on COVID and VACCINATIONS). Have you ever heard FAUCI speak of COVID CARRIERS crossing over our SOUTHERN BORDER?

I have already seen (St. Charles, Missouri) a family of immigrants standing on a corner near Sam’s with their sign (I HAVE 4 CHILDREN -PLEASE HELP US). I guess these families aren’t being adopted by American families just yet! Where did these people think they were going? Oh yeah, the free housing Biden would give them, the free food, the free health care. All free to them, PAID FOR BY THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS! This is why Biden wants to increase your taxes…………. It is the Taketh away and giveth to others (illegally) Marxist, socialist’s Democratic Party indoctrination!

Tiny Sonoita, AZ rocked by crime committed by illegals — Seeing Red AZ

Law abiding Arizona residents victimized by criminal illegal aliens Boldly using the correct terminology to headline its report on the hordes of invaders breaching our southern border, Judicial Watch details the calamity that is occurring in Sonoita, Arizona. Sonoita, in Santa Cruz County, the smallest of Arizona’s 15 counties, has, as of the last census, […]

Tiny Sonoita, AZ rocked by crime committed by illegals — Seeing Red AZ

Russian influence on elections? Dems invited 58,000 illegals to vote in Texas alone!

The Democrats have been screaming now for sometime about Russian influencing our elections.   Never mind though that 58,000 illegal immigrants voted in Texas alone.  By the way Socialist Dems that is voter fraud.  You bitch about Russia’s influence because you fear they don’t favor the Left Democratic candidates.   If they did you’d be silent.

Russia has been trying to influence our elections for generations.   THEY ARE COMMUNISTS, SOCIALIST………THAT IS THE RUSSIAN STRATEGIC WAY.   Their government also influences their own elections.  Surprised?  I know this may be a shock to some of you but the United States government has influenced elections as well.   No kidding ask Hillary!

An open border is a recruiting tool for new Democrat voters.  Forget the legality of it all!  Kamala Harris will want to include all those illegals for her “Medicare for All” pledge, it doesn’t matter they’ve contributed a dime.  You naturally born Americans and you who became citizens legally will contribute more which means you’ll have less as those who never contributed get more (the free stuff).



Do Democrats/the liberal left hear themselves?  Contradiction and hypocrisy are everyday occurrences.

They, the Dems would argue that illegals should be allowed to vote (they will do anything to allow it, as long as they vote for a democrat); but then scream foul that Russia has interfered with our election process.

There seems to be some interference in the liberal’s mental processing!