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Clinton: Illegal immigrants keep U.S. ‘younger and fresher’ — Everybody Loves Trump

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via Clinton: Illegal immigrants keep U.S. ‘younger and fresher’ — Everybody Loves Trump

The word ILLEGAL means nothing to Hillary Clinton, its how she rolls.


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Five Syrians were arrested in Honduras for trying to utilize stolen Greek passports in order to travel to the United States.   They were headed, were else to United States southern border.   You know that open border……the one Obama allows such illegals to continue to pass.   These guys aren’t coming for safety, they are coming to destroy.

OBAMA, HILLARY AND THE LEFT….guns vs. illegal immigrants

Obama and Hillary both want to confiscate the 350 million guns owned by 1/3 of the American population.   1/3 would be approximately a little over 116.5 million people.  That doesn’t mean the other 2/3 of the population is against gun ownership.  Many can’t afford them, many just haven’t taken the time or had the opportunity to learn to use them and therefore haven’t made a purchase.   There are lots of reasons people don’t own a gun, but that is not what this post is about, that is for another day.

Hillary comes right out and will say “we’re coming for your guns”, or “it’s something worth consideration”.  Obama, like Obama has and always will, states the opposite of what he means and INTENDS, a “No boots on the ground” approach.  He too is an habitual, treasonous liar.

Here is what I find interesting:   Obama, Hillary and the Left ridicule, laugh at, and claim it to be impossible to confiscate or herd-up the 11 million illegals and transport them back across the Mexican border but find it practical to confiscate 350 million guns from 116.5 million people.  That is how the morons think.

Illegal immigrants may hide, those 350 million legally owned weapons won’t hide.  They’ll be loaded and aimed when they send the UN troops in to TRY and gather them  up.   The 116.5 million owners won’t hand them over because of a tyrant and one tyrant wannabe.  This isn’t Australia, it is the USA, we own them because of the 2nd Amendment right, our right.  We own them to hunt, leisure shooting, home defense and to protect us against a government gone bad and the tyranny of the likes of an Obama, and someone who believes they are entitled to be a Tyrant living in our White House.