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SO AS NOT TO BE DETECTED EARLY! If this was acceptable (Flying illegal immigrants from Texas to NY) they wouldn’t be doing it in the middle of the night, wee hours of the night! They are then moving some to NJ & CT………..why not send them to DELAWARE Joe?



YOUR Department of Homeland Security Sec. (Alejandro Mayorkas) (stated: 13,000 Haitian immigrants have been released into our country AND 20% have illnesses. He said he did not expect the increase in COVID variances that they are seeing from the immigrants. HE WAS SURPRISED BY THAT! This administration’s ignorance mirrors that of their fearless leader, JOE BIDEN. But keep putting your ridiculous mask on Joe!

Jen Psaki, super Joe’s White House Press Sec. said: Republicans should stop giving speeches at the border and join Democrats in a solution. REALLY? We’ve seen what the Dems/the Socialist Party/the Left’s solutions look like! At least Republicans have been to the border. Reread my last sentence in the above paragraph!! Wow! Dear Jen, your f-ing boss is the problem. The previous administration had the solution. Your f-ing boss reversed it all, and you f-ing know it! The administration does not want a solution. This is their agenda. And then later we’ll talk about BIDEN’S BUILD BACK BETTER AGENDA……….. Ummm, just how does this work with a ridiculously destructive open border?

This Pelosi, Biden spending bill brainless Nancy is pushing…………would include FREE COLLEGE TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Oh you natural citizens will be paying for this! Also that want to spend several billion for Distancing Training! SEE, THE COVID EFFECT IS HERE TO STAY. They want to teach you how to DISTANCE! They want to spend billions on Bias Training as well. So, who teaches this one? Once again reread the last sentence in the first paragraph.

Oh here is the real kicker: Joe Biden says his BUILD BACK BETTER AGENDA is ZERO COSTS. What Joe means by this is the government does not pay for anything. It is Zero Costs to the government. YOU AND I AND OUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE PAYING FOR THIS. IT’S CALLED TAXES! GOVERNMENT DOESN’T PAY TAXES, WE DO!

Bonus moment of stupidity: AOC (you know, New York’s finest) wants the inmates at Riker’s Island to be released! This is like the Joker in The Dark Night (Batman) releasing the inmates. GOTHAM! Riker’s……….notorious, violent criminals. Yet Martha Stewart went to jail. LOL!

Again, reread……………..by now you know!

it took two fools: arlin report thought(s) of the day

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris reignite battle over busing - CNN Video

Kamala bashed Biden, implying he wasn’t fit to be president, that he was a racists. She got both those points right! Then, she couldn’t even win a primary election, yet JOE chose her to be VP running mate. No he didn’t make that choice on his own, he was alone in his basement remember? He announced what he was told to announce, what he was told he would do. Choose someone that called you racists, but hey she’ll accept, even though she despises you! Not to worry, she’ll be following your tail around, waiting for you to collapse. Hell Joe was even told the election was about to be stolen for him. He dumboundedly some how was able to inform us that they, meaning the DNC, had the most corrupt election/campaign organization in place in history! He was right, but, the ass he is, admitted it! One thing about Joe Biden, he can’t keep his mouth shut! Most of the time he lies and deceives. But that he got right!

It has never been clearer, at any time in this nation’s history, that the knuckleheads in the presidential and vp positions are only for show and IT TOOK TWO FOOLS, that would easily comply. Hey Joe stay in your basement, keep your mouth shut, speak or read only when we tell you. Let us worry about how we get you elected! We’ll have another fool lined up to follow you, that will do the same; she’ll do anything for the recognition. She’ll be fine being totally directed/CONTROLLED by us! NEVER has it been more clear that we are being controlled, I hesitate to say governed by a Deep State, a Cabal, of which most are not elected. Some belonging to the Deep State, THE SWAMP are elected officials, like Nancy Pelosi. That is just one! They do still fear the American people though! That is why they want our guns. That is why they are making such an ordeal over the Jan. 6th attack on THEIR SPACE, yet don’t mind turning looters and arsonists free during riots (you know what they called peaceful protests).


Close the Keystone Pipeline down, destroy 11,000 jobs. Shrink our oil supply. Don’t worry about Russia hacking Colonial! No big deal.

Totally open the southern border, doesn’t matter while Americans are lockdown from a pandemic and you preach to take your experimental vaccine. YET YOU CONCERN YOURSELF WITH OUR HEALTH? Illegals crossing by the thousands daily UNTESTED!

BUT THE TWO FOOLS WILL FOLLOW THE DEEP STATE AGENDA, DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN using illegal immigrants as a weapon (just one way of helping push the destruction). We can’t provide, we’ll be unable to maintain this influx of people that we’ll be expected/have to deal with. They are doing what socialists do, class destruction! Take from the middle, create one large serfdom, one class. Only the elite will remain above it all. Here is the thing! Most Democrats, your everyday people and those that have somewhat a degree of morals (a few left in government) don’t understand that eventually they will be eliminated, pushed out! Some of you are turning away on your own already! Most of you won’t be ELITE ENOUGH. You’ll eventually be treated as outsiders! Only those that are actually members of and meet at their annual events of the Bilderberg’s, Council on Foreign Relations etc.

The World Economic Forum was scheduled to meet in Singapore, however the article I tried to paste here was disallowed by: Asia Pacific Security Magazine. Remember the name Klaus Schwab. He founded the World Economic Forum. This is the globalist piece of shit (excuse my language) clown that said we “……..will soon own nothing and be happier for it”, paraphrase.

http://www.asiapacificsecuritymagazine.com refused to connect.

How much are you already paying at the gas pump to fill your car? It will continue to rise. The cost of everything is going up!

Pandemic? They don’t want it to end! They are talking about locking us down again, because of this Delta Variant!!!!! Umm………yeah, I have read this VARIANT has a 99.9% recovery. That is better odds than a common cold. BUT HEY, we’re stupid because we just accept everything they say, do and order us to do. I think many are waking up to their BS. But, we don’t seem to have the will, not like our forefather’s had. Do we have the will to fight a revolution, for our own rights, just to keep them? The unruly are fighting a civil war in our streets, and we the good, have done little to combat it. We rely on our government to do it. THEY ARE PART OF, A BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM.

All these world organizations have annual meetings, and their agendas are on the same page together, and it is their own interests, NOT OURS. GLOBALISM!

I think it is time, the American people have a CONVENTION of our own! Their needs to be a reset alright, but NOT THE ONE THE GLOBALISTS WANT!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: thank you missouri dmv

Yesterday, I went and stood in the long line at the Department of Motor Vehicles (Missouri) for over an hour (not as bad as I thought it would be). Naturally they only allow a limited number of people in (face mask required). I needed to renew my driver’s license. A couple of weeks ago I had renewed my vehicle plates (line wasn’t as long then but we are approaching the end of the month). To my surprise……………

When I was finally seated for renewing my license, I handed the clerk all the appropriate documents required that would allow me to receive the REAL ID compliant license, which is the “Enhanced Driver’s License” that will “allow” me to board planes for domestic travel. I have no problem with providing all this proof that I am an American citizen. One of the documents I provided was my birth certificate, another was my personal property tax (payment) receipt, another a copy of my auto insurance. With all that, the clerk still asked me if I had my Social Security card with me. I did and he made a copy of it. In Missouri it would seem it would be difficult for an illegal immigrant to get a driver’s license being they are undocumented, unless of course they try providing docs that are fraudulent.

What really was surprising to me about renewing my license was ………. we didn’t have to take the eye exam or road sign recognition test. Years past we always had to. In fact 6 years ago my license was renewed with a class A restriction (corrective vision required/glasses or contacts). I am sure the reason for this is COVID-19. They don’t want everyone sticking their heads up against the vision testing machine, which includes the road rec test. You’d think they would be a bit more creative…….they could test your vision with the wall chart….. which could also include the road signs. What they did was renewed my license with the class A restriction extended. I had no problem with that, I would have probably needed the glasses to pass the test anyway.

So watch out folks I am a driver for another 6 years at least.

I will say, the DMV here did a good job processing people with these long lines and they moved pretty well to my surprise. That said, these people operating the DMV are not state employees……the DMV here is a private company contracted out, for issuing plates, renewing plates and driver’s licensing. The actual road driving test and written driving test are however processed by “state employees”, they are wearing state uniforms.

Yesterday was not a bad experience………..

Now I am off to go by a new driver (golf club that is)! 🙂

under biden, free health care to illegal immigrants

Yep, Biden’s hand is up. He has always wanted to be part of the crowd, whichever crowd he is with in the moment.

Illegal Aliens Demand $1.2K Each in Taxpayer-Funded Checks — The Daily Buzz

Illegal aliens are demanding they too receive $1,200 in federal checks from the government as part of a Chinese coronavirus crisis relief package. Open borders organizations like the George Soros-funded United We Dream, the National Immigrant Justice Center, and the National Immigration Law Center — all of which represent the roughly 11 to 22 million […]

Illegal Aliens Demand $1.2K Each in Taxpayer-Funded Checks — The Daily Buzz

New york allows undocumented illegals drivers’ licenses ……..voting next?

Thousands of undocumented illegal immigrants show up for NY drivers’ licenses. Officials in NY admit it may be the ID they’ll use to vote next. See any issues here? Number one thousands of law breakers line up and are not arrested for having already broken the law. So NY allows those that have no respect for the law and welcome them with the same rights those that came here legally and/or are born here, you know natural born citizens. So, now they agree we should have voter ID? That would be great, but not from illegals. Also, if we were to allow them to vote under an ID, that has not changed their illegal status, which is fraud……it’s voter fraud. They are still illegals. How is that not interfering in our elections? We have illegal foreigners interfering in our elections. And the Democrats want to impeach Donald Trump? They are insane!

It won’t stop with drivers’ licenses or even voting folks! It’s just the beginning. The borders are open. Your legislators have no intention of following the rules of law. And they want to impeach Trump? I can see a lot of offenses impeachable, but not from the White House!



One:   Old school baseball, the way it was once played and should be played (in my opinion) is gone.   The St. Louis Cardinal manager last evening, with a one run lead in the bottom of the tenth, intentionally walked a batter (with the tying run already at 2nd base) putting the winning run on base with only one out.   I could see it coming, a double, a ball that gets past a diving left fielder, scores the winning run, GAME OVER!   Nice going Mike Matheny.   Old school, you don’t put the potential winning run on base.  Gee, let the pitcher pitch.   Also, you don’t give the pitcher his option.   That is what you are there for, to manage the team!

Two:  Illegal immigrants don’t become separated from their families, if they do not cross over the border illegally!   You want to stay together………stay the hell where you are.  Be the difference in making your country better!   Try being a solution, rather than someone else’s problem!