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is trump spear heading the mark of the beast?

Anything connected to vaccinations leaving a trail back to Bill Gates is NO GOOD. World Health Organization – no good.


meet the v-team: globalist, vaccine (drug pushers) and digital id all in one big package: arlin report thought(s) of the day



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Oh and that’s not all: I like digital ID2020 scheme. Just another step to New (ONE global government) World Order.

Bill and Melinda Gates (The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)………and their buddy George Soros (no introduction needed); The V-Team. (We’re in this together, meaning the V-Team is in this together).

World Order (Soros and Gates world) taking shape one vaccine at a time.

bill gates on nbc’s today show: arlin report thought(s) of the day

Savannah Guthrie interviewed Bill Gates on NBC’s TODAY SHOW (Mainstream Media). The heart of the interview was the progress (WHATEVER!) of the vaccine for COVID-19. Savannah of course asked Gates his opinion on President Trump suspending funds to W.H.O (the UN favorite pathetically supported World Health Organization). Gates, as you can guess correctly opposes the suspension. (Bill just add in your own funds if you think W.H.O. is so wonderful). I’m sure he does anyway so he can insert his voice. Gates also injected a statement (dig) that the U.S. was not at the fore-front of scientific development of the vaccine.

Gates on NBC TODAY spreading his agenda of vaccination (ID2020, digital ID though he failed to mention, from what I heard the IDs, which he really wants). The vaccine is just the means for the ID.


Bill Gates go back to watching Tiger King with your daughter! Bill put your little sweater on and STAY HOME!

Another thought: Some areas in Missouri are opening back up TODAY. Golf, (have tee time for Monday). Yeah: Franklin County, Missouri taking the lead!!

id2020 alliance: global government forming?

ID2020 Alliance: Global Mandatory Vaccinations + Biometric ID Integration

An alliance of multinational companies, global consulting firms, including Gavi or Vaccine Alliance, Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, etc. has been formed to provide a “holistic and market-based approach” to help governments of the world provide a “good national ID” to “prove who you are” because it is “a fundamental and universal human right.”

They will do this in conjunction with government-funded mandatory vaccinations. What could possibly go wrong?

Imagine how backward this thinking really is. Instead of looking for healthcare solutions, they are instead working on the perfection of their control grid as if their financial grip on everyone is not enough.

We Need to Get Digital ID Right

Unfortunately, current models of digital ID do not meet everyone’s needs. They are generally archaic, insecure, lacking adequate privacy protection, and for over a billion people worldwide, unavailable.

Everyone should have access to a digital ID that enables them to prove who they are across institutional and international borders and across time, while giving them control over how their personal information is collected, used, and shared.


GAVI Vaccine Alliance

GAVI, officially Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (previously the GAVI Alliance,[1] and before that the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization)[2][3] is a public–private global health partnership committed to increasing access to immunisation in poor countries.[4]

GAVI brings together developing country and donor governments, the World Health OrganizationUNICEF,[5] the World Bank, the vaccine industry in both industrialised and developing countries, research and technical agencies, civil society, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other private philanthropists.

GAVI was created in 2000 as a successor to the Children’s Vaccine Initiative, which had been launched in 1990.[6]

Seth Berkley has been the CEO of GAVI since 2011.[7]

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $1.56 billion to the alliance’s 2016-2020 strategic period, as of March 2019.[8]

In August 2014, GAVI changed its name from “GAVI Alliance” and introduced a new logo.


What they really want is a fully standardized data collection and retrieval format, and cross-border sharing of identities of the entire population of the planet, in order for the stand-alone AI-powered command center to work without a hitch, and for purposes of calculating everyone’s potential contribution, and threat to the system.

The system is aptly called by some as Technocratic Dictatorship, or simply put Technocracy. It consists of the full digitization of the financial system, compartmentalization of knowledge and people, integration of medical records, and the establishment of national IDs, which when integrated into the ID2020 Alliance network, should work seamlessly without fail.

Behavioral software is already being used in the high-frequency trading of global stocks at primary exchanges around the globe. AI softwares for integrated military systems are already under dizzying phases of development in the G8 countries. The full automation of identifying global threats and subsequent elimination thereof is not a theory anymore.

What worries this writer a lot is the lack of real opposition from governments all over the world, probably because only a handful of them really has the scientific understanding of the possible long-term consequences of such as system. In fact, most of the health ministers within these governments are all Big Pharma conscripts by default due to their complete allegiance to the only thing that keeps them in their posts.

The irony of it all is that the same set of technologies that we already have today also have the same capability to set us all free, and yet the lack of coordinated action from the population continues to empower the sociopaths who have been in great positions of political and economic power for far too long. When can we get our acts together and end this madness for good?

Should we start eliminating these people physically, or do we just continue to wait until some sort of “divine intervention” comes forth and save the day?

Surely, those who are proactively creating the technocratic system is not sitting idly by indeed, and not just waiting for everyone to bend the knee. They are well-organized in pursuing their totalitarian ideas into reality and fruition.

It’s high time to raise the pitchforks and light the torch. Engineers and technicians, social workers, experts and technologies, community organizers, military veterans and the constitutional militia, need to take matters into their own hands now to guide the passivists in our midst of the actions that must done, before the system that we are conniving with today will, at the very least enslave, or kill us tomorrow.

Off-grid living is never complete without your own off-grid healthcare system. In fact, that is one of the most critical components on how you can successfully live outside of the dog-eat-dog paradigm. A real off-grid healthcare technology is being used in the fringe corners of our society where the effects of propaganda have been uprooted before the turn of the 21st century, and it offers many distinct advantages not attributable to mainstream conventions.

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March 21, 2017

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