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Texas will allow fans at the horse tracks…….25% capacity


arlin report thought(s) of the day: saturday may 2nd, the kentucky derby

Charlatan's sensational debut has sparked early comparisons to ...
San Gabriel Valley Tribune Charlatan

Should have gone to the Oaks yesterday and going to the Kentucky Derby today. This first weekend in May combo got postponed due to COVID-19. Now waiting for September, for The Run for the Roses. Better late than never.

Charlatan gets more prep time this way………but I don’t think he needs it. This horse is literally a stud, a beast. I think he runs today in Arkansas.

Above is a photo of Charlatan………..

arlin report thought(s) of the day: a little online horse race betting…….today..ouch!

Racing expert Lou Monaco provides picks for Oaklawn Park today ...

What I like most about going to the track……..the BEAUTY of the HORSES.

I normally write my thought(s) of the day earlier in the day, most often early morning. This morning I didn’t really give the coronavirus thing much thought. When it dominates the news (which reminds me of the Vietnam War when it took up all the news for many years), its not that difficult to kick it out of your mind by just not turning on the TV.

So, rather than turning on the holier than thou news programs etc., I went online and did a little betting on the ponies. I love horse racing, and I have always said if I lived near (by near I mean down the block or two a about ohhhhh 5 miles or so) a track I’d either be living in a shack or a mansion. Most likely it would the shack. I am however proud to say I can control my betting. When I go to a track, I only take so much money, an amount I can afford to lose. The debit card stays in the wallet, and I have never had a temptation to use it, when I am on a bad night and the cash has dwindled. I just accept my loses. And yes I have gone home ahead a few times. I also am good at pacing out my bets………. and limiting each race. If I get to the end of the night, I may anti-up a bit, depending on how well I did earlier. I have an account for online betting, and its nice to do, when you can’t actually be at a track right now. The online betting allows me to bet at tracks I would not otherwise have the opportunity. Todays bets took me from Florida….. to Oklahoma. There are only a few tracks operating right now and they are without spectators. The races are live!

Today, was a weird day of betting on the horses. I don’t always bet on the favorite and it depends on the odds. But in some races the odds on favorite can be a safe bet, even if its 6-5 or 7-5. However, today was not the case. I followed/bet on about 8 races today, jumping from one track to another track, which you can do because of time you have in between races and the tracks offset their post times to enable online betters to do as such. Anyway, back to what took place today. NONE of the favored horses and I mean none, not even the ones that were 1-1 or 4/5 odds won their races. It didn’t matter what the odds were, the favored horses in these races today did not win. I have never seen this before. You can go to the track and if there are 10 races, you can bet that in 3-4 of those races the favored horse will win. Now making a $2 bet for a horse to win if the odds on that horse was 6/5 your not going to win a lot. Naturally the more you bet on a winning horse the more you win. Where you win is if you place a bet on a horse with higher odds say 7-1. But normally the safer bet is the favorite. NOT TODAY. I did bet on the favored horse several times today………zilch. Sometimes I bet on the favorite by placing a show bet down, I bet that he/she at least finishes in 3rd. I’ll do that if the favorite is 3-1, there is an even greater chance the favorite will at least finish in the top three spots. Trouble is if he wins, you only get the show money (which happened for me today a few times). I know I am not telling all you people how you should bet. I really only meant to say that, the favorite horses in these races today did not win. NOT ONCE! Like I said that never happens. I recognized the trend half way through, adjusted by not betting on the favorite, except maybe to show (unless the odds gave very little pay back). Middle of the pack horses were the horses to bet today. One horse at 21-1 odds won a race, I never even gave that horse consideration. Occasionally I make a low bet on a horse with those kind of odds or greater like 50-1…….. because the payoffs are great. It just doesn’t happen much. 2-1…..3-1 4,5, 6, & 7-1 odds are my favorite odds to bet.

Needless to say, I lost a grand total of $28.00 today. My losses were obviously higher than my winning. Now………. Lone Cactus go explain that to Joe Biden. 🙂