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Many, myself included, believe Hillary is so out of touch with the American people, she can not possibly relate with us; unless you are of the few with deep pockets.   Deep pockets to Hillary doesn’t mean you are well off, good job, nice home or even taking home a CEO type salary.  Deep pockets are the Warren Buffets, the middle east Shah’s and Kings, oil barons.    Those are the people Hillary relates with, you and I are just serfs.  

Hillary said she wants to be Americas champion, a champion of the average, common folks.     What she really wants is power over the peasants.  Hillary has no idea of the struggles and challenges the average American faces in everyday life.  

Her campaign 2016 listening tour is underway.   The road show is an act, she isn’t listening to Average Americans.   The stage is always set with pre-arranged staff members and campaign volunteers.   Hillary isn’t ready to meet real Americans, she’d get more than her ears filled.  She can not relate to the middle class.  To Hillary everyone is below her, the lower class; there is no middle.

If Hillary really wanted to get a feel for common folks out here in mid-America, where better to go than Ferguson, Missouri.   Hillary…….there you will see it all, hear it all, whites and blacks, Hispanics.   You can stroll down the street for a tour of the sites, see the new, the old and burned out.  There will be plenty of good old boys and girls to speak with; they aren’t working so they have time to chat.  This is real America, the America you know nothing about.  Just don’t park the Dooby Van in our Handicap Zones.   Better yet, you may want to leave the Van back home.


Hillary don’t miss this opportunity, its your once in a lifetime chance to get to know America.


The Ladies from The Bunny Ranch in Nevada have come out in support of Hillary Clinton.   Did Bill do a little campaign solicitation at the famous sex ranch?    Maybe Bill is planning on a trip to Nevada to personally thank the paid whores for their SUPPORT.

Some of the girls are promising free service to any man or possibly woman who commits their vote towards Hillary’s presidential run.  I guess there is nothing wrong with a professional sex object selling her service for a vote.

The healthcare issue was cited as one of the reasons the girls are supporting Hillary.   I guess that would be from her support of Obamacare.   These women did not go seek employment at the Bunny Ranch for healthcare.   Most of these girls are not even from Nevada.   If healthcare was that important they should have found jobs closer to home that provide insurance.   No, these girls are at the Bunny Ranch because of the service they provide, they are obviously good at what they do and like their work, so they went where they were legal.

The Clinton campaign circus is well on its way.   I doubt Hillary will allow Bill anywhere near the sex ranch.    So here is a photo of a couple of the Bunny Ranch girls with Bill back in 2014.


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It is a good question, with an obvious answer.    Racial divide instigators only look in one direction and practice the same bias they accuse others of being guilty.   The two biggest racist are in the nations highest offices.   Yet, they protect the former Secretary of State, despite being white, but only to keep from incriminating themselves with what she has hidden.

Trust me, if Hillary was not covering up for Obama, he and Holder would definitely throw her under the bus.   It’s about Benghazi.


Aside from the Socialist hiding behind the Democratic Party currently residing in our White House, who is the face of the Democrats?

Many Democrats still claim Hillary is their gal.   However, that support is obviously dwindling, with the email scandal, Republican Bonanza!   Hillary can not shovel her past into a deep hole and bury it as she has before, and the recent past will remain in the present.   The future does not look promising, Hillary issues will not disappear as long as she is a candidate for president or dog catcher.   When you beat the same old drum over and over, the skin will eventually wear out.  Hillary, your party is wearing out, fast.

I doubt Hillary will go away on her own, even with party prodding; after all, she said it is her time and she is entitled to the presidency.  Another Democratic face will need to step in.   The best bet would probably be Elizabeth Warren, if she can be convinced.

I will state right here and now, if I have to; most of you who have read my blogs know I am nowhere close to that side of the political scale; for any democrat, none visible anyway!

If the Democratic Party is to survive, and they probably will, they need a face.   Fresh didn’t work with Obama and the old farts left don’t show much promise either.    Is there a national search party active to find new blood?

Of course the Illuminati and CFR may help them out.   Ahh……the Illuminati, they could represent both the Democratic and Republican parties.  Don’t worry, I don’t have the energy this morning to dip into that.

The Republicans on the other hand are searching for party face as well.   They have a different issue, everyone wants to be that gal or guy!   They’ll go through the selection process, as nobody has really stepped it up.   Not convinced their ID belongs to Jeb.

Much to be answered in the coming months.   Who will survive.

Here is a tip for the Democrats, take it or leave it and they will probably leave it (they don’t ask me):   Buy Hillary a nice little place in an isolated place in Alaska, without a telephone or email and stay there.   Learn to fish and hunt Hillary, maybe Sarah will come and visit over a cup of coffee.










Hillary ask “Don’t you want a woman president?”.    We need a president, no matter what gender.  After 6 years and the next 2 it would be refreshing to have a real leader residing in the White House.

We should never make the mistake (again) of electing someone by race or gender alone.   Being a male does not qualify you for president or any office.  Being female does not, nor does being white, black, yellow or red qualify you for office.

It is foolish to choose someone for any office for any reason other than capability, responsiblity, experience, knowledge of and they simply can do the best job, hold a high standard of ethics and hold the interest of those that elected them.

If a female surfaces that, and there are some available, that I believe gives this nation the strongest leadership and moves us in a direction that is best for America (someone who listens to the People), I would not hesitate to throw my full support towards her.   Hillary, it just can’t and will not be you.   You have demonstrated long enough that Hillary only cares about Hillary.