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Both of these self centered jerks are globalists


Another must read found by the Arlin Report; please take the time to read the link below.


99% of you who glance over this post will not bother to open the link above and read on the grooming of the presidential goon currently in the White House.   Half of the 1% that does, will refer to the author of the article and probably the author of this blog as being eccentric or just plain nuts.   That’s okay, you’re small in number.

My take, and what I have thought for a long time, for the past 6 years, Barack Obama, the un-American president, was groomed from an elitist group, not just to be president, but to tear down the structure of our country, particularly the government and middle class.   Barack Obama is part of the New World Order (One World government) movement folks.   Henry Kissinger knows this, and has known from the beginning of the grooming.

Saul Alinsky was an Obama mentor.   Valerie Jarrett, is from Chicago, undoubtedly an Obama groomer and current watchdog in the White House.   Obama, doesn’t take a potty break without Jarrett; she pulls all his strings.   She is like an orchestra leader making sure Obama doesn’t miss a beat in their destructive agenda.

Kissinger has kept an eye on the development of Obama, his involvement is obvious; he knows too much not to have been included on the making of this tyrant.   Obama’s quick ascension to president was planned many years before he ever became a senator.     Kissinger is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Illuminati; the New World Order organizations.  Kissinger is a political lifer and those people are dangerous.   All, I am saying is Kissinger has had a great amount of interest in Obama, for many years, not without reason.

Who comes after Obama?  Surely the powers that be have someone lined up, unless they felt Obama could complete his mission.  

Hillary is another student of Saul Alinsky, and she seems to be tight with Henry as well.   Will they allow some gaffes and obstacles get in their way? 

The coming months may show some signs of more socialism.  Will we read them right?