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If You Love Your Healthcare…

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To control the population, which is all we are to government, gun control (a sneak attack of confiscation), control of food and water, control of energy and fuel, control healthcare, your bank account, open borders….weakens we the people to a point of being defenseless.  They are using major corporations as weapons against us.  What government fears the most is We the People.   We can put a stop to this BS.  Go ahead call me a conspiracy freak!

Your grandchildren are going to either blame you or love you for it.


If you are an Ameren retiree or the surviving widow of a retiree and over the age of 65, you may have lost your health insurance coverage without knowing.

My father was an employee of Ameren Missouri for approximately 43 years, formerly Union Electric.  He started out as a laborer, sweeping docks, spraying down trucks and other various responsibilities.  He earned his way up to a District Construction Superintendent when he retired.   He provided a comfortable living for our family, and we always had good healthcare insurance.

My father passed away 15 years ago.   As a survivor of a retiree with Ameren she was eligible to retain health insurance benefits, paying the monthly premium, which was a fair affordable amount.   The health insurance is greatly needed with my mother; she had heart surgery in her early forties and has had health issues ever since, the most serious, congested heart failure.

My mother’s retirement income ran out several years ago, her only source of income is Social Security.    She will be 82 years-old this coming March.   She has had uninterrupted healthcare insurance for over 60 years through Union Electric/Ameren……until now.

Over a week ago she went into the hospital to have the batteries replaced in her pacemaker.  Thank God she was released the same day.   My mother lives with my sister, due to declining health and can no longer live alone.   My sister went the pharmacy to refill her medication prescriptions, which there are many.   The pharmacy wanted $400.00 for the prescriptions.   She explained to the pharmacy that her insurance should cover most of the cost, it always has.   That is when my sister discovered there was a problem with the insurance.

We called the Ameren insurance administration office.   They had dropped retirees/and surviving spouses over the age of 65.    After over 60 years beginning January 1, 2015 they just dropped them, my mother included.   We didn’t get a warning or so we thought.   They said they had been sent out notices beginning in October of 2014.   I went back and pulled all her mail.  She did receive a notice, but, at the very top of the first page, in bold uppercase letters it read “NO ACTION REQUIRED”.

I have power of attorney over my mother’s affairs.    For many years I have opened and read her insurance packages.   Many times I have read “NO ACTION REQUIRED”.   That phrase in the past always meant if you have no changes in your personal situation, there is no need to contact that office.    There was no change in your coverage.

I read some back pages of the notice that were confusing, trying to determine if she in fact no longer qualified for Ameren’s health benefits.  It was difficult to understand, it was quite complicated as it depended on dates of employment, dates of retirement…… yada, yada, yada.   I determined according to their new policy she did not qualify.   It appears anyone over 65 no longer qualifies.  Ameren decided that retirees could fill their prescriptions through a Medicare supplement at nearly the same cost.  So, we’ll dump you from the plan you’ve been on for 60 years and save us some money.   Thank you Mr. Obama!

We were told that Ameren has turned the insurance (opportunity for Ameren retirees to find a replacement) with a brokerage.   So, on Tuesday evening, I will be in a conference call, trying to find a replacement insurance for mom.   Like everything else, it always sounds easier than it is.

I really have a problem with the way Ameren gave out these notices.  As I said they looked no different from those in the past.   It is my fault I did not read the back pages.   When I did they were extremely confusing.   Had my mother read the notice she would not have understood this new policy.   I seriously doubt that most of the retirees/and or their surviving spouse that received these notices understood it either.   They would have thought, “NO ACTION REQUIRED”.     Why didn’t Ameren state on the first page with the “NO ACTION REQUIRED”,  a statement that you may no longer qualify for health insurance if you are over the age of 65?   I believe they didn’t because they did not want a swarm of phone calls, until after the first of the year.  Now they can just refer calls to the brokerage.

WELCOME TO OBAMACARE, and yes this is the results of Obamacare.


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Obamacare, the name alone expresses failure.

We did’t need a socialist healthcare program forced upon all.  Those that had through their own efforts should have been left alone.  The healthcare industry should not be ruled or regulated by the government.  The effectiveness of the government is like a blind man crossing the street and keeps getting hit by a car.

Obamacare is like welfare being forced on you whether you need it or not.   Raise some up by pushing others down…….way down.