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Harry Reid Begs Trump to Rescind Bannon Appointment — Brittius

Originally posted on sentinelblog: From Truth Revolt, by Paul Bois “Don’t do it.” Democrats, after having lost the Presidential election by playing every other card in the deck of identity politics, had outgoing senator Harry Reid take to the Senate floor Tuesday begging President-Elect Donald Trump to rescind his appointment of Breitbart CEO Stephen K. Bannon as White…

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If Reid is against it; there has to be good in it.  Harry is afraid of what may yet be exposed about Washington and the elite; of which Mr. Reid can not escape, retirement or not!

Reid Statement on the Election of Donald Trump… — ~THE ORIGINAL~ GUNNY G — BLOGGIN’ BAD!

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via Reid Statement on the Election of Donald Trump… — ~THE ORIGINAL~ GUNNY G — BLOGGIN’ BAD!

Harry Reid is a total jackass!  Stop feeding people your BS.   Your attempt to further dumb down Americans with pretenses has come to an end.   Harry just shut up!   YOU ARE PART OF THE SWAMP!   signed A.L. Luttrell (The Arlin Report)


Hillary is calling in her chips, her favors from all the other corrupt politicians and office holders in Washington.  What do those latest emails from the Weiner household really include?  Mass exposure of Washington corruption?   Hillary has called on the likes of Harry Reid to trash FBI Director James Comey for announcing they have re-opened the Clinton email investigation.

Reid, that straight arrow senator, has said “Comey may have broken the law”.    Harry Reid, like party leader Hillary Clinton, doesn’t know the difference in lawful and unlawful. Sounds like everyone in Washington is in panic mode, fearful of what may be revealed.   They are in joint conspiracy fashion, desperately COVERING-UP for Hillary, and their own asses!  No wonder the same First Lady that trashed Hillary as unfit for the White House during her husband’s campaign, is prancing around the country singing her praise.   Barack, how much do you really know?   You’ve lied before, often!  This, may be the biggest exposure of the Washington political filthy establish in the history of our country.  Obama’s and the Clinton legacy; the Clinton Crime Syndicate!


Harry Reid sees a monster, his name is Donald Trump.  Oh the irony!   Harry Reid is one of the most corrupt jackasses in the Senate. Harry called Trump “a monster”!   So, Harry must be scared.   He is afraid of this monster, like many of Washington’s political Establishment.  Harry is a Democrat, which really doesn’t matter that much when we are talking about political monsters.   Both Democrats and Republicans are afraid of the monster.  Why are they afraid of this beast?  They are afraid of Trump disrupting the political Establishment’s BUSINESS AS USUAL platform of governing.  They are afraid of what will be exposed in Executive and Legislative operations, if the country is run like a business from a competent CEO.  Remember the movie “Dave”, will meet “Donald”.

What Harry, Marco and to an extent Ted fear is, they will lose their comfort zone, they are already unraveling.   Rubio is desperate, not only for himself but as the Establishment’s sudden choice, the pressure is on him.   MARCO, YOU CAN’T LET THIS MONSTER WIN WE’LL BE FINISHED AND POLITICS AS WE KNOW IT WILL BE GONE FOREVER!

No wonder Rubio sweats like a man having a heart attack!

The Republican Establishment, and soon the Democrats, if they don’t find a way to steal the nomination (literally); are experiencing something they have never taken on……..someone is speaking up for the anti-Establishment; angry Americans.  The Republican Establishment leaders are looking for a way to shut up Donald Trump, to shut up OUR VOICE.   Trump is winning the greatest number of votes for the nomination, but they’ll steal the nomination anyway they can to prevent him from being the elected choice.   Your voice, your vote will mean nothing.

Marco Rubio is beating the “Donald Trump is a Con Artist” drum to death.   Really Marco, you tricked your state into electing you to the U.S. Senate and you are a frequent “NO SHOW”.  Who is the Con?

The Established Democratic and Republican parties have been conning Americans for 2 centuries and We the People have had enough.     Donald Trump isn’t the problem, he is our desperate hope.   He is our “Lets try something else, lets run the country like a business for once.”   The establishment created their own monster……….and they can not control it.   They can not control the American people any longer.


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Look where we have gone!  James Madison to Nancy Pelosi!   God save us!

Our Founding Father’s forethought shames the thoughtlessness of present day moronic elected and re-elected officials today.   You have to wonder when the dumbing down process really started with the likes of Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama, Clinton (both), Bush (both), Carter…….it goes on and on, I’m just getting started.

We choose from what we have to choose from.   We must get smarter, improve the quality of candidates, or we will continue to get what we have always gotten.  Crap!

Normal people must start getting involved.   NOW!


Impeachment NOW
Impeachment NOW

I originally had mixed feelings on impeachment.  I thought it was too late and only a waste of time and money.  Even if the House impeached Obama, Harry Reid and his band of idiots would only protect their savior.   But then, what has Congress done for several years now anyway, but wasted time and money.  While they have impeachment hearings, we could find out how are representatives stand on Obama’s antics.   Not that I need to know which ones need to go, I think they all need thrown from the halls of where real leaders assemble.

Personally I would rather see Barack Obama arrested for treason than impeached……..there is plenty of reason for both.  Neither the Legislature or Judicial systems in this country have the nerve or integrity to charge treason.   I’m not sure they have it for impeachment.   What is unique about this situation with our self- proclaimed King is, at one time I would have said they won’t do it because they have to be politically correct).   However, if they did impeach, it could now be both politically correct and the right thing.  The way I see it, it is a win-win for the Legislature.  But they don’t think like the rest of us or me anyway- do what is right not politically correct.

Just because Obama is a lame (and the term could not be truer) duck half way the through the term doesn’t mean Congress takes a vacation from their responsibilities (tongue in cheek there).   Not doing their job, makes them as guilty as the accused.

The differences between Republicans and Democrats are quite often for show.  They are supposed to disagree, right?  Don’t believe that so much, issues are decided in backrooms away from the media, and in many cases the few honest politicians that are sprinkled in the crowd. These actors then come on stage and put on their finger-pointing performances.  Obama’s fate has probably already been decided.   I only say probably because, I can’t prove it and I hold a glimmer of hope I could be wrong.

Impeachment or treason?   I am only going to mention two events.   No. 1, Obama released 5 dangerous terrorists, and gave them back so they would eventually be reunited with comrades.   Obama created an unnecessary threat to the security of this nation the instant he opened their cell doors.    That is treasonous.   No. 2, Obama allows a flood of immigrants to illegally cross the border into our country, carrying all their problems with them (too many to mention here) in violation of the law.  Obama turns his back on this problem, he was only miles from the border just this past week, but would not go.   Barry wants to blame Republicans for holding up the 3.8 billion of your tax money for the crisis getting worse.    No…..he pushes blame in another direction to avoid the issue himself.   Does Obama get immunity from violating the law?   I suppose Biden could always pardon him later.

These were just 2 events, there are many more, at which the very least are impeachable.   The point is, we must do something to rid the most arrogant, destructive individual to ever reside in our White House.    Impeachment or treason…….my vote would be treason, but that’s just me.