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jane fonda, finally in cuffs…..hillary?

Her wealth will have her out on the street in minutes, bail to light. As much as I dislike Hanoi Jane, I really want to see Hillary in those cuffs. It is interesting though…….despite this from ABC she didn’t exactly light up the MS Media, their busy with impeachment.


    Hanoi Jane (Fonda)


“Harry Belafonte, Eve Ensler, Danny Glover, Kerry Washington, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin are among those lending their names to the Stop Hate Dump Trump campaign” according to Variety Magazine.

Gee, no liberalism from that crowd mentioned above.

Michael Moore not surprising to see him there.  O’Donnell, she is against everything….especially the Donald.   Jane Fonda, what makes the Vietnam Commie lover think anyone listens to her?   No Jane, some things will never go away, ask Hillary!

When the most liberals of Hollywood’s liberals ban to fight Trump, he must be doing something right.  Those names did him a favor.   I guarantee you, just the mention of O’Donnell, Moore and Hanoi Jane (Fonda for you too young to know) will push people in the opposite direction those three march.

This is better than a Sarah Palin endorsement.