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CAST OF HAMILTON’S MESSAGE to the Administration-elect

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Hamilton opened on Broadway August 6, 2015.   Brandon V. Dixon has been on stages acting, singing and now lecturing since 2003.   So why didn’t Mr. Dixon take advantage of the stage and audiences to share his concerns about America with Obama and Biden in 2008 or 2012?   I guess Mr. Dixon wasn’t as well-informed by the Mainstream Media about Obama’s interests, past and policies.   Maybe Biden never dropped in on one of Dixon’s performances.   Trust me, during the past nearly eight years there have been plenty of Obama and Biden events or moments to draw boos from a crowd.

I know Dixon wanted his comments directed at Pence and Trump on being an administration for all.  Dixon knew his message would go viral and that the Media would gobble it up like a turkey leg.  Why not Mr. Dixon, address those in the streets that are not just demonstrating but rioting, destroying property?   Many are acting destructively and doing so because they are upset that Trump was elected.  How many can’t even tell you what it is specifically they protest.

The cast of Hamilton did not express any concern about property vandalism or the safety of residents or businesses in Portland, Oregon; a damaged city.   I guess that is okay?    Pence was booed while taking his seat and upon leaving; a rude treatment from an audience that was there for all to share in a stage performance.   Rude behavior, the same type of behavior that in part stirred the purpose for the message to Pence.  We heard nothing from you when Ferguson rioted during a summer, night after night and the Al Sharpton’s baited the hate.  Where have you been when police officer’s have been targeted and murdered?   Not a word from you on.   Donald Trump and Mike Pence have not burned a business to the ground or shot a cop.

The Cast even said these kind of events (protesting, lectures from performers) are what you can expect when you led a campaign on hate and insult.   I will defend the cast that they ask the audience not to boo.   THEY at least could see the hypocrisy.

We expect a lot from our elected officials.  We expect respect and equality for all.  We won’t agree with every policy or act of the newly elected Administration.   We certainly have differences with the current Administration.

Respect begets respect!