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Hillary says “fully licensed, fully validated gun owners can not be trusted”.   Here is a bit of truth for the Bitch of Benghazi:   I have much more trust in the majority of cops and the majority of gun owners over Hillary Clinton.  The large percentage of gun owners have not killed or harmed anyone.  Not sending guns to the consulate in Benghazi,when security was requested got 4 Americans killed.   Hillary and Obama are responsible for the deaths of more Americans than a large majority of licensed and validated gun owners.   I’ll take my chances with the gun owners.

The good news, Hillary is no longer a Senator, a Secretary of State and she is not and will not be president.  She is just a citizen, like you and me.  She has a single vote and a voice, just like the rest of us; she no longer makes policy for our country.  She is as insignificant as we are.

Hillary you won’t get our guns, We the People will keep them thank you, for our own protection against enemies both foreign and domestic.