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it’s relative! government and elections

Is Modi Govt the most trusted in the world as claimed by Indian media? -  Alt News
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I believe most of those that voted for Donald Trump, which was an overwhelming number than those that voted for Biden, do believe the election was FRAUDULENT. The graph above shows in 2017 only 30% of Americans had confidence in/trust in our government. I would certainly put money on (bet) that 30% is now a high number, probably we are around 20% or less now!

You don’t trust your government? NO you say!!!! (not a question) Then how in the world or hell could you possibly believe the 2020 election was honest/fair/accurate? However you want to put it!!! Government and elections are relative! There is a strong connection of the two………Elections are managed by government. You can’t even believe our citizens participation of overseeing/monitoring…….etc. is fair anymore. Government manages citizens/voter participation in the election process, and they the government has the last word, the last tally! The media…….plays the game!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: the informative government(s)

We should question everything! Anything and everything we are informed of by our government, we should question. Everything government does/acts on, we should absolutely question. There is nothing that should slip by without question(s). Skepticism by the people is not weakness.

Better off not knowing? Is the biggest and oldest lie of all!

Lies are covered up. Arrogance of power and those who believe they are above us, are the most distrustful of all. Where there is arrogance there is a lie!