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Typical government, either too much or not enough ….. — The Goomba Gazette

Are Trump and the GOP right that the $600 unemployment bonus is discouraging work? You betcha. Why would anyone go to work or back to work if they can make more money on unemployment sitting at home on the ass?? It just does make sense especially to the hustlers. The arrangement should be; the recipient […]

Typical government, either too much or not enough ….. — The Goomba Gazette


When a divorce occurs both sides blame the other. This is where we are after Bush I, as a mob figure, conducted a throat cut on our candidate President. All of America were flabbergasted on the indignation put on the GOP. Before the 2016 election, Barbara Bush embellished the fact the bulk of them would […]


arlin report thought(s) of the day: comey and schiff

Tired of both them yet? Both are liars. Comey said, the FISA fiasco was just “sloppiness” and he wasn’t receiving the right information. Liars have to lie to cover up their lies. Bottom line, Comey was the head of the FBI, he was in charge, everything starts and ends with him.

Schiff, everything that comes from his mouth is a lie. Bringing him before the Senate? He’d just lie. He would perjure himself. Maybe it would be worth it, if only the GOP would actually hold him accountable. Schiff probably has a black book with names he has crap on, blackmails, that is how D.C. works. Everybody knows something on everybody.

Senator Schumer? LOL, he is of course expecting a fair Senate trial for impeachment. Wants to call all the witnesses he wants to call. Oh yeah, as fair as the House impeachment hearings I suppose.


George H.W. Bush and little Bush!  Trump did not damage the GOP per your blowhard comment.  The GOP did that on their own.  Trump exposed them for what they are!  Do nothing, salary grabbing BLOWHARDS!

They haven’t listened to the American people……..the downward spiral is of their own making, for doing NOTHING!  They take up valuable space.   Time to go!  Oh and…….the Democrats are even worse.

Sexual Assault Survivors Protest at Trump Tower — TIME

Dozens of women, many of them sexual assault survivors, gathered in front of Trump Tower Tuesday morning to kick off a series of nationwide protests urging women to abandon the Republican Party and demanding that GOP leadership un-endorse Donald Trump. Clad in black, banging on pots and pans, and singing chants like “Trump thinks he […]

via Sexual Assault Survivors Protest at Trump Tower — TIME

There is a very good chance, now that the DNC is being called out on their corruption, that this is one of their mentally ill or homeless plants protesting and creating disturbances on behalf of Hillary Clinton against Trump.   The DNC and Hillary Clinton have lost their credibility.   Actually, Hillary never had any!


BE FUNKY screenshots senator ted cruz donaldt rump

The Democrats, a lost delusional party…….not really in the discussion right now.   The GOP, as deceiving as the Dems, had an opportunity, but their own selfish motives, have brought on anger and distrust among us.  They will be busy keeping their front runner, if she still is, from being indicted.

It won’t be Hillary, Bernie or that other guy that bounces the GOP, the division of the GOP will be of their own doing.   They don’t know what to do, they can’t handle the two rebel candidates within their party.  Screaming “Donald Trump is not a conservative, not one of them” will back fire, especially when all the yelling comes from the elite establishment.   They are the business as usual crowd.


What the Republicans and the Democrats for that matter are afraid of can be summed up from a movie quote   “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.”   This is why they want to shut up and shut down Trump and Cruz.


Hillary Clinton Backs Barack Obama's ISIS Strategy In Democratic Debate

First I want to say, Hillary glad to see you could make it back!  They started without you!

Hillary Clinton stated Donald Trump was a recruiting tool for ISIS because of his strong words against Muslims.  That kind of thinking mirrors exactly Barack Obama’s, which is fear of saying Muslim radicals or extremists.   Don’t say anything that might upset the Muslims, stay ‘politically correct’.   That is how Obama and Clinton have dealt with the Middle East.   Kiss their behinds!   The Obama and Clinton policies (while she was Secretary of State) have done more to aid the strength and EXPANSION of ISIS than anything Donald Trump has said.

Hillary is taking her own weakness, spinning it, or using reverse psychology to try to weaken Trump and making him a target.   It is an attempt on Hillary to push negative issues away from herself to the leading GOP candidate.    If Trump were not the leader she’d be focused on someone else.   The typical BS from Hillary is once again deceit.   She likes to bring videos into the picture for some reason.  It doesn’t work!

Hillary is Lost in Space, using a phrase from Hollywood to end her closing statement “The force be with you.”  That isn’t original, she was trying to be cleaver.   Hillary is mesmerized by a FICTIONAL Hollywood.

Oh and another thing, so you are not running for president under your own merits, you are counting on Bill’s experience.   Bill has had two terms!


I am not going to set here at my keyboard and defend the  Republican Party, Tea Party and certainly not the Dems.,   Sometimes it is very hard to tell them apart.   They are pretty chummy when they are all in the same room together; and it’s just them.

I read a bloggers’ post this morning that was rather humorous.    The author, I won’t mention, actually I have already forgotten, however, the more I thought about it, the more ridiculous the point of the post.   Beating up on the GOP, that everything that came from the mouth of a Republican was invented (paraphrasing here); especially when discussing Hillary Clinton and Obama.   The author referred to the ridicule as nothing more than making poor Hillary and Barack Obama scapegoats.    She was proud of the success of Obama and Hillary.   Really?  Name them!    Is the Iran Deal a success, I don’t think so!    What has Hillary done, except create scandal after scandal……….where bodies lie.

I would hardly call Obama and Hillary scapegoats.    Scapegoats are normally, somewhat innocent, may have a dirty little finger in the mess, but greatly overstated by their opponents.   Hillary and Obama are right in the middle of every scandal and corrupt act they have ever been accused.    Hillary and Obama are far from scapegoats and where there is smoke there is fire.  Both place themselves in the flaming pits all on their own.   No, they are the real thing, corrupt!    The Republicans don’t need to invent anything when it comes to Hillary R. Clinton and the POTUS.