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philippians 4:6-7

Philippians 4:6-7

I am glad I am not a minister or priest. Some verses are difficult to explain. I believe that is by the Lord’s design, to make us think. I don’t like Googling or Duck Duck Going everything. Google can be bias, I don’t always trust their information. Especially when it comes to religion or political interpretation, even history. I am not going to give me interpretation of “Be careful for nothing;”, still thinking about that part of it; though I have some thoughts on it.

The sun is shining in St. Charles, Missouri. Probably since this morning, I wouldn’t know, got up late (11:00 AM). I worked on this oil painting till the wee hours. Really working on the sky with beautiful (I think so) storm clouds, over an old airport that once was in Chicago, city in background. Working off this old photo I found. Doing this for a friend who flies, the guy has two planes (1974 versions). Hopefully it turns out good, want to give it to him as a surprise. Looks like they are 8-10 seat planes. Perfect condition. He uses them a lot. Anyway, once finished maybe I can find a way to post it here.

I didn’t not intend for my rambling to be the focus of this post. It is the daily verse above.

Have a beautiful day!