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THIS is how the REAL majority feel! (video) best ever! — a12iggymom’s Blog

He’s describing how MOST of us feel right now. One of the best ever. Here is a backup. I’ve seen this for a few days circling social media but never took the time to listen to it. I suggest now after listening to it, you do too. Make up your own mind to his poem. […]

THIS is how the REAL majority feel! (video) best ever! — a12iggymom’s Blog (it only takes about 7 minutes of your time to watch the video)

arlin report thought of the day: just a thought, but how realistic?

HELP THIS GO VIRAL………. lets see where it goes!

We the People of the United States, should we initiate a petition which would request other nations of the world to help us out by investigating presidents present and past, along with any congressmen/women? COULD go something like this:

‘Dear nations of the world, We the People of the U.S. are doing our own investigation of our miserable elected officials and we highly suspect many are corrupt, and may be in association with corrupt individuals in your countries. Any information and proof of ANY such corruption would be beneficial to both our countries. Here attached is just a fraction of the American names signing this petition: Continued below………..

While this IS a highly unprecedented request (and our government may claim it to be illegal) we live in an unprecedented time, for all our nations. It is time the people of all nations throughout the world take their countries back, back from those corrupt in our governments, Democratic and Socialists alike.

We the People of the U.S. believe in the sovereignty of all nations, and the surge of corruption may be from those who desire, work towards a one world government. That is only one reason for corruption, personal greed and POWER are a couple of others. That being the greatest. Corruption in government is our greatest enemy. An enemy all our countries have in common. Let us help one another get rid of the corruption epidemic. Provide any of your information and proof with your most highly trusted press. Let us together bring our countries back to the people.

If you do not hear from me soon, I have been censored! However, there are millions behind me. ! Sincerely, the People of the United States of America. We thank you!’

Far fetched I know, but hell this is just my Thought of the Day. However, wouldn’t it be interesting? Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out how it would be accepted? Most likely it would be hushed in many nations, never even reach the people. And of course our government would probably say its illegal to do, that we do not have the right to communicate and make requests from other nations. They will always try to have the final word. They may even push back the individual(s) pushing. After all freedom of speech is fading.


There could be a lot of “or maybes here’.

Which made her perfect for an Obama type Secretary of State, someone as corrupt as he.

Or maybe, he doesn’t believe his own words.

Or maybe the characteristics he describes in Hillary really helps him pull off his agenda of globalism and the destruction of America, creating a 3rd world country.

I believe Obama’s description of Hillary Clinton is spot on.   So, why did he appoint her Secretary of State and why does he campaign on her behalf for POTUS?   Answer: they are mirror images of the other and Obama knows Hillary will build on his legacy and continue their mission; a George Soros and Saul Alinsky mission.   Obama and Hillary are puppets.