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Stay Armed – Stay Free — The way I see things …

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Stay Armed – Stay Free — The way I see things …


50 Best Presidents Day Greeting Photos And Pictures

Boys and girls (and to many of your parents) the former president on the left is George Washington, the gentleman on the right is Abraham Lincoln. You may recognize them if in fact any of your schools and teachers bothered to give you a book on American History. Of course now if your school is or was named after either one of these men, your brilliant administrators are wanting to change the name (of the school). BUT, I will guarantee you these same people wanting to change the name and/or remove any statues of them will still want to enjoy the day off celebrating their birthdays………Presidents’ Day! These people would be referred to as ignorant hypocrites. Hypocrite…..look it up.

we are in the midst of civil war…………undeniably, will the naive will.

BLM Inc., Antifa, anti-Americans, radical Islamic groups and the lost sheep of followers (like kids who get in the car when they are offered a piece of candy); those in the streets turning peaceful protest into aggressive protest and rioting, looting and arson. The same people pulling down statues and defacing property, marchers breaking into gated private communities; all trying to destroy America. These are the people that want us to forget our history……….change our future from a democratic republic to total anarchy. They want to destroy all we have built, all that is good. They are a socialist lawless, flag burning body of crap. The only thing they understand is destruction. What they don’t understand is it will only take them so far. They will self destruct; with a little push. Chaz and Chop is their socialist failed experiment. But they likely didn’t learn a thing.


I recently read a post, that I immediately took issue with.   I did not save the author’s name, nor did I save the post.  No particular reason I did not, other than I didn’t decide to make a statement until now.

The post was a statement against the 2nd Amendment;  not one entirely against it, but still one that infringed.  Here paraphrased:   “The 2nd Amendment was meant only for militias to have or own guns.”

George Washington, in the quote shown above made no mention of an organized militia.    Even if he had, before and after the 2nd Amendment was written and accepted into OUR CONSTITUTION, militias are not our regular army, they are armed citizens, able-bodied to defend our nation in time of emergency.    The citizens came from the farms and communities then, and they would come from the farms and communities today!    The government is not going to arm citizens, except in the military branches.   They are not going to arm militias.   They would never arm citizens against itself, the government.   The government knows the purpose fully well of an armed militia made up of citizens in this the United States.

The 2nd Amendment protects our right to defend our independence.   The only purpose for a government, our own government, to remove this Amendment is to take away our independence.



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I would say that George missed this just a bit.   I would like to twist his quote just a tad.  He should have said: “When government attempts to take away citizens’ right to bear arms it becomes citizens’ duty to take away government’s right to govern.”

Why wait till they have taken them?  Easier to stop government while we are armed, we become enslaved unarmed.