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The Hillary attraction:   Foreign leaders and foreign corporations, buying favors;  Hillary is a seller; has been selling out the U.S. for years.   We are nothing more than a profit source to the self proclaimed queen.  She has no loyalty or integrity…. would have sold Chelsea as a baby if she could have found a buyer.

Foreign money, corporate money, nothing but favors, and celebrity liberals, extreme liberals……George Clooney liberals are donors, simply out of stupidity.

Kardashian’s, George Clooney, Tom Brady and the U.S. Military

The Kardashian’s, George Clooney and Tom Brady are only a few examples of celebrities we show more interests in than those in the military.  Why do we place celebs on such a high pedestal, but we know very few of the names of those serving in our armed forces.

Celebs are entertainers, the military protects all those entertaining and entertained, but we only know the names of those in the military who are our friends or family.   Most military personnel do not seek out fame for what they do….they don’t do it for that, they just do it for love of country.

Why do we care so much about what the stars are doing?   We need to show the same interests in the direction of this country.

A salute to the United States Armed Forces!