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Soleimani: General of Iran. Call him an official if you wish. But can you call him an official without also calling him a terrorist? No you can not. He used his “official” position to position himself up to the highest point of terrorism. He planned, implemented, ordered terrorist acts world wide.

Killing/assassinating Soleimani is being criticized mostly by the Democrats in the U.S. The only other geographical complaints are coming from Iran. So, Democrats are siding with the Iranians in ripping Trump for doing away with the world’s most dangerous terrorist. They (Dem’s) claim there was no “imminent” danger, so why take him out now? Soleimani gave no indication he was puting a halt to his terrorist orders. He wasn’t supposed to be out of Iran, he was in Iraq. He wasn’t on vacation. Iran had already stepped up aggressive assaults. A terrorist act was imminent, was likely and soon and in the least inevitable. If Trump had passed on this target and an attack against more Americans had taken place and it became known he passed on it……….the Dems would be screaming, why not? The point is, it doesn’t matter what Trump does he is going to be attacked by the Left.

What are the Democrats really pissy about? Possibly the fact that Trump DID what the previous administrations failed to do. The Democrats are afraid the 2020 entry into the White House will fade even further away. So, they attack Trump. They can not keep him from doing what he should do, is supposed to do, what the Constitution requires him to do, and what he got elected to do.

The Democrats would rather place 2020 before the country. What Trump did was in the best interests of the country. What Trump did was put the country first. The Democrats are thinking only of their seats and election 2020.

It is disgusting listening to the Democrats justify their unjustifiable position. The Squad in Congress are the most pathetic. There was a time they’d be considered traitors. They are!

The Democrats need to learn the meaning of imminent. Yes, had Soleimani been allowed to continue his path freely, terrorists acts would have been/were imminent!

Definition of Imminent:


likely to occur at any moment; impending:Her death is imminent.projecting or leaning forward; overhanging.



arlin report thought(s) of the day: former iranian general soleimani

So I guess Iranian Gen. (former General) Soleimani was in Iraq just to visit and say hello? No, lets be real, lets be practical and logical. He was there with a plan, he wasn’t there to share pleasantries. He is about killing Americans, anywhere he can. He was within a 15 minute cab ride from our embassy in Baghdad.

President Trump will respond to an aggressive Iran. He won’t appease Iran by hauling in a cargo plane filled with pallets of cash.

Dear Senator Schumer. We were already in Iraq. Trump did not put us there. He has a right to use the military in response to an aggressive Iran and a terrorist general within shouting and shooting distance. A miscalculation on Iran’s part I’d say.

Our southern border is more necessary than ever. The Middle East has always been, will always be chaotic.