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Tonight The Donald will walk on stage with nine others as the OUTSIDER.   Trump will be engaged against the Republican’s best (? best).  Donald is taking on the Republican “platform”, if they really have one, as his nine opponents will surely save all their bashing for the Trumpster.

Will the elite nine, stay politically correct within the Republican’s agenda…..stay on board the unknown party platform?   Will they be good Republicans and hold true to what they stand for?   Will they discuss issues or will they attack Trump to thump him from the race to the White House?   Visualize if you will a pre-team meeting, a huddle before the snap of the nine players.  What we have here  could be the Republican’s version of Bountygate, with Trump as the target.   The one from the team delivering the biggest hit, gets the prize, Republican’s new Front Runner!  My prediction: They fumble!

Trump is walking into an alley, where he will be met by a jealous, mislead gang ready to attack, a political gang bang; nine relatively meek wannabes, banning together to finally show some muscle.   Problem is, they are confronting the Neighborhood Bully who knows how to push and shove and won’t be intimidated.   One thing Trump is an expert at?  The talk, the negotiation, pulling the envelope to his side. bold straight talk, something the nine know little about.

Trump is the head of his own gang, the nine are followers……Trump is the true leader.   You just may not like how he says what he says and how he gets to the destination; how he reaches the prize.    Trump is accustomed to getting what he goes after, even if he bloodies some noses in his path.

Round one tonight!



A blogger friend living along the Mexican border recently ask me, why we have a wall on the southern but not the northern border?   I did not have an immediate response, and have yet to answer until now.

Border walls and illegal immigration go together like soup and a sandwich.    Can you be opposed to the existence of the wall and at the same time favor enforcing immigration laws?    I do believe in enforcing laws against illegals.   I am not opposed to immigration, done lawfully.   I do not want criminal gangs walking across the border into the U.S.    Its difficult avoiding contradictory comments or opinions, even a having it both ways attitude, but I will try.

I don’t like the wall(s), I don’t know anyone that really does, other than for its purpose.   The wall certainly doesn’t add any landscaping beauty, they are ugly.

Just the sight of the wall is symbolic, with a different meaning from each side, on one it is a keep out sign on the other some security.  Does the wall represent the character of those it is meant to keep out or those it is meant to protect, or both?   It may be a double-edged sword.

The wall does without saying, keep most of those that would like to enter the U.S. illegally……. out, apparently until now.    What the walls don’t do is solve our differences.    Not only does the existence of the wall further divide the U.S. from Mexico and the rest of South America, they now create division among ourselves.   We are a  divided nation, especially when it comes to immigration.   The division is only growing wider.

There is no point bringing up the in a perfect world scenario, I’ll leave that for my dreams.   There will always be undesirables we want to keep out, not have to deal with.   I don’t have all the answers for the ideal situation………….no need for the wall.   If people didn’t break the laws, there would be no need for a wall.    I was going to keep the perfect world scenario out, but I also said I would try not to double talk; its difficult.  It’s a difficult problem.    I also have avoided answering why there is no northern wall.

I guess Canada could have built a wall when Americans of draft age were fleeing north to avoid Vietnam in protest of the war and the draft.   I can’t put this on Canada though, they too are having immigration issues but not as grave as the U.S.    I haven’t heard of much interest in South Americans wanting to migrate to Canada.

So, why a southern wall and no northern?   I’m not researching this on Google, this wasn’t meant to be answered that way, its more about getting a feel for the attitude and personality of a nation type of question.    It is a good question and to be honest, not one I had thought of until my new friend presented it to me.   The simple answer would be, I’m not in charge of that, so I don’t know.   He has me thinking, searching for an answer.

It is a difficult question to answer, even possibly without offending someone.   Maybe history plays a part…….our history with Mexico….wounds are passed on through generations, trusts that are lost may never be regained.  Do we stereotype a certain people and remain prejudice?  I’m still searching here……..do we just say our doors have been open to you long enough, we can’t take anymore and a wall slams the door in our Southern neighbor’s face.   While up north, there is no wall.    Canadians can enter the U.S. and pretty much go unnoticed, therefore free from stereotyping.   In my life time I have witnessed very little poor relations with Canada.   Also, you do not see a large wave of Canadians coming to America to stay, like we do the Southern border.    To most Americans I would say the North does not appear to be a social threat as does the South; and I know that is stereotyping to certain degree maybe more than I want to admit.  I also know, Mexican gangs and the cartel shooting at border agents, doesn’t help.

I have tried to answer, from just what I know; maybe I am learning I don’t know very much about our borders, the North and South.   Hopefully, someday a better solution comes our way.