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Monday Memes … — disturbeddeputy

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Monday Memes … — disturbeddeputy

Freedom who gives it, who takes it?

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True freedom does not come as a gift to The People from the government all wrapped up in a bow and a document signed by those long past.   It didn’t then, it doesn’t now.

What are we willing to accept, not accept and put up with…….and are we willing to fight for our freedom, freedoms lost?   What sacrifices are We the People willing to make to regain what has been lost?  Today, rights and freedom we believe we are entitled is taken away from the same government body we are led to believe it comes from.

Those elected over and over again, feel they are entitled to do as they please, regulate us, tell us what is right and wrong.   They have come to believe they are the only ones entitled.  Entitled to their huge salaries, pensions, benefits from being bribed and bought.   They forgot about representing the will of the people a long time ago, as we slept.

We can not expect a government to take care of us……..that is not why they were elected.  They were elected to listen to us, represent us, move in the direction we guide them.   Government did a 180, again while we slept, as we took our freedom for granted.

Now we have to fight to regain it.   No one, not the government, is going to give it back to us, we must take it.   There needs to be a 180 from the people.   Maybe freedom can not be measured…….but you don’t need a degree to know when you are losing it.



Special thanks to all those who have served and are serving in our military on this Memorial Day weekend.   To all their families, thank you.   Remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.   We, more than ever, need to protect this nation and the constitution so their sacrifices were not in vain.