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Gone fishing……..

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Went fishing with some new fishing gear this morning on the banks of the Missouri near St. Charles, MO.   It was a beautiful day…….temps in the 40s (about 37 degrees when I started), sun shining.   Lets just say I broke in the new equipment.  Came home empty…….hardly a nibble.

Otherwise, a perfect morning!   Thank you Lord!


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No, I didn’t want the subject of Medicare to be my Arlin Report Thought of the Day post.  So, it is not…..besides, its become more than a daily thought.   I have reached the time of my life I am approaching 65.   I have to sign up for Medicare.  I have an appointment set for next month with a so-called Medicare/retirement planner.  Right there sounds like an, “invest with me” trap.   Actually, she is only going to advise me on how to approach this.  When do I have to give up my health insurance with my employer (if at all) and all kinds of questions.  I have also been giving retirement more thought as well.   Not this year but probably, or possibly next year at 66.  I don’t feel and I have been told I don’t look that old.  Good!

Ahhh….RETIREMENT!    🙂   What to do……?

  1.  More golf!   definite   (When I was a kid a friend of mine and I would go play golf, take our fishing rods, throw a line in the lake with chicken liver, let it set…..go play a few holes of golf and check the lines when we came back around).   We caught fish and played golf.
  2. Oh, I must be approaching retirement, am going to Bass Pro Shop today to buy a new (a couple) of fishing rod and reels.  I haven’t fished (except for the deep-sea fishing trip last spring)  in years.   Gotta put some food on the table (retirement money saver)!  Can take the grandkids fishing (even the lone granddaughter).  There are 2 that probably won’t learn to fish unless they go with Grandpa.
  3. Did I say more golf??
  4. Part time job…….possibly, I don’t know (whats the point in retiring)?
  5. Honey do’s (I’ve been told there will be some).  Maybe I retire at 67……….kidding.
  6. Some travel……..with the clubs and fishing equipment of course.
  7. To be determined…….some things must be left open!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Retirement:   A chance to re-live your childhood…..but get it right!