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Taking two of my oldest grandsons fishing this morning.   Its something we can do together and I can still keep up.   It’s important to spend time with your grandchildren, family.   I wish when I was younger, I had spent more time with mine, and ask the right questions, lots of questions.   As an example, I was speaking with my great-grandfather, from my father’s side, when I was a teenager.   He lived on a farm in Illinois.   He told me about the time Jesse James and the James’ Gang was passing through, returning to Missouri from Minnesota.  He spoke about hiding his horses when they heard the gang would be come close by.   He talked about how tense it was, until they knew they had passed.

Grand-kids can learn a lot from their grandparents, but you have to spend time together.  All will benefit.  I wish I had live closer to my grandparents and spent more time with them.   I did go fishing with my grandpa.   Just passing on the family tradition.



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Maybe the fishing is about to turn for the better.   Saw some bass today near the banks in shallow water, pre-spawning period.  Trouble was, I was playing golf, not fishing.   While walking along the cart path near the edge of a couple of the courses lakes, I spotted a few bass for the first time this spring.   Just yesterday nothing, not even a minnow.



Since the end of February, I have been out fishing six times.    Today and the last couple of times out, the weather has been perfect.   I wish the fishing were as good as the weather.   The last Missouri fishing report was only fair for the lakes and slow on the rivers, Cat & bass both!

I had a few bites yesterday on nightcrawlers (those poor pathetic Canadian crawlers) and a couple today.  Just nibblers it seems.    I’ve been bank fishing, so most of the fish must still be pretty deep.   Not much activity around the banks, not seeing minnows or anything.   Seems like the water temps are warm enough it should be getting better.   It maybe, but seems really slow.   I had better success as kid, when I just threw a nightcrawler to the bottom without a bobber.

Any Missourians having better luck?


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Got to be Canadian

Read an article this morning on the Canadian Nightcrawlers vs. European.   Canadian is bigger?  Not sure there is a difference between a European Nightcrawler and an American Nightcrawler; no mention of the good ol USA crawler in the article.    Here is my latest experience with the Canadian big worm……….the ones you buy at Wal-Mart ain’t so big……..yes we say ain’t in Missouri.

I won’t be getting Canadian Crawlers from Wal-Mart again.   I made this purchase about 4 weeks ago and they were a very disappointing 3 inches long when I opened the carton.  That maybe okay for kids fishing for pan fish……..but I’m looking for Cat and Bass.

You can get a nice big juicy American Crawler in your back yard and you don’t have to go deep in the turf to find them.  You can find them crawling around your yard after a nice little rain shower as well.

Don’t have a spot in your yard you can dig?  Take a small spade (shovel) to the river or lake, turnover some soil on the bank and touche!   Gold!!!   Don’t dig up your city or county park though!!!

Yes, I’m going fishing; after I go turn the spade in our flower garden.   American Crawlers can not be beat.

This is a hell of a lot more fun than talking politics.    Can you picture Rachel Maddow fishing?   Just asking…………

Gone fishing……..

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Went fishing with some new fishing gear this morning on the banks of the Missouri near St. Charles, MO.   It was a beautiful day…….temps in the 40s (about 37 degrees when I started), sun shining.   Lets just say I broke in the new equipment.  Came home empty…….hardly a nibble.

Otherwise, a perfect morning!   Thank you Lord!


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No, I didn’t want the subject of Medicare to be my Arlin Report Thought of the Day post.  So, it is not…..besides, its become more than a daily thought.   I have reached the time of my life I am approaching 65.   I have to sign up for Medicare.  I have an appointment set for next month with a so-called Medicare/retirement planner.  Right there sounds like an, “invest with me” trap.   Actually, she is only going to advise me on how to approach this.  When do I have to give up my health insurance with my employer (if at all) and all kinds of questions.  I have also been giving retirement more thought as well.   Not this year but probably, or possibly next year at 66.  I don’t feel and I have been told I don’t look that old.  Good!

Ahhh….RETIREMENT!    🙂   What to do……?

  1.  More golf!   definite   (When I was a kid a friend of mine and I would go play golf, take our fishing rods, throw a line in the lake with chicken liver, let it set…..go play a few holes of golf and check the lines when we came back around).   We caught fish and played golf.
  2. Oh, I must be approaching retirement, am going to Bass Pro Shop today to buy a new (a couple) of fishing rod and reels.  I haven’t fished (except for the deep-sea fishing trip last spring)  in years.   Gotta put some food on the table (retirement money saver)!  Can take the grandkids fishing (even the lone granddaughter).  There are 2 that probably won’t learn to fish unless they go with Grandpa.
  3. Did I say more golf??
  4. Part time job…….possibly, I don’t know (whats the point in retiring)?
  5. Honey do’s (I’ve been told there will be some).  Maybe I retire at 67……….kidding.
  6. Some travel……..with the clubs and fishing equipment of course.
  7. To be determined…….some things must be left open!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Retirement:   A chance to re-live your childhood…..but get it right!