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Oh my goodness, my purpose for writing this post was to make a point that the Attorney General of the U.S., Loretta Lynch was aggressively going after many of the officials of FIFA (international soccer) and associate organizations for Racketeering, but not even a mention of charging or investigating the Clinton crime syndicate  and the Clinton Foundation. 

FIFA is an international soccer association.   Soccer is the world’s most popular sport (referred in most parts as football), it is a major source of big bucks,  it’s where the money is; so it isn’t surprising there is corruption.  We have the same going on right under our noses with the Clinton Foundation.   The Clinton’s have made their foundation a major international organization.   You’ve heard of all those other nation’s donations while Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State, you’ve heard of Clinton Cash and the implication of political favors in exchange for those donations.    So, there is as much racketeering, corruption and who knows what all with the Clinton’s as there is with FIFA.  There are, ironically many similarities, too many to go into now.   

FIFA and their associate organizations should be investigated and charged if found guilty.    I don’t dispute that, but why is our DOJ more interested in an international organization but IGNORES the Clinton’s?    Newly appointed Attorney General Lynch should set the best interests of the United States as her first priority, not FIFA.  Go after FIFA, but don’t let what is happening in the U.S. slide by.   

Is there a connection between Hillary and Loretta Lynch?  There easily could be, both now having served under Obama.      

Now, my OMG moment from the first paragraph above:  I have discovered by multiple sources (just Google it) that the Clinton’s have a connection with FIFA!!!   Of course they do, you could hardly accept money world-wide and not accept from an organization or country that wasn’t associated with FIFA.   Qatar donated to the Clinton Foundation, they won the bid for holding the World Cup in 2022.    Coincidence?  Maybe, but there is that connection.  

It was just yesterday when I stated with the Clinton’s what is bad only gets worse.   Clinton Cash is getting worse!    Be surprised about nothing!   Be angry for laws being applied to some but not others!