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Hillary’s Criminal Career Part 6 — it’s by L.A.W.

The Clinton Legal Defense Fund The fund was established so individuals or companies hoping to garner favor with the President, could help pay the Clintons’ endless legal bills. The source for this material is from LYBIO As the results of Hillary’s (and her partner in crime, Bill’s) criminal, corruptive past, she (they) had to turn to private donors […]

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FEDS TO CLINTON: LET’S TALK Prosecutors want Q&A over emails — Basharr’s Outpost

Federal prosecutors reportedly are expected to try to interview Hillary Clinton and already have started reaching out for interviews with top aides as part of the FBI probe into her personal email use, a sign the investigation is moving into a new and potentially final phase. The Los Angeles Times reported on the efforts to […]

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Hillary For Prison 2016

Hillary Clinton, doesn’t believe she’ll be indicted following the FBI findings, an  investigation using 150 agents.   Hillary in the Democratic debate Thursday night referred to the investigation as a “security review”.    She is delusional!

Hillary believes she is above the law.   Because she is Hillary Clinton, and she is running for the President of the United States, and they would never remove a candidate, a nominee for president from an election to indict!   Hillary says there is no chance she’ll be indicted.   Sounds like she has already received a promise from Obama that AG Lynch won’t indict, despite FBI evidence if presented to the AG.

How will the FBI react?   That’s been the question on the nightly News talk shows.   Forget the FBI reaction, (which I believe many agents will resign); Obama and Lynch needs to worry about the reaction of the American public.   The Dark Arkansas Princess is not beyond the law, she is on the same level as the rest of when it comes to the law.   That is something Hillary is not accustomed to, she has NEVER been held accountable.

THE HILLARY FILES, same old sound

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It is true, Hillary Clinton is above the law.   She has been in the past and apparently nothing will change.  She will not be held accountable for her crimes, crimes which are treasonous.  The FBI investigation is a facade!   It to will pass for Hillary.   Nothing sticks.   It goes against the plan.

The emails are fading fast.  Out of sight out of mind.   Forget that our national security was at risk.  Under Hillary “It doesn’t matter”.

The more scandals, the more popular.   We are a dumbed down nation.    If you are offended by that, good!  Even our politicians and candidates are dumbed down.   Trump is right about one thing, actually he is right about many things, stupidity reigns in the U.S.  We have the dumbest leaders in the world.

Hillary is dumb and dangerous.  She is obsessive for power and money,  will say and do anything to reside in the White House.  Her actions will be reckless and costly; and why not she will never be held accountable.   She will make Obama look like, a sissy.

Without the dumbing down process, Hillary is never elected!


Well well, after my rant above, the morning news does have a bit of a spark on the emails.  Will this too pass?  “Mitten and Grinch”?



“Psst, what the hell will the FBI find?”

As an intelligence-driven and a threat-focused national security organization with both intelligence and law enforcement responsibilities, the mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States, …

FBI probe into Hillary’s server……….just fact finding for GOOD WILL!  Okay Hillary, whatever you want us shit-kickers to believe.