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2 Thessalonians 3:3

I am not doubting the word of the Lord, but I have to say, this verse puzzles me a bit; even the most faithful believers and good experience evil. Maybe it means we will experience evil but will not be overcome by it.

Have a peaceful day!

romans 8:32

Romans 8:32

Politicians believe their word(s) and rule is above and greater than God’s. In their own minds they have placed themselves to be ultimate and above Him. I know who I place my faith in! My trust and faith is in God. With Him we will be and are in a better place.

Have a great day!

john 1:18

John 1:18

Faith is believing, trusting and many other things. It is believing in a God that knew us as individuals before we knew ourselves, before our own existence as individuals. We were allowed to make our own paths, free will, free will is freedom. Verses in the Bible written many years ago apply today, often it seems more so than at any time. Only God has such wisdom! He understands as humans, we often choose not to listen to his word(s). He did not make us to be perfect…..which is His perfection He chose. He wanted our caring and love for one another to come from our own will and from the heart, not His. While we must be such a disappointment, He also understands not all would choose to love one another but instead hate. He too knows the influence of Satan. Someday our Lord Jesus Christ will return to battle this evil, until then hate will continue as we see in our streets, lies and corruption will carry on.