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Most truthful think Nixon may have ever said!   (Believe a corrupt/false MSM)

Behind our back and under our nose has become before our eyes and in plain sight.   The arrogant corrupt of government officials, elected and appointed, don’t care what We the People think or know!  Corruption investigates its own corrupt, falsely and pretentious.  They, the elite establishment from both sides, are comfortable that nothing will come from holding one another accountable……it’s mostly an act.   Its more than corruption it’s evil.  The few that are good….are over matched, scrutinized.   If you aren’t bad…..you’re outnumbered.

The most unlawful are the lawmakers.   We are being scammed and socially raped as a free society everyday.  You (we) put them there.


Paul Ryan and establishment Republicans “not ready or won’t” support Donald Trump exemplify just why the American people do not have any trust in these elected office holders.   I refuse to call them leaders, they demonstrate no leadership.   As Speaker of the dominate Republican House, Ryan’s comments “I am not ready to support Donald Trump” may as well have said…….”Today we are a Party divided and I am considering supporting the Democratic nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Trump has been accused, by the establishment, of dividing the Republican Party.  That is total BS the Republican elite want you to believe.   The Republican’s have divided or separated from the people, with their false promises and lies……..which has caused division among the elected officials left with any kind of integrity and loyalty to We the People; a very minimal class.   Donald Trump has exposed the establishment for what they are; simpletons more interested in backroom, “whats in it for me” purpose.  I would have to say, Ryan and people like him are in fact “more like” the corrupt Hillary Clinton than they are different; proving there is little difference between the parties……They end up in bed together somewhere.  Cooperation is a great and wonderful thing, but not when it deceives the people you represent.

Paul Ryan and the pouters that claim they will not be attending the Republican Convention are showing their true colors.    Trump is, if he wasn’t before, an Independent that took on the Republican establishment, pushed them aside with the same contempt “they” show the American people.   Now that they’ve been beaten by a beginner with an ego larger than his Tower; the establishment Republicans don’t want to play anymore; not with this guy they allowed to be bullied by.   They’re taking their ball from the field and going home, to huddle-up and see if they can find another way, another game and a player they can control, one that will play by their rules; one that will let them win and have their way.  If they can not find this Manchurian, they’ll do what they already appear to be doing, concede to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump has done a great service to us all, no matter what happens; he has exposed what many of us knew; the Constitution and our Government works……..when it is respected.   When it is flooded with corrupt officials, elected and appointed as it is, for as long as it has, it fails.   We have witnessed failure for many years, failure from the established political powers of both parties.  What We the People get out of this campaign, is the view of a rigged system.   Rigged by abusers of power……..the establishment, of which Hillary Clinton is not just a player but a designer.

All those cry babies that didn’t get their way, that Jeb didn’t waltz to victory with the Republican nomination, are quite content on going to the backroom, remain silent and open the door for Hillary.   Good luck with that, We the People see through that BS too!   When you start losing seats in Congress…….it will be from a pissed off public; and it will include both sleeping parties.

Some of Hillary’s partners have been interviewed by the FBI.   Hillary soon will be, unless of course she does not cooperate, interviewed.   Would that surprise you?   She is after all above us, above the law.  Just ask her!


The Missouri 2016 Presidential Primary is March 15th.   The political ads in Missouri are flooding the screen now that Super Tuesday has passed. The ads carry no message by those that paid for them (the Republican Establishment; you know those bought souls that know what is best for us) except to smear Trump by deceit, political spin in an attempt to take away his support.   However, those that support Trump won’t move away, they are dead set…….they understand the desperation of the Republican elite.   This is exactly what those supporting Trump are tired of; the Establishment politics as usual way at its extreme.  The Republican elitist (Establishment) are scared, they have never met opposition like they are seeing today.   It isn’t Trump they should fear, it is the voters using Trump and his feed off that support they should fear.   They did this to themselves, by ignoring the will of the people, promises broken.   Now they have a problem.

I am a Missourian, I have already seen the BS ads being splattered bashing Trump.   I have learned nothing new about Cruz or Rubio.   The money is being raised and spent to destroy Trump……….. Trump supporters won’t be swayed, they see through the desperation.  There are too many Trump supporters, he’ll pick some up…….if he doesn’t gain support, so be it, he didn’t have them anyway.  However, I would put money on it, that the campaign ad smear campaign against Trump backfires; it has been up until now.   I believe middle and little America are joining forces, will continue to grow this Trump MOVEMENT…..because they are sick and tired of the politics as usual Establishment.   We can take them on……….and we are taking them on with someone that was once ONE OF THEIR OWN.  That is what the Republican leaders, their political bosses and money fear, the American people from the Republican side (and from those that have and will cross over) are taking on the elite and they are losing their power grip.



The majority of Americans do not trust career politicians, Democrats and Republicans.  That is an extreme understatement.  We voted Republicans into a majority of both Houses, we didn’t like being lied to, given false promises, and just simply let down.   Republicans promised they were listening to us and would act accordingly.   Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are part of the elite elected.   Rubio can’t show up and Cruz can’t get along with anyone.   They have essentially been elected official political failures.   Liars!

Why is it then when Trump calls them out as LIARS, an opinion many Americans share, Mr. Trump is a goon, a nut job?  The Establishment doesn’t get it, doesn’t want to…….they can’t have a tell it like it is candidate disturb their business as usual policy.  That is why Trump is winning the polls and the primaries; he understands where we stand……even if he uses a loud and obnoxious voice, comes across eccentric; he at least gets it.

I don’t trust the Rubian Establishment choice; nor the wolf in sheeps clothing Cruz for one moment.   I guess that’s an endorsement; then so be it.

Hillary is corrupt, as corrupt as it gets, she belongs in prison.  Bernie……….a socialist.  Won’t go there!



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Politics is a dirty word.   It’s a dirty game.    A brokered Republican convention is possible in 2016 if the spoiled brats, the establishment don’t get their way; ‘If  the pain in the ass known as Donald Trump does not disappear’.   It isn’t after all what We the People want, it’s all about the party elite, delegates.   Trump is on his way to having more votes than any other Republican candidate, possibly more than most of them combined.   With the number of candidates, at this time, the support Trump has is overwhelming compared to all others.   THAT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THE PARTY BOSSES.

The OUTSIDER is kicking ass.   The will of the people does not matter to the establishment Republican party, it won’t to Democrats either.   You see, they are all indifferent!   Behind closed doors they are smooching and sleeping together.

My God, Donald Trump is bringing up issues, making things be discussed or declared to be profound by BOTH parties.  They would never talk about such things in a normal (Establishment) campaign.    How dare he raise the tide against political correctness.   How dare he speak up, reflect the views of the ordinary serfs known as the middle and lower classes of the American people.

A mild-mannered Clark Kent known as Ben Carson worked for a while.   But Ben has been pushed around by the Establishment, the business as usual dirty politics, pushed into a state of confusion.  He can’t or won’t take off the glasses, Superman never showed up.

The only way to rock the Establishment on both sides is a bold, unafraid, blunt businessman, with nothing to lose but some of his money.   When the smoke clears, if it ever clears, Trump will rebound from all the negativity and build on it, that is what he does.   That may be, I said MAY BE, what We the People want and need.   We have become complacent, we don’t challenge the Establishment.   We need to bounce up, bounce back.   This is our country, not establishment power brokers only looking out for themselves and more power.  They really don’t have a problem with Hillary, not like we do.

Enough for now.   Tonight’s debate should be interesting.   I predict they will pile on Trump.