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A quote from former AG Eric Holder (Obama Administration):

“I said about 8 months ago that the actions and integrity of the men & women at DOJ/FBI would be unfairly questioned. It’s happening. And it will get worse. Be prepared, be strong. You have the support of millions committed to truth, justice and the defense of this nation.”

This is a set-up statement by Holder, by that I mean, it’s a diversion by statement, push guilt in one direction before it moves towards you.   Ironically, well not ironically but typically coming from one that lost his integrity, if he had any, as AG in the department he is desperately defending.   What is he afraid of?   What is he afraid may yet come out?  What does he really know?   He has some unanswered questions of his own.    By the way, this is an AG that was held in contempt.   You don’t think he’d be misleading here, with this statement?

Holder speaks out on his suspicion of what Russia “might” have on Trump

What “strikes” me is, just how the arrogantly corrupt and scandalous likes of a former AG Holder can be without having any fear or smarts to criticize and accuse anyone for anything.   That to me is worse than hypocrisy.



Originally posted on The Goomba Gazette: SESSIONS SENDS MEMO AG reverses Holder-era policies, tells prosecutors to pursue most serious charges possible in most cases I would expect the new AG Sessions to X-out many more of the decisions Holder the Boulder made while he was serving as a Prince to his King. The Boulder made…

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Obama/Holder: A TAG TEAM


President Obama and Eric Holder

Here is a thought to ponder.   Lets pretend for a moment that our A.G. Eric Holder is on the up and up with only his best interests in the United States and he does his job.   Here is the thought:  

With all that has gone on, is going on with this Obama administration; why isn’t or why wouldn’t Holder be investigating Obama?

It’s only a pondering and yes ridiculous thought, because Holder is as corrupt as Obama.  They are a team, a tag team at that.