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To those in government, are you listening?

Have a great day!


I love the photo above, reminds me of my grandchildren.

I am going to be away for a few days and will not be posting anything. I know some others post Bible verses as well.

Going to just west of Chicago for a few days. Will be celebrating my 70th birthday there with some friends. Nothing special planned (since they closed our favorite horse racing track there).

70th is big for me. My father died of heart issues at 67 (In 2000). My grandfather died of a heart attack at around 65. So, this is an accomplishment. I keep good track of my heart, having had my aortic valve replace 3-1/2 years ago. Doing great, knock on wood. Hopefully not the wood in the trees today. Off to play golf for now.

See you when I return on the 22nd. We just happens to be my birth date (8/22/1952). Who would have thought I’d make this far.


Hot and extremely humid here in Missouri, and we haven’t gotten to July yet. NO, it is not climate change! After today, it is cooling down to more normal temps for June. We had a period in May thru June where we had a lot of rain, and cool temps. Drying out a bit now. The positive……….golf balls fly farther in heat and humidity.

Have a safe, wonderful day!