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conditioned selfishness

What is the rush to get children back in school? The majority of teachers and professors are liberal! They aren’t teaching proper English and math anyway and history they want to do away with. Gets some books (before they burn them all) on all the subjects……… Teach them to read, then read all. You learn more that way than from any teacher scratching crap on a chalk board. Give them some daily chores as well. Just a thought!

Eventually the teachers “may” be eager to get back in the classroom, they might start to get hungry!


Originally posted on Remember The 14 Words : Worried that “xenophobia and nationalism are on the rise,” organizers of a recent academic conference invited presenters to “decenter English as the de facto language” of academia. Specifically, the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) invited presenters at its Annual Meeting—held in Boston from August 30 through September…

via Speaking English is now a racist microaggression. — Brittius




We are a nation who likes to cut corners, take short cuts.   Phrases in our English language are often abbreviated to save us some effort and in many cases make it recognizable.   I do not know if foreigners do the same with their language.    I think it would be difficult if you knew a foreign language and words were abbreviated or really what I am getting at initialed-out…..like the FBI.   If you are Japanese and know English does that present a communication problem?  I don’t know really know. 

I only mention it here because I was reading some blogs when It struck me many of them have one thing in common; we initial-out  phrases.  We do it in our writing and speaking.  Is it really laziness?

We are an English-speaking nation, so far anyway.   I go to the CVS Pharmacy for my prescription meds, watch CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and get cash from an ATM.   We are threatened daily by a group called ISIS or ISIL or maybe today just IS.   We have intelligence or spies we know as the CIA and we’re investigated by the FBI and harassed at least once a year by the IRS.  Our sports are all organized by the NFL, AFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA and probably some others I am missing here.   I won’t go through all the states of the USA, but I am from MO.   I wonder if they have this same language question in the USSR?

I could write or say something like ACDN, which as far as I know means nothing.   I could possibly find a phrase with each word starting with those letters but it would take time and frequent use to associate those letters with the phrase.   The NFL became recognizable to us as the National Football League from frequently being used by NBC, CBS and ABC, later ESPN. 

What is my point…… I believe it started out as a question of difficulty for foreigners trying to speak English.  What do you think?   I don’t have ESP!