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Monday, the Free Beacon cast doubt onto Warren’s story after finding minutes of an April 21, 1971, school board meeting in which a second-year teaching contract for her was approved. Then, minutes from a separate board meeting on June 16, 1971, say that her resignation had been “accepted with regret.”


elizabeth warren: the never specific candidate, the accuser

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Hillary’s twin, Elizabeth Warren.

A speech was given at an Elizabeth Warren rally tonight by the candidate herself. A lot of words come from the mouth of Warren. She is the classic Democratic Trump hater. Elizabeth Warren has become quite the accuser. She’d like to see Trump impeached and prays he would be indicted for something, anything. That would make the road to the White House easier for her, if she can get beyond her own party, most likely Biden.

Warren the accuser: Warren said Trump’s administration was the most corrupt in our nation’s history. Once again the Democrats and this most certainly includes Warren ignore the Mueller Report. Trump committed no collusion. In fact, we are learning Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration aided by a CORRUPT DOJ and upper officials of the FBI COLLUDED to keep Trump out of the White House and/or if elected conduct a coup. Another words frame Trump. Warren also stated Trump was only interested himself, stealing the wealth from the American people. IS SHE FREAKING CRAZY? The Obama’s and the Clinton’s became wealthy from their time in the WH. How many senators and representatives have become wealthy while in office? THIS WOULD INCLUDE YOU ELIZABETH! Trump donates his salary and Warren knows it. Trump’s net worth has decreased due to his decision to run for and serve as president. Does Warren donate her salary? No she does not. Has Warren’s net worth gone down since being in government? NO!

Warren is a speaker that often makes generalities. “Trump is corrupt.” Elaborate Elizabeth, get specific. You don’t, probably because you can’t! You want to see corruption, just stay on board with the rest of your party that is only interested in smearing Trump, impeaching Trump. You are one of the leaders of dragging Trump, his family and administration through the mud. Many of the players involved with framing Trump will have a lot of explaining to do. I doubt Warren can defend that, as she is one of the great accusers.

This fraud, Elizabeth (fake Native American) Warren is either bold or just plain stupid to be accusing anyone of corruption.

What is really very sad and should be criminal, these people like Warren make accusations without proof! The Dems, (Warren included) are screaming for Kavanaugh’s head again. Simply because a couple of morons printed a story that even their said victim can’t recall an incident of sexual misconduct. The said victim says she is not a victim, and can’t recall the misconduct. We’ve heard this before from the Democrats. Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic Party.

The Dems continue to try to destroy Trump with false accusations and conduct they themselves are guilty!

arlin report thought of the day: as a candidate they suddenly have all the answers

All of the candidates for president (Democrats mostly) and the couple of Republican tag alongs SUDDENLY have all the answers. They all of sudden have the answers to solve all of our problems. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in particular, have all had decades (most of their adult lives) to make a difference, make change, submit a plan even and to sponsor bills that made our lives better. What have they done……….nothing! Biden will brag that he was involved in everything that ever got passed through Congress. That is total Biden BS. Warren, geez don’t get me started. Bernie isn’t even a good teacher, except he is a great example of what a socialist looks like. Biggest factor, DECEITFUL! That is socialism in one word.

What do all the candidates (and this includes the 2-3 Republican has beens) for POTUS have in common? They are all full of crap! Most of these people that are either in the Senate or House have little significant accomplishments. Most of these people that have been in government for years, some decades, have done absolutely nothing except draw a pay check, via the American taxpayer. Biden, Warren and Sanders are the biggies. Some of the younger candidates, follow these leaders a bit more radically however. They’ve been listening to Bernie for too long. Common sense escapes them all. My main point here however is: They all suddenly have the best plan for America. They suddenly have all the answers, when before you never really heard a whimper from them. It was easy just sitting back doing nothing. Biden, Warren and Sanders aren’t exceptions here either. They’ve always been clueless. Now we are to buy into their socialist ideas, plans. They’ve even jumped on board the ridiculous Green Deal. They are for freebies. They think the most ignorant of new voters (especially those that are here illegally and will hopefully find a way to vote) will love those freebies, including healthcare and college. None of them can tell you how they will pay for THEIR PLANS. Oh yeah, their going to raise taxes on the rich? Are you buying that BS? The rich to them is the middle class. TAX THE RICH? Get real folks, do you think these people are going to impose higher taxes on themselves? They are the rich. Which brings me to this:

The greatest accomplishment these candidates, Biden, Warren and Sanders have made is INCREASING THEIR OWN BANK ACCOUNTS AND OVERALL WEALTH WHILE IN GOVERNMENT. TAX THE RICH? RIGHT!


So, Elizabeth Warren won’t rule out government confiscating guns, even going door to door?

Elizabeth, you lead the way!  You be the first to knock!  Start in the midwest!  Oh, this proves you have ZERO Native American blood.  NONE!

She comes out with something wild everyday.   Elizabeth just like the rest of the Democrats is a SOCIALIST.  Hey, but she is trending!

JFK would be ashamed of this party today.

WATCH: Warren Refuses To Rule Out Government Confiscating Guns



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You don’t need to be 6’3″ tall and weigh 250 lbs. to be President of the United States.   Being big, strong and physically fit like Arnold can have an intimidating advantage, but it certainly isn’t a qualifying requirement.  Other characteristics are more vital, like brains, ability to think logically, sincerity, knowledgeable of domestic and world matters go along way.   HOWEVER!

Does appearance matter, yes even size?   Last evening while occasionally dropping in on the Democratic debate, one thing stood out to me.  Elizabeth Warren with her tiny physic despite her speaking and debating experience looks meek compared to all the others.   While Warren may have fared better than the rest on stage with the tongue, her ability to speak may be her greatest asset.  Lots of people can speak, ramble on for hours but have little to no substance.  Even I can speak (and write) and say absolutely nothing.  Elizabeth comes out with a new policy nearly everyday, makes it brief but as most candidates NEVER SAY HOW!

Backing off from interruptions and multiple people speaking at once comes from being an experienced well trained debater.  Let the other people shoot themselves in the foot.  When it comes down to one-on-one, it will be more difficult even for Warren.   Eventually, she’ll need more substance……some substance.

On the big stage, an international stage…… will meekness matter?   While Warren may not be meek vocally, that physical appearance (tiny and meek) may be taken advantage of by others.   We will see if her own co-candidates learn to take advantage.   It appeared she came on strong but then faded (gee I actually agree with something from MSNBC) when others on stage got louder.

This was my impression of Warren, okay she can talk……..but wow she looks small, very, very small.  Does size matter?



Pocahontas Warren, wants to reopen a discussion to compensate DESCENDANTS of slaves.  Here is an age-old question she fails to address, where does this extra federal funding come from?   Another tax princess?  Oh and Poca, I had nothing to do with slavery.   Why would I pay such a fine?

Talk about reparation!!   Native Americans were rustled up and placed on reservations (land they already owned, but of little value), placed under control (imprisoned).  Now, I think it’s a great time to re-submit the question (oh wait, it has never been discussed) of BROKEN TREATIES with Indian tribes across this nation.   Lies! Nothing but lies.

Poca-who endorses coup against Trump.


Warren, endorses using the 25th amendment; which would remove Trump from office because he isn’t mentally fit.  This lying dope, who doesn’t even know the color of her skin or the blood within seems to believe she is capable of determining someone else’s mental state!

Lets toss in McCabe and his coup pals!  Did they get medical professionals, psychiatrists or such to examine Trump’s mental capacity?   NO, THEY DID NOT.   THIS IS JUST THEIR AGENDA, BECAUSE THEIR EVER LOVING HILLARY CLINTON LOST AN ELECTION, ALL THE WHILE THEY WERE COVERING UP FOR HER.  THEY DID EVERYTHING THEY COULD TO ELECT HER……… and they still lost.   The FBI PANIC STATE!