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Warren told pro-school-choice activist she sent her kids to public school, campaign says otherwise — WEATHER INTERNAL

Elizabeth Warren and Adam Schiff have a lot in common. Both are habitual liars.

On Thursday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., told a school choice activist in Georgia that she had sent both her children to public school. On Friday, her campaign told The Washington Free Beacon differently.

Warren told pro-school-choice activist she sent her kids to public school, campaign says otherwise — WEATHER INTERNAL

arlin report thought of the day: Palin comparison no one is talking about

I find this interesting, how Sarah Palin was made fun of, ridiculed and described as just plain stupid. Now Sarah was only the running mate (for VP) to John McCain, but you have to admit for the most part a very effective governor for Alaska.

Compared to presidential primary candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, Sarah Palin looks like a savvy genius. I have no doubt Palin has better math skills than Warren. Common sense, which I don’t believe to be a learned skill, you either have it or you don’t. Warren and Harris have demonstrated very little. Most of the time Palin’s logic was hard to argue. Most of the time Warren makes no sense and her logic is hard to follow.

Here is an interesting cat fight: Elizabeth Warren “trying” to confiscate Sarah Palin’s guns. I’d put money on who wins that fight.

warren’s points of funding medicare for all…….without the middle class? right!

Medicare for All in her proposal on Friday, Warren unveiled a variety of pay-fors: POINT ONE BELOW IS A RED FLAG FROM THE START, JUST SEND WHAT USED TO BE PREMIUM PAYMENTS, SEND IT TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

$52 Trillon package health care plan. Wow, how many jobs will be lost and companies close down? These numbers came from a team from the Obama administration. THIS IS CRAZY! This is AOC CRAZY! Warren is nuts! Here below is her pay plan. Look at one right off the top. Government will decide everything. Warren is a pure SOCIALIST. According to her minions:

  • Employer contributions: Instead of paying premiums to insurers, companies would send an estimated $8.8 trillion over 10 years to the federal government as an “Employer Medicare Contribution.”
  • Taxes on the wealthy: Billionaires would be subject to a new tax of three cents on the dollar on net worth above $1 billion. This is in addition to the wealth tax she announced earlier this year, which would also place a 3 percentage point levy on billionaires. Also, the wealthiest 1% would be taxed on capital gains income annually, rather than at the time of sale, and the capital gains rate would be raised to match income tax rates. Combined, this would raise $3 trillion.
  • Reducing tax evasion: Warren argues that she can collect $2.3 trillion by empowering the Internal Revenue Service to crack down on tax evasion and fraud, redirecting the agency’s focus to high-income earners.
  • Levies on financial sector and large corporations: Warren would impose a financial transaction tax of .01% on the sale of stocks, bonds and derivatives. She would also make several significant changes to corporate tax law. All together, these would generate $3.8 trillion.
  • Taxing additional take-home pay: Since employees would no longer have to pay their share of health care premiums, their take-home pay would go up. This would raise $1.4 trillion.

Ultimately, Warren relied on four prominent experts — in addition to her own in-house policy team — to develop her cost estimate and planned pay-fors. The group included Simon Johnson, the former chief economist at the IMF; Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics; Betsey Stevenson, a former member of the Council of Economic Advisers under Barack Obama, and Don Berwick, who served as an administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the Obama administration.

Oh yes, going back to the Obama Administration to come up with your plan for funding Medicare for All. Another words a failed proposal; with total BS. It would be virtually impossible to raise funding for a Medicare for All program without hitting the largest, most productive social group in the country; “The Middle Class”.

Remember too, Warren threw this pay plan together rather quickly, she was getting hammered on the campaign trail on how she would fund a Medicare for All program. She had nothing, kept saying, “the Middle Class won’t have a tax increase”. So, she needed something quickly, this is what she came up with or her minions did.

Berwick, in a USA Today op-ed published last week under the headline “Stop fearmongering about ‘Medicare for All.’ Most families would pay less for health benefits.”

arlin report thought of the day: warren’s medicare for all funding

Elizabeth Warren STRONGLY FAVORS Medicare for all, that would include immigrants here illegally. She supports a Medicare plan that will include law breakers that are not citizens of this country. Who pays for that? You do, we do. If you are not of Medicare age yet and have been paying taxes your entire working life………. those that have contributed NOTHING will benefit from a benefit meant for you. They aren’t supposed to be here. They, the illegals, can come visit if they’d like, but shouldn’t they enter lawfully? So we’re talking about two things here, Medicare and illegal immigration. Warren wants to assist one with the other while addressing one but not the other. Get my point, illegal immigration is not and will not be addressed by Elizabeth Warren. BECAUSE SHE ALSO FAVORS OPEN BORDERS.

Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren says she will release her funding plan for Medicare for All soon. SOON! It is obvious she has not yet answered the question on how she will fund it, BECAUSE SHE HAS NO PLAN YET! Will funding be pulled from a hat, a deep hat? We are after all always being lectured to that funding for Social Security and Medicare is running out. So, Warren must have one hell of an idea! What you can count on is a plan that includes a tax increase. A huge increase. Of course a Medicare for All funding plan will not sting Elizabeth or her comrades in D.C. or the wealthy. The wealthy don’t want to support Liz as it is. Do you feel you’d be cheated yet? If not, maybe you are illegal.

Medicare for All! How about a different plan (that is not a question). Address the illegal immigration problem. Complete the wall! Return those here UNLAWFULLY! Don’t fund something that should not exist in the first place. It shouldn’t be so complicated. Follow the laws, all the laws and enforce them. That eliminates a great deal of expense in many areas. Our country must be self sufficient, so should others. They can not always rely on US.

Every gas tank comes up empty sometime! If you can’t pay at the pump……….walk.


Monday, the Free Beacon cast doubt onto Warren’s story after finding minutes of an April 21, 1971, school board meeting in which a second-year teaching contract for her was approved. Then, minutes from a separate board meeting on June 16, 1971, say that her resignation had been “accepted with regret.”

elizabeth warren: the never specific candidate, the accuser

Image result for Pictures of Elizabeth Warren

Hillary’s twin, Elizabeth Warren.

A speech was given at an Elizabeth Warren rally tonight by the candidate herself. A lot of words come from the mouth of Warren. She is the classic Democratic Trump hater. Elizabeth Warren has become quite the accuser. She’d like to see Trump impeached and prays he would be indicted for something, anything. That would make the road to the White House easier for her, if she can get beyond her own party, most likely Biden.

Warren the accuser: Warren said Trump’s administration was the most corrupt in our nation’s history. Once again the Democrats and this most certainly includes Warren ignore the Mueller Report. Trump committed no collusion. In fact, we are learning Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration aided by a CORRUPT DOJ and upper officials of the FBI COLLUDED to keep Trump out of the White House and/or if elected conduct a coup. Another words frame Trump. Warren also stated Trump was only interested himself, stealing the wealth from the American people. IS SHE FREAKING CRAZY? The Obama’s and the Clinton’s became wealthy from their time in the WH. How many senators and representatives have become wealthy while in office? THIS WOULD INCLUDE YOU ELIZABETH! Trump donates his salary and Warren knows it. Trump’s net worth has decreased due to his decision to run for and serve as president. Does Warren donate her salary? No she does not. Has Warren’s net worth gone down since being in government? NO!

Warren is a speaker that often makes generalities. “Trump is corrupt.” Elaborate Elizabeth, get specific. You don’t, probably because you can’t! You want to see corruption, just stay on board with the rest of your party that is only interested in smearing Trump, impeaching Trump. You are one of the leaders of dragging Trump, his family and administration through the mud. Many of the players involved with framing Trump will have a lot of explaining to do. I doubt Warren can defend that, as she is one of the great accusers.

This fraud, Elizabeth (fake Native American) Warren is either bold or just plain stupid to be accusing anyone of corruption.

What is really very sad and should be criminal, these people like Warren make accusations without proof! The Dems, (Warren included) are screaming for Kavanaugh’s head again. Simply because a couple of morons printed a story that even their said victim can’t recall an incident of sexual misconduct. The said victim says she is not a victim, and can’t recall the misconduct. We’ve heard this before from the Democrats. Elizabeth Warren’s Democratic Party.

The Dems continue to try to destroy Trump with false accusations and conduct they themselves are guilty!

arlin report thought of the day: as a candidate they suddenly have all the answers

All of the candidates for president (Democrats mostly) and the couple of Republican tag alongs SUDDENLY have all the answers. They all of sudden have the answers to solve all of our problems. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in particular, have all had decades (most of their adult lives) to make a difference, make change, submit a plan even and to sponsor bills that made our lives better. What have they done……….nothing! Biden will brag that he was involved in everything that ever got passed through Congress. That is total Biden BS. Warren, geez don’t get me started. Bernie isn’t even a good teacher, except he is a great example of what a socialist looks like. Biggest factor, DECEITFUL! That is socialism in one word.

What do all the candidates (and this includes the 2-3 Republican has beens) for POTUS have in common? They are all full of crap! Most of these people that are either in the Senate or House have little significant accomplishments. Most of these people that have been in government for years, some decades, have done absolutely nothing except draw a pay check, via the American taxpayer. Biden, Warren and Sanders are the biggies. Some of the younger candidates, follow these leaders a bit more radically however. They’ve been listening to Bernie for too long. Common sense escapes them all. My main point here however is: They all suddenly have the best plan for America. They suddenly have all the answers, when before you never really heard a whimper from them. It was easy just sitting back doing nothing. Biden, Warren and Sanders aren’t exceptions here either. They’ve always been clueless. Now we are to buy into their socialist ideas, plans. They’ve even jumped on board the ridiculous Green Deal. They are for freebies. They think the most ignorant of new voters (especially those that are here illegally and will hopefully find a way to vote) will love those freebies, including healthcare and college. None of them can tell you how they will pay for THEIR PLANS. Oh yeah, their going to raise taxes on the rich? Are you buying that BS? The rich to them is the middle class. TAX THE RICH? Get real folks, do you think these people are going to impose higher taxes on themselves? They are the rich. Which brings me to this:

The greatest accomplishment these candidates, Biden, Warren and Sanders have made is INCREASING THEIR OWN BANK ACCOUNTS AND OVERALL WEALTH WHILE IN GOVERNMENT. TAX THE RICH? RIGHT!