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senior citizens time

See, had I said Senior moment, you’d have thought of a senior’s mind going blank. But Senior Citizens Time, that is something else. A moment to spend with seniors.

I have done something that often happens with seniors and I should be ashamed of myself. I meant for this blog to give attention to seniors and senior living; anything of interest for seniors and their concerns, and I have neglected to do so. They suffer enough neglect at times. I would like this to be a place to give a heads-up or warnings about different things, even some advice; also a place where seniors can respond to me with concerns, feelings, vent/rant and give advice back. I haven’t done that, and I have been writing this blog for over 5 years now. Will that is going to change, right here, right now! I do have some experience to share.

This is the Google definition of a senior citizen:

quote: “The term senior citizen is meant to convey the distinction of those who are elders in our society, but how old is a senior citizen? The actual age of a senior citizen can vary depending on where and how the term is used. Some organizations consider age 50 to be a senior while others may define the age at 60 or higher.

65: But the U.S. government, companies, retiree associations, and retailers are a bit blunter in whom they consider a “senior citizen.” Age 65 is still the standard senior-citizen threshold for Medicare, but the tipping-point age elsewhere can vary from 38 to 80.” unquote

Some senior citizens discounts may begin at age 50 others 55……..it varies and depends on a company or groups allowing the discount.

Then there is the term “elderly”; kind of indicates a senior that may have health issues or are feeble. Then ……….just being old. I don’t like this term since an 18 year old may seem old to a 6 year old. I probably won’t use either of these terms much, unless I’m referring to myself!!

AARP: American Association of Retired Persons: All people age 50 and over are eligible for full membership with AARP. I like their magazine, and they’ll assist on health and auto insurance. But always check other options.

I know nursing home residents probably are not going to have access to this blog or podcast, but I still want to speak and do stories which would be of interest to all of us. After all, someday we may be in a nursing home as well.

Lets do some senior blogger’s headlines!

  1. A sad solution: Fully vaccinated nursing home residents still can’t see families in Illinois.
  2. World’s worst patient: Doctor appointment today, only a year and a half late. I can relate I just had my annual check up required by Medicare……a year late.
  3. George Russell: Vaccine appointment process not always easy. You think the process of setting up an appointment is difficult, wait till you go to the appointment. Local news showed people waiting up to 3-1/2 hours from arrival to leaving receiving the shot at a St. Charles, MO mass vaccination event. 3-1/2 hours. That was a drive thru. They planned on 4,000 shots on Thursday, yesterday.

Something I’d really like to talk about, something I have meant to write a blog on but neglected to do. That is phone scams that really prey on senior citizens; however these can actually be against anyone, any age.

  1. One is a recorded phone scam, that pretends to come from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). I have received these calls several times, during different periods of time. I may have gotten them days, weeks even months apart. I realize after having received a couple that these are random robocalls. They did not even address me by my name. They merely stated that I had a case pending against me, that I need to return a call back to them and ask for the case number. My reluctance to respond could result in charges and possible jail time. When I first receive such a call, as I said it was a recording, I simply ignored it. What they want you to do is call back, give them your name, then they want your Social Security Number, and possible other information. They never even had your phone number to begin with, they use rotor dialing, random calling. That call doesn’t even have your name when they call. It is a scam. They want your Social Security Number, possibly a bank account number as well. FIRST OF ALL IGNORE THE CALL. THE IRS WILL NEVER CALL YOU, UNLESS YOU CALLED THEM FIRST AND ASKED THEM TO RETURN YOUR CALL OR YOU SET UP A PHONE APPOINTMENT WITH THEM. I received such calls from both home and at work. They were very similar. After I received several of these calls I decided one day to return the call. It was a number in Texas. I told them I had been receiving their scam calls, and I had already called the FBI and IRS reporting it. They hung up on me! Never, never give them information. Best that you don’t even call them, ignore the call. The IRS will always send you a letter, when they want to contact you. That letter will have a phone number of the IRS if you need to speak with them. They won’t call you first. They will only call you as a return call that you requested.
  2. I also received a few similar calls that was supposedly the Social Security Office. Again, recorded randomly made robocalls. They did not even address me by my name. They said: My Social Security account had been suspended and that I needed to call them immediately. Of course, they too would want me to give them my Social Security number, so they could look up my account and see what the issue was. No, they really just wanted my name, address and Social Security number…….for continuation of their SCAM. Again, the Social Security office will never just call you. They will always send you a letter if they need to communicate with you. They will only return a call to you upon your request. Do not fall for either of these phone scams. Do not call them back……… If you receive such a scam call it is always a good idea to call your local police and local Social Security office to report it. They may want to warn people in your area such calls are going around.
  3. Another scam I just encountered was from an email. Emails are notorious for scams. This one said that my PayPal account had been temporarily suspended, due to activity. I knew this was fake, because I had just been in my PayPal account, there was no problem. I just ignored the email and deleted it. Beware! Do not even open this link!
  4. I’ve had this happen as well; I received emails from foreigners, they say they have business in the United States but that they can not open bank accounts in the United States. They want you to go cash their checks for them, you keep a certain percentage and YOU wire the rest of the money to them. However, these checks wind up being stolen checks, and you would be the one liable for them. They will never trace the foreigner, they have already moved their wiring operation elsewhere. Do not responds to these emails at all……..just delete. I have seen these type of scams having been an International Banker for 15 years. I once agreed to accept some checks from a scammer once. I had a feeling they had stolen or forged fake checks from an actual account. They sent me 3 checks each $1,300. I was to cash and then wire them the money minus my percentage. Thing is I was not wiring to a real name. My banking experience paid off. After inspecting the checks, each from the same account, I noticed the name on the check (the account owner) was a Dental office in Ohio. The name of the dental office was misspelled on the check. I called the bank, and asked for their fraud department, the account was in fact one of their customers and the account number was their account. The checks were counterfeit checks, though the account number was real. The checks just didn’t look quite right to me. The misspelling really gave it away. The counterfeiters were foreign, so they need to improve on their English spelling skills. The bank called the dental office, we had a three way call, and they were advised to get to the bank immediately to change their account number. They had no idea their account number had been stolen. So, if anyone wants you to cash checks for them………DO NOT DO IT. IT IS A SCAM, AND YOU AND THE ACCOUNT HOLDER WILL BE DAMAGED.

I kind of like this senior time. Lets make this a weekly thing!

Till next time, stay safe and beware!

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