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It is stronger than racial tension and cultural divide, it is hate.  Barack Obama is doing everything he conceivably can to create a nation that is at war against one another.   He wants racial tensions to peak, not just between blacks and whites but all races and nationalities.  He doesn’t want civil war, where there are organized factions with common interests, he wants total chaos……a virtual free-for-all.   Obama wants to turn our nation into a Somalia or Uganda, just another 3rd world country.   I guess he would feel more at home.

Corruption in government is on the rise, especially from the White House.  Executive orders are common everyday decisions, orders that are not in the best interest of our country.   There is no common sense in the White House.  Fast and Furious, scandal…….Benghazi total neglect, ISIS and Syrian facade, a diminishing military cut back by your POTUS, and countless others; it’s an Obama  pile on.

Obamacare………has it been good for you?   Obamacare may provide for some that did not have coverage before, but those that had good insurance, are losing benefits.   The quality of healthcare has declined and costs are escalating.   That rolls into part of the chaos.   Obama sent over 3,000 American troops into an Ebola infected Liberia, most will not have total protective gear.  Does that make sense?   Obama does not want to quarantine medical workers returning from Africa.   Does that make sense?   Then there is the infamous immigration issue, we have loose borders, at a time we need the greatest restrictions and control of what comes in, especially with disease.   Does Obama want infectious diseases to spread throughout our nation?   Think about it, that is one aspect of 3rd world countries, disease.

Chaos has moved to the streets, just look at Ferguson.   Looting and vandalism, and riots, our neighborhoods are beginning to look like those in Somalia.   Law and order is on the decline………….3rd world.

Barack Obama is out of control.  That is the definition of a 3rd world country, one that is out of control.   Our Congress is meaningless, they do nothing; their greatest responsibility is a checks and balance that includes the President of the United States.   Our Congress has allowed Obama to take as much power as he wishes.    We don’t have a president, we have a tyrant.

We the People are ultimately responsible.   What are we going to do about it?   Don’t say nothing………there is nothing we can do, because there is.   We start by voting……..and not the same morons we repeatedly re-elect.   Then Obama must be held accountable.







Obama beheading

Under the Obama administration, we have had an abundance of crisis’ and scandals.   Most, if not all of which Obama shows little or no interests.  He seldom responds when he should, letting the issue steamroll out of control.  When he does respond, he makes an excuse, blames someone else or has no solution or plan and it is just too late.   It doesn’t make any difference to Obama either.

Obama handles problems by waiting until there is another, we’ll forget the previous; Ebola…..makes you forget ISIS…..makes you forget border security……..makes you forget Benghazi.

Obama keeps our minds occupied with so much BS, we forget about him.    It’s enough to worry if I need a new vaccination, will a Muslim ISIS member be in my work place soon, will my military son or daughter come back infected, will more diplomats go unprotected?   These are just a few concerns………racial tensions have not been any higher in recent history than they are under Obama and Holder.

Gentlemen, that’s being overly kind, you have not represented your country or your race very well at all.  Obama, Kenya can’t be proud either.




I’m not trying to be funny, this isn’t funny.

I can not believe I missed this quote September 17, 2014 by Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois “A comprehensive amnesty bill would have helped America contain the Ebola epidemic in Africa.   And secondly, that doctors in the United States would be able to serve in these crisis situations overseas without jeopardizing their immigration status.”    Durbin is the co-author (one of eight) of an immigration bill that would allow the above provision regarding U.S. immigrant doctors.  This bill passed in the Senate, but has not made it through the House of Representatives.

This is a prime example of the type of crap our government comes up with and tries to sell, not only among themselves but to the American public.  The fact that we have absolute idiots running our government is the reason our country is in such a  mess (obviously you already know that).   Immigration reform that includes “amnesty’ is not about “containment”, amnesty is about releasing back into civilian life, a pardon, overlooking something as if it never happened.

Either Dick Durbin knows he can only sell this bill by lying about it or he is just plain dumb enough to believe it or both.   I’m not sure he is smart enough to know he has to sell it by lying……  I would bet he really believes an amnesty bill would help contain Ebola.   It seems Ebola has infected the brains of our government, long ago.  How have they survived?   How do we keep allowing elected officials with no common sense continue to survive?

People like Dick Durbin and an endless cast of characters are ruining this country, they’ll get no benefit of the doubt, no respect anymore regardless of the office they hold; they have none for us.  Enough is enough, the gloves are off…..this is our country, hold nothing back.  Criticizing with name calling may sound juvenile; but when “idiots” is the type of word used to describe what we have before us, it is what it is.



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Those few words speak volumes.   As Obama would tell you, America is better off now under his administration than before he took office.  If you say something often enough you can convince yourself that which is untrue to be true.   Those that have to listen to his or that kind of crap, the American people, won’t buy it, with the exception of Obama followers.

How is it we are better off now that Ebola has made its way into United States.   How are we better off under Obamacare, maybe a few are, most are not.   My health coverage during Obama pays less and costs me more.  Again he, the big fraud of a president will try to convince us we have better healthcare because of him.  Not so, it’s part of the destruction of America Obama Blueprint.

The military has been sliced down with some of its top  officers given pink slips, while chaos is at an all-time world high.  Do you feel safer under Obama?  But he says we’re better off.   Border control is out-of-control, so are we better off?  How?

Benghazi, would you want to be a diplomat or a security agent in a foreign country under this president with the kind of non-support you’ll receive?  But they’d be better off under Obama, right.

I guess Obama’s presidency really is a success for him if you measure success according to his agenda, destruction and tearing down America to a third world country.  Unless we wake up, remove him (and Biden) from office that is exactly where we are headed.

Are you  better off?






Respect?...in OUR House?

There is a lot of talk and criticism about the quality of security at the White House.   Why would we expect a tighter ship, when security and our nations safety is threatened everywhere else?  We send troops to Ebola stricken countries, we allow travelers entry into our country from those same areas.  We have a case in Texas with Ebola, Obama isn’t concerned.   We have a loose border, with anything and everything crossing, including disease; again Obama is not concerned.   ISIS, Syria…….. he wasn’t concerned until now; unless that too is a facade.  What has the almighty King been concerned about except himself and his golf game?

I am not concerned with the security at the White House.   Hey, you know what goes around, eventually comes around, no matter who or how great and invincible you think you are.


I don’t want to wait until its too late if an Ebola outbreak does occur here in the U.S. , but you need to know what your government is doing.  Just so you know.   They have a tendency to keep things from us.

From the Blacklistednews.com

“The U.S. government will begin testing on people an experimental Ebola vaccine as early as September, after seeing positive results from tests on primates, according to media reports on Thursday. The National Institutes of Health’s infectious disease unit is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to put the vaccine into trial as quickly as possible, according to CNN and USA Today. The director of that unit could not be reached for comment.”

Hopefully this is one of the few things our government gets right.   Our government agencies don’t have a particularly good history.