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I was going to write this evening on what I learned from reading Dinesh D’Souza’s America Imagine a World Without Her.   It won’t be a book report, just my opinion of where we could be headed as a nation, our children’s future.  However, I am having a difficult time focusing on the message I want to present; I’ll save it for another evening.

I was checking and reading blogs during lunch today, when I came across a very graphic photo, one that bothered me throughout the day, and still lingers.   It was a young boy from Gaza, I would guess around 2 years of age.  He was laid on a blanket, dead.  I won’t describe anymore, it was obviously very gruesome, so much so after I studied it for a moment I flipped the screen so no one else could view.  I had just stared for a couple of moments at this image of what was someones baby, wondering what the family was going through.   I have no idea, I couldn’t possibly, I don’t know that I can even imagine. All I could think of was my grandchildren.

It doesn’t matter who this child was, he was Palestinian by birth, he could have been Israeli, or Mexican, Russian or American.  It doesn’t matter.  He died senselessly.  I know its war, many die senselessly.

I don’t want to hear all the political crap right now about who is right or wrong or even why.   I’ve heard it all or most.     It doesn’t matter……..he was someones baby.


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I haven’t finished the first chapter of Dinesh D’Souza’s book America, Imagine a World Without Her but I’m already disturbed….even  a bit further pissed at our illustrious leaders.   The words of D’Souza are making sense, and you can see what has and is yet to unfold throughout the world and particularly here in the good old USA.

D’Souza’s writing purpose is not only informative but to create emotion and possible reaction and action from his readers, We the People…. to save America.   The emotion and reaction part he appears to be achieving, with me.

A thought that has come out from me, and I don’t know if it’s from the book or just current events, Do the attitudes from our leadership, especially in Congress, reflect that of the people or do the attitudes of the people reflect that of the Congress or both?

Think about this, We the People whine, complain, debate, argue (not always the same as debate), cry about how bad we have it and criticize our government.   Beyond all that we do very little to solve anything.  We complain about our leaders doing nothing……and I agree they do very little.   You want more out of your representatives, get more active yourself, let them know how you feel and where you stand.    The reflective mirror, Congress does the same, they whine, complain, debate, argue and point the finger and do nothing.   So, who is really to blame for the state of our nation?  We all are.

Want change, break the glass in the mirror…….become active, even if you just speak out.   They have to listen, eventually….maybe the broken glass will turn us in a new direction.

As for Obama, there is no reflection; he is in  his own world with his own programmed agenda.   Barry doesn’t look in the mirror.   He is carrying out his purpose, to destroy us from within……..progressive policy.

I am not a book critic, but to hold my interest to finish a reading it has to be good and very informative.   So far D’Souza has my attention.