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Welfare drug testing…….bring it to the USA

Originally posted on sentinelblog: From MRCTV, by Eric Scheiner Drug testing for welfare payments is slated to begin in Australia next year as part of their new budget. 7 News Australia reports 5000 recipients in the Newstart and Youth Allowance programs will be included in the two-year trial of drug testing to take place in three…

via Australia to Start Drug Testing For Welfare Payments — Brittius


Only liberal Democrats would scream drug testing when applying for welfare is unconstitutional.   Cocaine is more expensive than a hamburger.   It’s just wrong to ask for a hand out, then spend your money on illegal drugs.

Welfare is tax payer money.   We have a right to determine what it can and can not be used for; therefore it is not unconstitutional to deny drug users welfare.

Drug testing for applicants of welfare should be in all 50 states.  That is really the only issue here, that it is not yet in all the states.



Should there be additional qualifications beyond age and residency for candidates to be placed on a ballot for office, especially state or federally elected office?  A heart surgeon,  must take several years of medical schooling, tests and internships.  Employers require specific job skills, training and education to fill their open positions.   Should your state or U.S. senator or our president meet minimum requirements rather than age and residency?  You always hear someone say, “He isn’t qualified to be president.”  Or “Hillary is more qualified than Bill.”   What merits that kind of comment……….experience?

I’m not saying you should have a college degree in order to run for public office.  I know a lot of people without a B.A. Degree that have more intelligence or common sense than someone with their Masters.   However, should there be a testing system that measures the competence and qualifications of our leaders?

In high school we took a test of our Missouri and U.S. Constitutions, but that was a long time ago.  I don’t know if that is even a requirement for graduation anymore.   Should candidates pass a constitution test before being placed on the ballot?  They need to understand the constitution and  the political process.   Many of our leaders in Washington don’t seem to understand there is a process, including our present president.

Consider a test, similar to an IQ test, it could include knowledge of the constitution, basic math, economics, situations given with common sense solutions.   You may believe that those currently in office are quite capable of passing such tests.   I am not so sure, Nancy Pelosi looked like a stammering fool when questioned by a high school junior, who appeared more competent.

I mentioned this idea of testing to a blogging friend who responded back with taking it further to include “drug testing”.   Why not, athletes are tested randomly and frequently.   Why do we not test individuals that are in high position responsible for making decisions on our national security, healthcare and other issues of national concern.  Many employers require a drug test, and some IQ type testing prior to being hired.  We do not ask the same of those we choose to govern.

There is a double standard and hypocrisy in government, more so than ever.  Our government places  heavier restrictions on us at an alarming rate.   We haven’t kept up, we need greater restriction and requirements from them.

It was my intention at the end of this article to play the devil’s advocate.   However, the more I thought ant wrote, I talked myself out of it.

I would really like to hear your thoughts…..please comment.