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arlin report thought(s) of the day: fauci and biden

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Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci to paraphrase: “You might want/need to cancel Thanksgiving.”

Easter in 2020 was not the same. Thanksgiving is approaching and Fauci is telling us to cancel. We’ll be superspreaders with our families together. What will be next? Christmas? You know it will! This coming during a time where the Left/Dems are desperately pulling us from our churches…….our religion. They are trying to take God from our lives, from those that believe. You’re no longer significant Dr. Anthony……….your BS is evaporating. The actions you have fed us have kept this country from moving forward at a needed pace. STEP ASIDE! Stop using Europe as a model………..instead we should have followed Sweden. Pack your bags and go have Thanksgiving and Christmas with your children.

Some powers that be are definitely trying to lead us down a path that takes away from our beliefs. This pandemic has been used as a tool to do just that…………and to control us. Notice how much slower the death rate has been lately, and that is a great thing. We’ve been on 200,000 + for quite some time. The Flu has killed more of us (especially in the past), we never shut it down then and we should not have for this. Dr. Fauci, like most virus, YOU have run your course. My family will be getting together for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!

On Joe Biden: The other day a liberal friend (yeah I have a few), said to me: “I just don’t know how ANYONE can possibly vote for “that” Donald Trump”. Wow! My response: “I don’t know how anyone can vote for “that” Joe Biden. At least Donald Trump can think for himself and knows where he is without asking Melania!

This New ‘Pandemic’ Is Straight Out Of The Twilight Zone! Symptoms Range From Deja Vu To Confusion! — Justus Knight News

July 1st, 2020 By: Justus Knight EXCITING NEW OFFER!!: Join http://www.restrictedrepublic.com now and get 14 Days FREE! Now available on Roku, Apple, Android or Amazon apps! On today’s broadcast: The New Pandemic The Symptoms New Swine Time Russia Again…And Again New York Times Treason Kayleigh Fights Back Climate Change Again…And Again Hydroxychloroquine…It’s Back I’m Fired! […]

This New ‘Pandemic’ Is Straight Out Of The Twilight Zone! Symptoms Range From Deja Vu To Confusion! — Justus Knight News


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This is my opinion………..I am not really talking about facts, though I believe facts exist; otherwise how would my opinion have a base to sit upon. I don’t think this is a guessing game, on my opinion that is. I do believe we have seen guessing games from a variety of folks, folks we are told to be experts in their fields. I am speaking of the subject matter that has been most present during all of 2020, the COVID-19, Wuhan, China coronavirus. Even the name of this manufactured (I don’t mean fake, I mean one that was developed/created; but very real) disease is confusing.

Media has made how we learn of, understand, deal with and treat the coronavirus. The news media and social media both contribute to the confusion. I think we can all agree on that! I believe this confusion on the virus greatly makes the problem greater than it probably should be. What do I mean? In a nut shell, too many contradictions from those who we rely on to provide us with accurate information. I understand not knowing much about the disease by even the experts, the scientists and medical field adds to the difficulty of beating this ugly disease. One of the greatest problems with this disease is, there are too many differences of OPINION on dealing with it, on care/treatment and getting rid of it; getting it out of our atmosphere. By atmosphere I mean, destroying it from existence. It is the most socially destructive disease of our lifetime. What has made this such a lingering pandemic?: Confusion and contradiction. The contradictions cause more confusion.

In addition to Dr. Fauci and his “team of experts”, we have seen and heard from doctors and scientists around the globe add their 2 cents virtually everyday. Each day the various news medias interview someone new chiming in with their opinion……….based on their experiences with different diseases. I do wonder how many of those opinions are based on how much experience. Then lets add in social media………YouTube etc. We get another 2 cents daily from around the world……….. The problem, too many of these experts not only give us advice and information but it often contradicts others in their same fields. Dr. YES says do this, this is what we can expect. Dr. NO says no, do this, this is what we can really expect. VACCINES? How many companies/organizations are out there rushing to be the first to develop a vaccine for a disease they can not even agree on, on nearly everything they think they know……..and we the people think they don’t know. Don’t think the almighty dollar doesn’t play into this either. Why the hell do you think Bill Gates is so damn in a hurry to inject a needle in your arm, hand or head? Remember the beast! That is all I’ll say about him and that!

On such a large scale as this pandemic, CONTRADICTIONS (of which there are many and constant) cause more compounding CONFUSION. These contradictions and confusion are like riding a wave of political opposition. Can we make that conclusive analogy about this corona crap?

News and social media in today’s world have their purpose. I’m not going to bring up fake news, let us not go there for now. Lets just say the news media is presenting the hundreds of doctors and scientists to “better” inform us. Add in social media. How many people have we really needed to hear from? My main point here is: All the different opinions………I should stop there. I’d rather just say all the information we are presented from all the sources have numerous contradictions, conflicting information if you will, that it has created more confusion than solutions. Sometimes too much, is too much when it isn’t on the same page.

I believe this mass information from too many sources has only made a difficult situation nearly impossible. Has this made the problem slightly more difficult, much more difficult or somewhere in the middle? Is that even besides the point……at this point?

Turn your TV off today, create a beautiful day for yourself.

this says it all, don’t miss this, it’s more than a horse race

Reposting this from yesterday……..YOU MUST HAVE YOUR SOUND ON!

This is the best description I have seen and heard on the Coronavirus yet!


Bombshell — Bill Gates’ Coronavirus Vaccine Will Pay Out BILLIONS in Profits to Dr. Fauci’s Agency – Stillness in the Storm

The photo of Gates and Fauci together says it all.   Yeah, nothing to see here…….right?   You think nothing a little bit odd isn’t going on?

Flurry of Thoughts

(Edward Morgan) If you are one of the millions of Americans wondering why Dr. Anthony Fauci is vehemently cheerleading and praising a coronavirus vaccine for ALL Americans … Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says follow the money.

Source: Bombshell — Bill Gates’ Coronavirus Vaccine Will Pay Out BILLIONS in Profits to Dr. Fauci’s Agency – Stillness in the Storm

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A half-truth can be just as deadly ….. — The Goomba Gazette

Trump retweets #firefauci tweet, raises speculation of a frayed relationship https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-retweets-firefauci-tweet-raising-speculation-of-a-frayed-relationship President Trump sparked speculation about his relationship with the country’s top disease expert Sunday night after he retweeted a post that called for the doctor’s job. Trump used statements Dr. Anthony Fauci made in February as evidence that a recent New York Times report that said he was slow to […]

A half-truth can be just as deadly ….. — The Goomba Gazette

Something creepy about a gates and dr. fauci team

I don’t trust Bill Gates at all. Never have. I particularly don’t care for his vaccination and digital ID plot/plan. I’ve always had an uncomfortable feeling about the good doctor Fauci as well. Just not a good first impression, a gut feeling.