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FEC fines DNC and Clinton for Trump dossier hoax — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Trump deserves far more reporting of Hillary et al being fined by the FEC over the Russian Dossier.  Amazing. Trump was right once again. “Clinton’s treasurer $8,000” brought the deed right to the Clinton door step.  Of course just a drop in the bucket for the Clinton crime family. The principal of winning this […]

FEC fines DNC and Clinton for Trump dossier hoax — BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

cheaters never win???

I was taught when I was a kid…….many years ago, that ‘cheaters never win’. We’ll see! So far, Biden has skated by with his criminal family, accepting money from China, Russia and Ukraine in exchange for who knows what. Treasonous!! Now he is fleecing the United States of America (It is still united right?) in the election for the presidency, orchestrated by the DNC and who knows who all. These vote counting distribution centers and what is going on in them has the stink of George Soros all over.

arlin report thought of the day: andrew cuomo on covid-19

So is Governor Andrew Cuomo really the guy we want to listen to and take direction from on the Chinese Corona Virus (COVID-19)? The New York governor slammed Trump on his virus response in his speech from the viral Democratic National Con-vention televised last evening. Do you remember back in April when this same governor (Andrew Cuomo) had nothing but praise for Trump on his (Trump’s) COVID response. Remember the hospital ship Trump sent NY and Cuomo DID NOT USE. Cuomo needed/needs someone to blame for all those deaths in the nursing homes and hospitals where he sent COVID patients. The disease spread like a plague. Cuomo did that……..NOT TRUMP.

Not OK — disturbeddeputy

I fear that Joe Biden is seriously sick. I wish no ill towards him or anyone else. Unless of course, they are attempting to harm me. But Loopy Uncle Joe has become a joke. The big problem is what the Marxists are going to do about it? Are they going to try to get him […]

Not OK — disturbeddeputy

The VP selection of Joe Biden’s will not be his direct choice. He will have little to say about it, except to be the announcing voice (hopefully he gets her name right). It will be the DNC/Pelosi alignment candidate. I doubt the Dems are yet in agreement who that might be.

Barack Obama used the FBI as a Democrat weapon against the Trump administration — WINTERY KNIGHT

Another Obama administration scandal came out last week. We already knew that the Obama administration used the IRS to suppress Americans they disagreed with. The Clinton campaign and the DNC helped fund the Russia dossier, that was used to get permission to spy on Trump’s campaign. The latest scandal goes right back to the White […]

Barack Obama used the FBI as a Democrat weapon against the Trump administration — WINTERY KNIGHT


It looks like Tom Perez, the head of the DNC, doesn’t like the numbers that were “crunched” last night and is behind the eight ball. It looks like their “app” didn’t work in their crunched numbers and now they will use Clinton’s modern math where the end result can be changed to the numbers they […]


arlin report thought(s) of the day: house managers? whats next?

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Pic: patriots4trump2020.

What the House Managers have accomplished is prolonging the process of what has been nothing but a charade. Speculation is the final Senate vote will be Wednesday…….acquittal day. They know the outcome, even the Dems know.

The Democrats are anxiously waiting to have Trump give the State of the Union Address on Tuesday with impeachment still hanging over his head. This an attempt to embarrass Trump nationally, and who knows what kind of reception of/by Democrats who will certainly be in full attendance. They are counting on Trump making an ass of himself from the moment he marches in and all through the night. But, like Santa Claus we really don’t know what he is bringing.

So, what have the House managers gained with this extended time? Other than what I mentioned above, through this weekend and through early days next week …….just time, time for Adam Schiff and his clowns to scheme up yet ANOTHER BOMBSHELL, another lie.

There will be more Hail Mary’s thrown from the House managers than will be tossed in tonight’s Super Bowl.

On the side: Why does anyone listen to Donna Brazile? You know the Democrat within the DNC that fell out of grace. The cheating Donna Brazile that fed questions ahead to Hillary Clinton (honest Hillary) during the 2016 Debates. Oh but it was Trump and the Russians!!! The Donna Brazile that even CNN had issues with. Why do these networks keep bringing her in. For a heads up on dirt that lingers out there? Where better to find dirt than from the dirt piles!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: political circle ______

Fill in the blank with your own word. I have one, a couple. Jerk! The Democrat’s impeachment managers are about to begin their circle _________. When this circus is over the Democratic National Committee should be sued by We the People to repay the money wasted on impeachment. They should pay interests especially since most of them knew this coup, which is what it really is, wouldn’t fly.

From Britannica:

The great Roman amphitheatres—called circuses after the Latin word for “circle”—were most often devoted to gladiatorial combats, chariot races, the slaughter of animals, mock battles, and other blood sports. … Elsewhere, ancient peoples performed other acts associated with the modern circus.