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don’t you see the manufacturing label on the biden’s? made in china

Twitter at it again………won’t accept this post! (Then after adding this comment they suddenly did). AMAZING!

Made and still owned by China, operating from within the SWAMP!

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Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and others from the Biden family (The Biden Crime Family) placed themselves in positions to be easily blackmailed by China, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq and probably others. Let us be clear, it was and is due to their own ILLEGAL and treasonous activity, according to Hunter’s own words to his daughter for 30 yeas. And……there are people in the D.C. SWAMP that have known about it. Haven’t they Kamala?

Isn’t it interesting that Kamala Harris was a contact for and between the foreign powers that be and the Biden family (according to the Hunter laptop). She is on their list, and it may not be so short! So the primary Democratic debate act by Kamala…….highly criticizing her now running mate was only for show! How is it someone who even said she had so much dislike for Biden ends up his running mate? Because it was a swampy stage show! OR, Harris and the Democratic Socialists blackmailed Joe Biden, forcing him to name her as his campaign VP choice. Biden is vulnerable to not only the Communists Chinese and Russians, but to the Swamp. His own people he has been swimming with for 47 years. Joe Biden is the dirtiest of the dirty!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: i said this years ago……..we are inching closer

These UN hats are not just an international police force, they are an international military. I said years ago, the threat of potential international troops present in our streets was real.

The left (Democratic Socialists) and the Deep State, favoring defunding the police, are advocates of a New World (one world) Order. Our borders will not out line a nation as we currently are but transform us into a region under the New World Order.

It will start in the cities where the riots are, and liberals govern. When it spreads to suburbs and rural areas the game will change. They’ll have to bring tanks with them, which there are stock piles of UN marked tanks already here (have been in storage for years). The American resistance will begin……….We will have had enough! The silent majority will be heard and seen once and for all.

arlin report thought(s) of the day: goldwater on b. sanders

Image result for Photos of Barry Goldwater riding a horse
This is what a Republican looks like!!!

That would be Barry Goldwater on the socialist Bernie Sanders. I miss Barry Goldwater. He was a hard nosed Republican. Barry Goldwater spoke his mind, exactly what was on it, and exactly how he wanted. If Barry Goldwater (and to an extent Ronald Reagan) were alive today, he/they would annihilate the socialist stupidity of Bernie Sanders. Goldie would have Sanders stammering and stuttering like a lost Joe Biden. No I’m not making fun of Biden’s speech defect, just his lost process.

Goldwater was pretty radical for a Republican back then (the early – mid sixties). The public thought he’d have us in a world ending nuclear war, kind of like the Democrats think of Trump today. Goldwater was probably what we needed back then.

If you’re under 55, maybe 60 you’re asking “Who the hell is Barry Goldwater”? You’d know if they actually taught history! Barry Goldwater was right about a lot of things. There wasn’t much he was wrong about. Socialism/communism was enemy #1, then the Democrats. Geez, he was really right about them. Today, Goldie wouldn’t be holding anything back. He’d have the Democrats scattering with their tails between their legs. Bernie Sanders…….. wouldn’t have a chance. Goldwater would separate Sanders from the Democratic Party and hammer him on Sander’s Socialist Party. Then he’d beat up on the Dems for going on the Left’s ride to Bernie’s socialistic squad.

I just thought, Barry and Ronald both liked to ride HORSES.

Where have you gone Barry Goldwater!

arlin report thought(s) of the day: how about that border question now?

There is more than one reason for closing our border, right? More people are now questioning/asking if “maybe we should close our border”! Maybe if the coronavirus slaps into the elite community of Hollywood some of those miserable complainers would start a revolution to “close the border”. Naaa! Probably not. Don’t get me wrong I don’t wish this virus on anyone, not Hollywood or even the Democratic presidential candidates. But, I would favor quarantining all the Democratic Socialists candidates. Put them in a room together and keep them there till after November. They are as bad an infectious disease.

Back to the border. Remember when part of the reason for have a border was to keep out illegals entering, those bringing their criminal persona, drugs and yes DISEASE. Now not all those infected by this virus are illegals. The borders are where the screening must begin for all, even citizens that may be infected. Strong borders will help with this screening. Those that may enter must be quarantined and treated immediately. I know this is not absent from our medical authorities.

Its a difficult issue to have to deal with, but it can be if all work together, wisely. Bloomberg could better serve this nation by donating that 400 million to medical research.

Joe Biden, you don’t have the cure? You haven’t been working on one? You claim to have been involved in EVERYTHING ELSE!

By the way, Trump won another debate last night!


photo by:  Johnny Simon


Respect, not a word Nancy Pelosi knows the definition.   Possibly a copy of Trump’s SOTU address she is referring back to because she couldn’t comprehend it when spoken…….   “What did he freaking say?”.

And Nancy, how did that tongue taste last night, you were seen chewing on it quite often.   It’s not very attractive, especially on national TV.   Did you have to bite that tongue when Trump mentioned how your mansion was inside a wall, and how hypocritical that made you.

Yes, Trump made comments last evening politically correct presidents of the past would never even think to whisper.  Last nights SOTU speech was a demo of exactly why Trump supporters elected this man into the presidency.   You wanted him to be honest, you got your load of honesty last evening.   The Democratic Socialists in the crowd showed what a taste of honesty can do, you could see it in their eyes……….they were not happy.   I was thrilled.