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Trump on the Dems debate: You gotta love it!

EPIC – President Trump Tweets Hilarious Video Mash From Magnificent Meme Artist Carpe Donktum…




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You don’t need to be 6’3″ tall and weigh 250 lbs. to be President of the United States.   Being big, strong and physically fit like Arnold can have an intimidating advantage, but it certainly isn’t a qualifying requirement.  Other characteristics are more vital, like brains, ability to think logically, sincerity, knowledgeable of domestic and world matters go along way.   HOWEVER!

Does appearance matter, yes even size?   Last evening while occasionally dropping in on the Democratic debate, one thing stood out to me.  Elizabeth Warren with her tiny physic despite her speaking and debating experience looks meek compared to all the others.   While Warren may have fared better than the rest on stage with the tongue, her ability to speak may be her greatest asset.  Lots of people can speak, ramble on for hours but have little to no substance.  Even I can speak (and write) and say absolutely nothing.  Elizabeth comes out with a new policy nearly everyday, makes it brief but as most candidates NEVER SAY HOW!

Backing off from interruptions and multiple people speaking at once comes from being an experienced well trained debater.  Let the other people shoot themselves in the foot.  When it comes down to one-on-one, it will be more difficult even for Warren.   Eventually, she’ll need more substance……some substance.

On the big stage, an international stage…… will meekness matter?   While Warren may not be meek vocally, that physical appearance (tiny and meek) may be taken advantage of by others.   We will see if her own co-candidates learn to take advantage.   It appeared she came on strong but then faded (gee I actually agree with something from MSNBC) when others on stage got louder.

This was my impression of Warren, okay she can talk……..but wow she looks small, very, very small.  Does size matter?



Hillary Clinton, during the Democratic debate just said that she and Senator Sanders both have made the Southern border more secure than it has ever been.

Hillary, an illegal immigrant who was deported before was just arrested in Missouri after having killed 5 people in Kansas and Missouri.  You and Bernie did a great job Hillary.

Clinton and Sanders Throw Shade at the Last Republican Debate

“Compare the substance of this debate with what you saw on the Republican stage last week”

Source: Clinton and Sanders Throw Shade at the Last Republican Debate

On Hillary suit:  The last time I saw an outfit like that, it was on Captain Kangaroo!




How pathetic is that, during breaks at the Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton can’t make it back behind her podium on time.   The commentator was in the middle of a question when Hillary walked in behind Sanders returning to the podium.   Why is it that never happens during the Republican debates with Carly?

Because Carly has more respect for the proceedings.  OR?

Does Hillary have a medical issue, is she already in Depends?