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LETS ADD A COUPLE FOR FUN: Clapper, Rice, Brennan, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page……………. just a few!


So Mueller may be handing down another indictment or two or three!   We know this is an effort to remove a president from office, one that has never been accepted by the opposing party as being legit; more accurately just not liked or feared by the Swamp!

Democrats don’t hesitate to go after Republicans to investigate, try to impeach, to jail.  They desperately try to eliminate their opposition.  They’ll set you up.  Hillary Clinton is the Queen of Falsification.   The great political set up of our generation, The Russian Probe!  Several “former” Trump advisers and such have been indicted; mostly for speaking with a forked tongue to either the FBI or Mueller.  Some have been indicted, for alleged personal wrong doings, taxes or what have you; nothing to do with Trump or Russia.

So, when does Trump go after the Democrats and their lawbreakers?  Comey, Hillary, Little Debbie W-Schultz and a cast of many others within Obama’s administration (the DOJ & FBI) have for the most part gone untouched.   Why?   There is plenty of evidence against them.   They have lied, to Congress……..to us, the American people.   Obama’s administration can not be overlooked.

I doubt an acting AG has been appointed to go after any of the above.  Even as the DOJ has supported Trump’s appointment, the Democrats are already stating any action taken by the TEMP should not be taken seriously or accepted (by the Democrats).

Trump is only in his 2nd year, and maybe we’ll see more come out of his office.  Not all of his promises have been full-filled.  He had many and needs more time.  But, he could certainly go after some of these lawbreakers on the Left.  The evidence is there in many cases!   Is the WH so concerned that if they went after them, there would be no one left to run the government?   Hillary and Comey are out!  Where are the indictments against them?

Does Trump go on the offense once his defense is off the playing field?  No one is above the law and that includes The Swamp.  It is quite clear that D.C. lives under a different code than the rest of us.

If this is to be the Era of Investigation rather than legislation, than by all means Mr. President, get your offense on the field!

Imran Awan Gets Wrist Slap, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Dances — Socialism is not the Answer

Founders Code The Washington Post submits this Pakistani IT scandal in the Democrat caucus in the House of Representatives is fabricated, yet WaPo never investigated or reported a word of the case. This case is one of the most obscure, fraudulent, secret cases in DC with only one media source doing good work, […]

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VIDEO Awans Sold Info, Access To Congressional Emails- Debbie Obstruction Of Justice – Testify — Reclaim Our Republic

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: AWANS HAD ACCESS TO EMAIL OF EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS, SOLD INFORMATION July 31, 2017 The rapidly unfolding case against Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani IT spy ring already had huge implications for National Security. Now, the story apparently goes beyond just the Democrats the Awan family was working for… Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox Business Network on Monday […]

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DWS………is she about to melt down?


I think Wasserman-Schultz going to a mental hospital is a stretch…….no word of that; but, I can totally understand she’s probably got a case of the nervous shakes.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: your fired!

Image result for photos of debbie wasserman schultz with imran awan and the clintons
Give me back my lap top so I can give it to Imran or there will be consequences.   


Florida GOP Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz fired her right-hand information technology (IT) Imran Awan AFTER HE WAS ARRESTED!    Debbie, firing your HACK after he was arrested will not create separation between your relationship with him or apparently Hillary.   I understand you want to now distance yourself from him.  You didn’t really need to fire him since he was already on the run.  Looks like Mr. Awan wanted some separation for himself!     DWS, your firing is just for show.    I bet you’ll even act appalled at the things he did?

DWS’s dirty, filthy fingers are showing up everywhere, just like her mentor Hillary R. Clinton!  I am guessing Debbie will not be able to keep dodging trouble like the Clintons.   At some point they will abandon her.    A Clinton Crime Cartel lawyer is now defending Imran……..possibly to learn and keep what he knows about the Clintons under wrap.  Will Imran be the next suicide?


Originally posted on GLOBAL MEDIA SENTRY: Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch could be jailed for up to ten years if found guilty of misconduct, Judge Andrew Napolitano claimed Monday. If emails exist between Lynch and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz improperly discussing the Clinton email investigation, the former attorney general could be charged with…

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Does anyone really believe the DOJ and or Congress, our government will actually do the right thing and prosecute one of their own for corruption.  The corruption in Washington is too wide spread.   They cover for one another, its how the game is played.  Lynch worked for Obama, did what Obama wanted.  I’ll believe it when I see it!