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JOHN 15:13

John 15:13

If you haven’t found God during your life, how are you going to find Him after death? It is never too late while we are still breathing. He is here, He is easy to find and talk to. Pray!


I’ve been silent for a few days, since this past Saturday evening.   Saturday, April 1st at 10:00 PM Central Time, my mother after years of poor health and defying death, grew too tired to carry on……very peacefully  took her final breath on this earth and took the hand of Jesus to His big house.   Her entire family by her side when God took her Home.

In a screwed up world, the last few days have put things back in perspective, for me anyway, that nothing really matters like love of family and the peace in a way only God can give.

My mother donated her body to Science Care, Inc. for medical research.   She knew, if there was anything that could be learned to help others, her’s was a perfect match for research.  A beautiful, thoughtful gift to this world, of which I am proud.