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All lives matter.   Only black lives matter to the Black Lives Matter racial radical group, with their protests aimed predominately against whites.

Black Lives Matter should refocus their target within their own race.  More blacks are destroying the lives of other blacks than whitey.   I get it, they are making it an issue of economy, education, racial profiling by politicians, police and the general public.  Are are they, are they using their race as an extension of Ferguson, an excuse to protest and unlawfulness.   But the violence and killing is mostly black on black.  What is the Black Lives Matter protesters doing about that issue?   The biggest enemy blacks have,  other blacks.

There has been a wave of arson against black churches in the St. Louis area over the last month or two, most of these churches within the city.   David Lopez Jackson, 35 has been charged with two counts of arson on two of the churches.   He is a suspect in the other five.

It was immediately assumed by blacks that the fires were racially motivated.  David Lopez Jackson is black!    His motive is not clear.  Does Jackson hate blacks or is the motive to create additional division between blacks and whites?   I am guessing…….if he is a fire bug, why didn’t he light some white churches?

Black Lives Matter, your focus needs to be on your own race, there lies your greatest enemy and challenge.