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arlin report thought(s) of the day: I have no cult of followers………i belong to no one, except the one god

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I got up this morning and read some blogs others have posted, and read some comments sent to me. I came across a couple of posts that frankly got my blood warmer a bit. Not boiling hot, I refuse to get sucked in by someone else’s ignorance. I refuse to mention the blogger (all came from the same individual), nor have I responded to him. I have occasionally read items he has posted, I should say view points/opinions. It didn’t take long to learn if you do not share his point of view you are a scum bag……….and politically if you are a Trump follower, you worship and belong to the Trump Cult. I would really like to respond to that by speaking to rational thinking people. So, I will not respond directly to this individual. I doubt he reads my blog. It serves no purpose to get into a pissing contest (excuse my language) with someone who does not look in the mirror before they speak, and quite honestly appears to be extremely left with no way back.

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It isn’t the first time if you are a so called Trump follower you have been placed in the so called Trump Cult. If you disagree with an extreme Leftie you must belong to a cult. This individual mentioned that we, “the Trump followers”, have lost our way, that we no longer worship God, but worship Trump. This is the liberal BULL SHIT that set me off. #1. I am not a Trump follower, I do not agree with everything he says or does. BUT, I am a Trump SUPPORTER. I do support OUR PRESIDENT. I want him to do well, I want our nation to do well. #2. I do not worship Trump. I DO NOT PRAY TO TRUMP. I may pray for him, I may pray he makes the right decisions; but I do not pray to him, expecting divinity. I pray to God, and I worship no other. #3. I have never accused anyone that had opposing political ideas or direction, differences from the center to an extreme left of belonging to a cult. Believe me, I have differences with the left/democrats. I never accused you of belonging to the Obama Cult, Hillary Cult, Bernie Cult etc., I may not understand how you got there but I don’t say “You must have lost your Christian religion, and now follow Obama’s Cult.” Whether he has one or not!

I know there are cults, they exists. I find that they pick up followers who are lost, and can not form opinion, beliefs of/on their own. I also believe them to be dangerous.

The individual that got me stirred up this morning, he NEVER has anything positive to say about our president. It is clear he is a Trump hater. He also has an extreme dislike for Republicans. But today, when he attacked those that support our president by stating we belong to his cult and no longer worship God………HE CROSSED THE LINE. There is a word for this human being, but I won’t say it. But, he really should look in the mirror once in awhile, I know he has one!

I have over 1400 people that have at one time or another read my blog. WordPress refers to them as followers. I have no cult of followers. I would prefer to call them supporters, readers ………… I have no cult. People choose to read from my blog or not. I give my opinion…….often. I know many times, the readers did not share my opinion. That’s okay. We are human. I don’t ask those that share my opinion, to fall in, stay in line, accept no other words. No one worships me……. I don’t expect them to or want it. There is only one God.