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How long has this decision to open the door to Cuba been in the works?

Obama delays many decisions, such as Iraq and Syria over ISIS.  Cuba seems to be a quick draw, not giving the population of the U.S. time to provide a little feed back, some kind of consensus.   I may have missed it somewhere among the rest of Obama’s BS, but, I didn’t even know he had an opinion on Cuba.  I am surprised he knows the geographic location of the island nation.

I understand that a president has a lot on his plate, but it seems like Obama has a check list with predetermined issues and policies he is acting on, with very little consultation.  This is lame duck crap, as was his immigration policy.  Could there now be a flood of Cubans entering the U.S. freely?

Obama does not concern himself with crisis’, he is to busy creating new  ones.    One will come from this.    He goes from one issue to another, like he is picking apples, nothing being solved, nothing improved……   Obama is a foreign relations embarrassment for the U.S.

Barack Obama is a wrecking ball destroying our nation.