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NOT a likely combo!

What does Ohio Governor John Kasich expect?  What is he hoping for?   The path to the Republican nomination is a dead end for the Gov.    He can’t possibly be wanting the VP nod, he has burned too many bridges…..less than Cruz, but enough that he can’t return and cross back.  It would be difficult for either half of the Cruz/Kasich Pact to join forces with Trump, when they tag teamed him to destroy his chances at the nomination.  On the other hand crazier things have happened in this 2016 Presidential Campaign.   Trump, I am guessing here, will select a female running mate.  Of course any of the 16 other competitors, as Trump now refers to them, could say “Oh, all that feuding among us was just politics,  we’re all after all actors. Keeping Hillary out of the White House is our main objective.”    Keeping Hillary out I will agree with, most definitely.

Hillary Clinton is the most undeserving of all the candidates for the White House.   Hillary Clinton is the most SINISTER of them all!

Sinister:  threatening or portending evil, harm, or trouble; ominous: a sinister glance. 2. evil or malevolent; base: sinister purposes. 3. unfortunate; disastrous; unfavorable.  Hitler like!

Cruzin’ To Global Governance ie. World Government — Socio-Economics History Blog

Published on Apr 14, 2016 Arthur Thompson of the John Birch Society who reveals more about Heidi and Ted Cruz’s ties to both the CFR and the North American Union designed to end U.S. sovereignty and America as we know it. end

via Cruzin’ To Global Governance ie. World Government — Socio-Economics History Blog

Were Ted and Heidi attracted to one another because they share the same global governance dream?


hillary clinton

Hillary, the I’ve never done anything inappropriate candidate was just on Meet the Press.  She says she isn’t negotiating a possible debate with Sanders, yet criticizes Bernie for not agreeing with her chosen date.

Media clearly on an anti-Trump campaign, including MEET THE PRESS.   Trump gaffes get publicized and re-publicized; other candidates gaffes, not so much.

Meet the Press, stating Republicans heading towards a convention with a wounded nominee, front runner Donald Trump.  The media and Republican establishment created this.   Bernie, Hillary, Ted and John never asked questions on same scale as Trump……nothing on illegal abortions.


There’s been play talk about a grand compromise which could save the Republican Party from civil war or even implosion this summer, and I want your thoughts about it. The hypothetical deal is…


Hypothetical is right!   I doubt Kasich would be willing to team up with Trump.   And, Cruz would never get confirmed by Congress for SCOTUS.



Rubio on Con Artists:   The pot calling the kettle black!  If that is politically incorrect……so be it.    Marco would know a lot about being a con artist; he is after all a U.S. Senator.   The term senator and representative have become synonymous with the art of the con.  Rubio doesn’t get it; that is why the American voter is angry; we’ve continued to be had by the elected political promises.   His campaign stage act is a con.   It is pretty much like that with all the candidates on both sides.   Hillary is queen of the con, deception, she has been practicing it her entire adult life.

Another thing on listening; they don’t listen.   How many times does Trump have to say/disavow the KKK before Rubio and Cruz and the media tag team hear it?   Why keep asking the same question, that has been answered, I guess until they hear what they want?

Cruz………you have know right demanding anything being made public that was done in private.   Nothing!  I bet we would all like to hear some of your whispers?  The tapes you want aren’t security emails……..

Have a Happy Super Tuesday


Yes I watched CNN’s Republican Presidential Debate last night; if that is what you can call it.   It was more like having Cruz, Rubio and Trump together on a daily, hourly program of CNN with the boys yelling back and forth sharing insults and nobody really hears much of anything.  I don’t normally watch CNN so I can’t give you the name of one of their regular programs, except for that Anderson guy.  No, I won’t waste my time googling it either.   We’ll let Rubio continue to Google everything, let him advise the audience that’s what they should do, to find out about the deals of Donald Trump.   Watch out Senator…….people will do the same of you, we might be surprised to find out some of your trash and closet stuff.   Like that senate affair your suspected………oh I won’t go there.  It isn’t always careful what you ask for, its careful where you direct folks.

Rubio and Cruz tried to make Trump look the fool.  Sometimes he does, maybe often……but then somehow it ends up, ohhhh; he was right.   I understand.

Rubio and Cruz, may not want to attack Trump too much, he has resources and is quite capable of finding facts, facts the rest of us will never know, unless he shares.  Be careful Senators!  I have seen what can happen when Trump has been pissed off…….he finds a way!   See his golf courses in Ireland…….he had enemies there while building those courses but got it done.   Trump does get things done!


waving flag

The establishment campaign drop outs on the Republican side and past election losers are pimping up their support for Rubio.    Rubio has become the establishment choice for POTUS.   It will be business as usual, that is the definition of establishment politics, business as usual.   Funny though, early on, Rubio was told “it’s not your turn”.   Bush was the establishment choice, that didn’t work out as they hoped.   Rubio has moved up the establishment ladder.   He’ll get mentored now, more so than ever by the Establishment’s “power that be, that is”.   It is already in progress, Trump and Cruz have targets on their backs.   The American people have little to do with determining who will be elected.

Trump will need to start spending money, lots of money if he is serious and has any chance of being the Republican nominee.   The political fix is on!


Image result for photos of donald trump campaigning on the streets

What you hear from the candidates at a rally is quite insignificant.   Jeb today was at a JEB RALLY in SC and his speech was to simply criticize the front runner, a non-politician Donald Trump.   Who shows up at a Jeb Bush rally?   Those folks that are already, have been committed to Jeb.  What does he gain?   Very little to nothing.  He might as well be home speaking to mommy and daddy.

Its not just Jeb, who shows up at a Rubio rally?   Rubio supports, they were already on the Rubio wagon.   Cruz?  The same thing.   Trump, absolutely!   However, who has the largest crowds?  Trump!!

The only way to gain ground, gain voter support, you MUST hit the streets.



Its time to party, we finished in 4th place, we’re moving on to South Carolina!!

I understand that it isn’t likely any candidate in any election is going to sweep every state in primaries.   Geographically speaking you aren’t going to win some areas.  I wouldn’t say that getting doubled up, tripled or greater is much of a victory.   Tip your hat and go to the next state.   Its kind of like losing teams, like the L.A. Rams finding  something to get excited about after you just got your ass kicked by an expansion team.  What?   Donald Trump, an expansion team rookie to politics just kicked the established Washington career politicians to the curb, or more accurately the voters of New Hampshire did.   If anyone should be excited to go to S.C. it would be Trump.

All that being said, if you are Cruz, Rubio, Bush and Kasich……..the others not worthy of mentioning, you have many back to back loses, you are out of contention, you don’t make the playoffs.

It is easy to see why Washington and government in this country is sooooooooo screwed up.   These people can not add and subtract.   Trump more than doubled Kasich, but Kasich, the I have balanced budgets candidate, did everything but crown himself last night.   Ohio, do an audit, the man can not count.

Jeb, sorry but being back that far, and being quadrupled in votes can not possibly be encouraging to the man that was supposed to be the Republican answer to Hillary.

Seriously, some of this campaign money could be used to better mankind, rather than give professional politicians ridiculous false hope.  Go home Carly and Ben and Jeb.