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Welcome to the new normal: 13-year-olds dying from cardiac arrest — Aletho News

By Steve Kirsch | January 7, 2022 Before the COVID vaccines, cardiac arrest = very rare Before the COVID vaccines, it was very rare for a healthy 13-old-year to die from a heart attack. After the COVID vaccines, cardiac arrest = not so rare Now, with the rollout of the COVID vaccines, it is becoming […]

Welcome to the new normal: 13-year-olds dying from cardiac arrest — Aletho News

Not Being Reported: Hair Falling Out In CLUMPS. Just Another BAD Side Effect Of The Killer Vaccine — The Mad Jewess

Not Being Reported, Even By #VAERS: Hair Falling Out In CLUMPS. Just Another BAD Side Effect Of The Killer Vaccine My friend, who chose to get the abominable kill shot to keep her job has a brother. He got the kill shot to keep his position also. Unfortunately, his hair is falling out in clumps. […]

Not Being Reported: Hair Falling Out In CLUMPS. Just Another BAD Side Effect Of The Killer Vaccine — The Mad Jewess


If it isn’t natural, if it does not come from earth, life, plants, animals……….. don’t be putting it in your body! Native Americans and other people living directly off the land used nature for their medicine and cures.

If it isn’t natural do not put it in your body! Some of our meds do come from nature, vitamins and minerals etc. SOME DO NOT!

I read an article recently from a doctor, he says the COVID vaccines were designed to kill those injected between a time span of 2-5 years. Some have already died, probably due to underlying conditions. I don’t know if people will die that have taken the shots during that time frame, but you certainly need to ask why someone like Bill Gates pushes and pushes for vaccinations and is a depopulation guru. By the way, Bill Gates is not a doctor, he has merely funded vaccines in places like India. India no longer wants Gates to place a foot in their country again. Many children have died and crippled from the Gates funded vaccines. The DEPOPULATION CHAMPION!

We probably should be looking for something that cleanses our system of the COVID vaccines………reverses it. Even the self proclaimed expert on everything, Bill Gates, now says “the COVID vaccines don’t work all that well!” Really genius!!!


When I received one of my first vaccinations it was distributed at school. Yep grade school, and we lined up like sheep to receive the jab. This was back in either the late 50s or early 60s. We lined up a week later so the doctor could inspect our arms for any side effects.

We received a smallpox vax, polio and whatever. I think I once received a shot to keep from getting the mumps as well. I nearly died from the measles, I was about 6 or 7 at the time. I remember the doctor (who happened to be a close friend of our family) coming to our house to check-up on me. My bedroom was kept dark with the curtains closed. I was even told not to look outside, the sunlight could be harmful (that is what we were told back then). I never caught the mumps, polio, smallpox, so the shots apparently worked. I did catch chickenpox though, and got quite ill from that as well. When I catch a fever, I usually get a high fever. That was the greatest danger I had, the fevers. Once had a 106 temp with pneumonia when I was 16 years old. Was packed in ice, freaked out the nurses. They thought I was about to die! I escaped death, no brain damage done! 🙂

Onward to today: These COVID shots, are far from 100% effective. Not sure they are even 50%. We just learned some women (3 to be exact, as of now) that attended a Christmas luncheon have tested positive for COVID; they all had been vaccinated! Now either the vax does not work for everyone, or the COVID test, calls every little sniffle and sneeze as a positive for COVID. So, these individuals are now being quarantined. The purpose of COVID vaccination seems to be more about control than it is disease prevention. Anything the government is involved in results in failure more so than not! These COVID vaccines seem to be more about weakening than preventing disease. WEAKENING our spirit and bodies! CONTROL!

I have been outdoors during some cold, windy and damp weather. That evening or the next day, I may feel a bit rundown, head stuff, slight runny nose. Sometimes I feel like a cold is coming on. It disappears after a good nights sleep. My point here is, every time I get some kind of symptom I am NOT running to the clinic for a COVID TEST! I can just about bet (now I am guessing), a stuffy nose or sinus’ would come back as COVID POSITIVE. This is BS! By the way, yesterday……….slight stuffiness. Today I feel GREAT! NO medical intervention sponsored by the government needed!

Rest well, eat healthy, drink plenty of liquids!

Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden………and his ridiculous side-kick (Kamala) are not your saviors!


The U.S. had a rainbow of chemicals at their disposal. They were nicknamed according to the color on the barrels in which they were shipped. (Agent Orange didn’t appear orange, though it looked like that to Pilsch.) … The chemicals were produced by companies like DOW Chemical, Monsanto, and Hercules, Inc. Sep 14, 2017

So our hypocritical government……….. Yes they used CHEMICALS on the Viet Cong……….which struck our military and Vietnamese civilians as well. I won’t show you the ugly photos of those who have been inflicted with/by Agent Orange. Many are now dead, many are still suffering. Many are deformed! This by the same/extended government that wants to mandate continuous vaccinations and boosters for COVID; even the children. Creating myocarditis and neurological problems. They want to “test” these vaccines on our/your children. Yes TEST. But hell……..this is the government that poisoned it’s own people in Vietnam……….what would keep them from poisoning us today. Oh…….yet they (our government) was concerned about chemicals being used in places like Syria. NO………not really! Our corrupt U.S. government are the great pretenders. Our government has been more interested in keeping companies like Dow, Monsanto, and all the pharmaceuticals busy and heavily funded by your tax dollars…..than they actually are for your health. Sickness and disabilities are big business. Why would you trust the same government today that gave us Agent Orange. They knew it was deadly. It wasn’t the only chemical shipped to Vietnam to be used as a weapon. Killing American soldiers was of no more concern than killing the Viet Cong.

COVID-19 made in China, just like everything else! COVID VACCINES made by government sponsored Big Pharma! Still a powerful destructive team.


The mark of the beast will be received by the will of the recipient, not by trickery. People who take the mark will know what it represents. That’s why there is such a clear distinction between those who do so and those who refuse it. That’s why those who refuse to receive it will be persecuted.


The Sacrifice of Fauci – LewRockwell — MCViewPoint

But as Mark Twain noted, truth eventually puts her shoes on and begins her race.  Today, the many Fauci flip flops are common knowledge, and a source of shared laughter across the political aisles.  We have reached a vaccination tolerance level in the county of around 50% of adults, and this was only possible through […]

The Sacrifice of Fauci – LewRockwell — MCViewPoint

why are you suffocating yourself………it isn’t healthy!

Why are some people getting a sore throat from wearing a mask? - Times of  India
Times of India

Have you ever been in a room for a long time, the windows are closed and the air isn’t circulating. You recycle air back into your lungs. It gets stuffy and the fresh air is gone. IT ISN’T HEALTHY! It smells bad and it taste worse! Many people will tell you COVID-19 was about the vaccine. Will that is only part of it, THE MASKS. Getting folks to do as they say, to see if we would follow their BULLSHIT! That and, if the COVID doesn’t kill you, breathing into a masks for 2 years will! I don’t smoke (except an occasional cigar with some bourbon once in awhile); but I’d rather smoke than go around wearing that piece of cloth over most of my face all the time. Covering the mouth and nose? We use to call that suffocation! That is what has been happening, they have been suffocating us, MORE WAYS THAN ONE! WAKE UP! Especially if you got the vaccine! If you still have to wear the masks, that is an underlying message, the vaccines don’t work! Maybe you just get sick like you always have, a bad cold! Bad colds can kill people, especially older people. Here is where they failed!!!! The death rate in 2020 was no higher than the previous years. Someone has been feeding us a bag of crap for sometime. Fauci is a POS!

Take that damn thing off an breathe again! You have a right to fresh air!