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joe biden’s crime cartel has greatly expanded; thanks to his open border


Joe Biden immediately opened our southern border. He knew what he was doing, probably just needed reminding to pull the trigger, stop the completion of the wall, virtually open the gates. He knew what would happen, what was to follow. And if he underestimated the effect, he certainly should not have. Trump warned the Biden Administration what would happen; but Biden ignored it. Of course he did, he is the polar opposite of Trump, reversing everything Trump. Apparently polar opposites in intelligence as well. The border is a mess…………and it is getting worse not by the day or the hour, but by the minute. The immigrants are carrying COVID with them. There is no social distancing, quite the contrary; kids are sleeping side by side, some on top of others. All this when we are trying to end a pandemic. All this while citizens in this our own country continue to be lectured by senile Joe Biden to wear the mask, not to reopen. We are the ones to follow their ineffective guidelines. While who knows who come here and are released even without papers. We don’t know who most of them are.

Drug cartels are bragging they’ll get rich, Joe Biden’s decision will make them millionaires. Drugs and child/human trafficking is also now on the rise. Joe Biden owns this mess. He won’t call it a crisis because back in the day this was what they wanted, an open border. They knew what would follow as soon as Joe gave them the invitation. One illegal stated in an interview with Sara Carter they would NOT have come under Trump. They absolutely would come under Biden, he invited them. So here they come for all the benefits. We the people pay, it will not only cost us, it will cost our children and grandchildren for generations. They will receive benefits, healthcare, food, clothing, housing and education at our expense, at no expense to them. We know they benefit, but who loses? We do! It is our income, income we worked most of our lives for so we had the benefits of a comfortable, healthy life. It absolutely takes away from us. Is this selfish? Not when our taxes provide funding to all these countries. Their governments aren’t using it on them, these immigrants? Maybe they should stay and fight for their rights and their benefits like we did, like our ancestors did.

Jumping around a bit right here but, the investigations and arrests on human trafficking, the kids, were making good strides; now………it’s just another surge. Oh that’s right………AOC lectured us yesterday it was not a surge!!! We are in this mess for listening to people like her, Biden and Harris. More drugs coming over the border, means they’ll be in our communities, I am sure they already are. Joe Biden is a pusher, drug pusher, human trafficking pimp! He might as well be; this is happening because he opened the border…….wide open! He and Kamala and his pathetic press secretary can not put this on Trump as they have. THAT IS BS! Saying it, doesn’t make it so! These cages these kids are in were built by the Obama-Biden Administration. Joe, Hunter, his brother (James) and Jill are corrupt, we know that. That got wealthy while Joe was VP, via his international connections. Hunter was the front man. Ukraine, China, and Moscow all contributed to the Biden’s bank accounts. So now add drugs and child trafficking to the Biden Cartel scheme of things.

We haven’t heard much from Biden’s border czar, VP Kamala Harris. They have no intention of closing the border. It is how that wanted it. No crisis! It’s what they wanted!!! They wouldn’t know what to do now anyway, it is too far out of control. Biden created this! Biden owns it! But you will pay…….now and for a long, long time. Biden isn’t in charge, but he is ALL in. Our destruction is exciting to him. He just wanted to be president. His legacy……..WHAT LEGACY!

The New Normal — NoFakeNews.net

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The New Normal — NoFakeNews.net

Dr. Bhattacharya: Lockdowns The ‘Biggest Public Health Mistake We’ve Ever Made’ — MCViewPoint

Stanford University Medical School professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is featured in Newsweek Magazine condemning the lockdowns across the United States to fight the virus, calling them the biggest mistake ever made by public health authorities. A new study released by none other than the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) ironically appears to bolster Dr. Bhattacharya’s […]

Dr. Bhattacharya: Lockdowns The ‘Biggest Public Health Mistake We’ve Ever Made’ — MCViewPoint

Jacob Rothschild Lifts the Veil (Encore) — Truth11.com

Go to the bottom and you will basically see Joe Biden’s agenda, the one he would not share during his basement campaign. Currently we are in a war against Rothschild and others like him (Bilderbergs, Soros etc.), they are absolutely globalist (One World Government). Depopulation is huge on their agenda (that is why we have COVID, depopulation and as a distraction to keep you and me from communicating their RESET (economic and governing). Their agenda is insanity. They are making it sound all is for the betterment of mankind. Nope, it is about dominating mankind. They believe you should not/can not think for yourself (hence Hillary Clinton, their failed puppet: to paraphrase HRC: “Government must make all decisions for the peons because they are not capable of functioning on their own”. That wasn’t an exact quote but it is what she meant. It must have been disappointing for Rothschild to pay so much to HRC only to see her fail to Donald J. Trump (who by the way folks is still in the war against this international terrorist, and yes I mean Rothschild). He (his family) and the Federal Reserve have been robbing Americans for many decades! Now they are just open and arrogant about it. (Arlin Report comment)

Jacob Rothschild Lifts the Veil (Encore) Henry Makow “It has been mainly the economic independence of most of the common people which makes them so unruly in these nations, and likely apt to support the sovereignty of their own nations and local control, which is the main obstacle to our plans, and precisely why the […]

Jacob Rothschild Lifts the Veil (Encore) — Truth11.com

suddenly walla ………all these vaccines available

Doctor, nurse, scientist, researcher hand in blue gloves holding flu, measles, coronavirus, covid-19 vaccine disease preparing for human clinical trials vaccination shot, medicine and drug concept.

Do you find it as odd as I do, that all these vaccines (from about 6 different sources) are about to roll out (have in UK) about the same time ………all of a sudden? This looks to be like an ‘organized global solution’. One of the main sources comes from the initiator of this virus……..CHINA! How long have they really had the preventive cure for their China Virus (COVID-19)? The way this is playing out it really does look like a CONTROL THINGY (as Joe Biden would say), control the people; cripple them to accepting a ONE WORLD (GLOBALIST) ORDER.


Like as in Communist China red flags………you know Joe and Hunter Biden’s buddies. The people Joe claims are not a threat to us. LMAO !

Isn’t it a little odd, that these vaccines are about to be administered in different countries at roughly the same time………give or take a week or two (deceiving effect); currently are in the UK. Not all the vaccines are coming from the same manufacture. Were these vaccines being developed about the same time the virus was being developed in the Chinese lab?

The Chinese, according to the article below have several vaccines that have been approved from different labs, one being the same city of Wuhan, where the virus came from. Maybe not the same lab but from the same city where the lab was located.

I know that the United States has gotten many of our drugs from China. Think about this, the Chinese develop a virus that is quickly spread throughout the world. The Chinese want to destroy us, the U.S. So we buy their drugs???????? We have our own companies about to distribute the vaccine soon. Would any of those Chinese vaccines make it to the U.S. by chance also? Would you want to take a vaccine from a nation that wants to see you dead? Seems like after developing and spreading a virus like a California wild fire a vaccine would be to FINISH US OFF! The Chinese are hoping our vaccines don’t get approved; then we can purchase theirs. Yeah we pay them to FINISH US OFF. Do you have any confidence in a government that is as “stupid” as ours?

Would you want to take a vaccination that was partially financed and supported by the Gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda); little Billy being a strong voice for DEPOPULATION! Why not just put a gun to our heads its quicker and probably less painful.



the great reset plan…..triggered by covid….destroy the middle class……. new world order, distribution of wealth, your wealth

Biden’s team anxious to implement 4-6 week lockdown. Some cities and governors are ordering ACT II of the lockdowns. Another lockdown will destroy small businesses that barely survived the first lockdown. The government does not care………it is about control and they don’t care how many people die to get it. More people will be affected from a lockdown than they would from the virus. They want a total economic collapse. There is much more to this, digital IDs, digital monetary system………all under their control. Who is they………..Illuminati, Bilderberg’s, Rockefeller’s, Soros, Obama’s, Biden’s………….just tossed them in, they know what is happening.

For our own good, for our own survival and future of our children…….we must rid this pandemic under our plan not government’s. We are losing our rights……..we are giving them up. We are no longer governed we are ruled. They, government want to control ALL aspects of our lives. This is not a conspiracy theorist’s scare. This is freaking real, it’s happening. If you think not………just look at COVID. People died from COVID, an INTENTIONALLY DEVELOPED DISEASE. People did not die of natural deaths from a disease called COVID………..THEY WERE MURDERED, to scare us into doing whatever we are told! Dr. Fauci just told us “Now do as you are told”!


11/16/2020 It is time for the government to resolve this discrepancy in information. Fauci who is sympathetic to the WHO/CHINESE is like a weather balloon – every few days he changes what he previously stated to keep people confused. If the Democrat socialists are using this to keep their state shuttered for political purposes then […]