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tossed in refrig truck like bags of meat- covid-19

But what are you going to do? Even morgues and funeral homes must take precautions.


Doctors and nurses (healthcare workers) are becoming increasingly COVID-19 positive, AND THAT IS A PROBLEM.

Coronavirus conspiracy theories test government, evidence: experts —

New government measures to contain COVID-19 can be looked at as state control tactics by those believing in conspiracy theories, according Edwin Hodge, a sociologist at the University of Victoria.

Coronavirus conspiracy theories test government, evidence: experts —

The Radical Socialist Democratic Party Is Playing With The Needs Of The American People By Playing Hard Ball With Trumps Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package, We The People Need To Vote The Bums Out! — John A Pappas

You can’t get any lower then the radical socialist Democratic Party to be playing politics with the health of the American people. The stimulus package that President Trump has set forth will aid every American in one shape or form, it being individual checks for everybody or relief to the small business person that controls […]

The Radical Socialist Democratic Party Is Playing With The Needs Of The American People By Playing Hard Ball With Trumps Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package, We The People Need To Vote The Bums Out! — John A Pappas

VIDEO Tom Cotton On Nancy Pelosi Emergency Relief Scheme… – Dan Crenshaw ‘Everyone In America’ Should Read — “OUR WORLD”


Originally posted on MyLegalHelpUSA: MUST WATCH – Tom Cotton Outlines Nancy Pelosi Emergency Relief Scheme… March 23, 2020 by sundance There are many people, many voters, simply stunned at how the Democrats are trying to use the COVID-19 economic emergency to add unrelated ideological elements to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. Senator Tom Cotton walks…

VIDEO Tom Cotton On Nancy Pelosi Emergency Relief Scheme… – Dan Crenshaw ‘Everyone In America’ Should Read — “OUR WORLD”

arlin report thought(s) of the day: pelosi has tanked

Just when you thought stupid couldn’t get dumber………. let’s just say stupid has reached an all time high in Nancy Pelosi. If she had an once of life in her that was worthy of any respect, it is now GONE! This bitch (yes bitch) should be held for treason, forget impeachment.

We’ve heard we are in a war against the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Pelosi and many Dem-wits along with her should be charged with WAR CRIMES.

Could it be most of us are in an ordered lock down to keep us in place so we don’t march on Washington and jerk the likes of Pelosi, Schumer (lets toss in Schiff while I’m at it) by their asses out of high chairs into the streets to face REAL AMERICANS.

I am retired living on MY Social Security and pension. I’ll be okay, but other Americans, many Americans are losing jobs now, and those off because their business or work places are closed for now are hurting or soon will. In addition more funds are need for more medical supplies. The problem is URGENT. They need help, but what is going on in Congress……….they are bickering over things not even related to health issues and the immediate economy. The Democrats in particular, along with their selfish, pathetic power grubbing snob ass (Nancy Pelosi) wants all the BS type stuff that originated from the Squad (AOC influence). They are not capable of keeping things on course/on track, focused on what is of imminent importance. They should be capable, they just don’t give a crap.

Nancy Pelosi, acting as though she hasn’t a care in the world. She probably doesn’t. No sense of urgency! NONE! That is the problem, NO SENSE! Pelosi should be toast!

china possible act around the corner…….another virus outbreak?

Don’t want to call this a China Virus? WHY THE HELL NOT? Looks like there may be a 2nd act, from where? CHINA! It also looks like they are dealing with this the same way as the COVID-19 by saying nothing until it is obvious. Apparently a man became ill after close contact with a woman that returned from Turkey. CHINA needs to be isolated from the rest of the world, now and forever!

god……are we leaving him out during this time?

metta prayer for world healing
It’s the prayer, it does not matter the source

I know some never include God in their lives, as they either are non-believers or they blame him for our hard times. This COVID-19 could be one of those times, especially when we’ve not seen anything like this in most (any) of our lifetimes.

I was thinking about people quarantined, those that are ill and just about everyone, all of us. I haven’t heard much about people speaking of prayer or God. Maybe you’d say “that’s because I don’t discuss it, I just do it.” Or “I’ve been too busy trying to take care of my family”. Or “I can’t pray to God, I blame Him”. I am sure there is some of that.

I’ve thought about this for a couple of days now, it just seems to me many of us haven’t included God in on what we are going through, a time we may need Him the most. I may be thinking that way because I know a lot of the church masses/services aren’t being held…..due to congregation bans. Even that word seems to have a different meaning now. No, I don’t expect everyone to go on YouTube and broadcast your prayer time. I could be wrong about all this, it just seems this way to me and it’s been on my mind.

I believe there are materials, sources and resources on this planet that are solutions to problems like disease, literally everything we face. They are here for a reason, and they were planted by God for us to discover, use and consume. It wasn’t by accident, Amen to that!

a big glimpse of socialism: America go grocery shopping right now!

Image result for photos of empty shelves at schnucks

I am not exaggerating by saying ‘if you want to get a good look of what socialism would look like in the United States of America go grocery shopping right now’. Shelves in some departments are bare and in others dwindling down to be bare soon. Bernie Sander’s America.

I went to our local supermarket to pick up a few things this morning, early, 6:30 AM. They have a window for people 60+ and those with health issues to shop from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM so we can get to their newly stocked shelves before the rest of the younger and healthier population further drain them. LOL! That was a pathetic sad laugh.

I picked up a gallon of “no fat organic milk” for nearly $7.00. It was one of the remaining milk items left, one of three. I was kind, I left the other two for someone else. Hope they like no fat organic milk. I normally get 1-2 % fat free milk. Here is what is more remarkable, they had absolutely no ground beef, no ground chuck, a few port chops, of which they now have less. The fish, gone! I did pick up some frozen fillets, one of 4 pkgs. left. Again, I was thinking of leaving some for my fellow citizens. If they are stocking the shelves between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM, I’d hate to see what the shelves look like by mid afternoon.

On paper products like toilet paper, facial tissue and now even paper towels……..GONE. Nothing in sight, that at 6:30 AM this morning. There was no sign there were any of these items on the shelves at even 6:00 AM sharp.

Looks like they did restock with Bunny Bread! All other brands………gone! I was able to pick up some hot dog buns for the beer brats I bought (about 10 pkgs left of the brats).

So, the grocery stores and their vendors should be doing well right now. There were signs hanging from the shelves that read, “if you don’t see it, we ran out and are working with our vendors to restock”. That will also be a slow process, as I am sure there is a big run on the vendors from everywhere. Actually, this could be a great time for less popular brand names to pick up the slack. Some of these salesmen should be pounding doors right now. “We can get it to you tomorrow!!!”

Now is a good place to mention my point of all the above. If you had no idea what socialism looked like before, go out and see it now. Oh, that is only if you can go out. Hopefully you haven’t had a curfew placed on you yet. Empty shelves in grocery stores, a common everyday thingy (as liberal Joe Biden would say) in places like Venezuela. Just for one. I am serious folks, this major midwest/Missour grocery chain I visited this morning had about 20% of their shelves empty. Most edible items are going fast. The paper products are gone. What are on the shelves are items you probably don’t really need to survive or have a lot of at home anyway. Things that you don’t run out of that quickly.

Government is imposing rules (temporary rules I know) on how we socialize, whereto and in numbers. Some people in government want to “NATIONALIZE” some manufacturing industries. That is about control….period!

I get it, drastic action needed to be taken in order to deal with the coronavirus. I would however, argue all day and night it isn’t that much different than what we have dealt with in the past, without this hysteria and panic.

Government(s), and this is not just in the U.S. it is global, are learning just how quickly they can take control of our daily lives, with the assistance or you can even say excuse of a pandemic. They always think they know what is best for us. When do they run this drill again, when there is no virus? Right now, (and I said its to control the virus), they shut us down. No socializing in groups of 50+, in some cases 10+, shut down dining in, schools are closed, bars are closed, food supplies and essentials are dramatically down…….and towns/cities are looking like ghost towns. They are even talking about bringing in National Guard in some areas…….oh and lets not forget some communities have banned the sale of guns. OF COURSE, take advantage while they can! Control, socialism a little bit at a time, hidden in this pandemic exercise we are going through, or not so hidden. How much from this temporary experience will remain when it is said and done?

I understand the virus is real……but this isn’t just about a virus! Go ahead, I can hear it, he’s a conspiracy freak. Quite frankly I am way beyond that……it doesn’t bother me.

This coronavirus (COVID-19) started in China. Do you think China is concerned about losing a few thousand people? NO! So, they could care less about anyone outside of China. Their only interest in the United States is and always has been THEIR UNFAIR TRADE ADVANTAGE. China has always wanted to have a thumb down on us. Keep us somewhat dependent on them. The medicine products and resources to produce medicine is a weapon to use against us. We are dependent on China for much of our meds. That to me is ridiculous. We have pharmaceutical companies, and they should be capable of producing EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING we need. You think we don’t have medical researchers, which includes pharmaceuticals? I’ve gotten off track here, so back on track: John Hopkins, Bill Gates and Mrs Gates (and I believe little George Soros was involved) had this 201 event in NYC. The event was about the ‘coronavirus’. This event occurred 6 weeks before the coronavirus broke out in China. Of course that timeline could be off as far as when it broke out in China, as we are learning China lied about it. So was probably a bit sooner than that. Regardless, Gates is probably also working on the vaccine………conveniently. This to is about $$$$$$$ ! Globalism plays a part in this, I will bet my life on it. What I am saying, it is hard to believe (for me anyway), that all we are going through is coincidental!

This is a test, a test of the American Broadcast System………… if this were a real emergency……

Will it is an emergency, it looks man made!

So, go look, and tell me what you see…….. it isn’t the America our forefathers and fathers and grandfathers, brothers and sisters fought for and they would not recognize today. THIS BETTER BE TEMPORARY!

pneumonia just for one vs. coronavirus (covid-19)

Look at the symptoms and characteristics of COVID-19 compared to pneumonia. Pneumonia especially kills adults 65 and older and children 5 and under. 250,000 will be hospitalized this year for pneumonia in the United States. Thousands will die. I know a little about pneumonia, I nearly died as a junior in high school back in 1968. We have come to “accept” pneumonia deaths of older folks as being common/almost natural death.

Now lets add the flu, we are still in flu season. How many “will” die from the flu? So, why the hysteria and so much attention over the coronavirus? Yes it will spread. The flu spread, may still be. Hell people die from the common cold. I get it though, they don’t know as much about the coronavirus! So they say. If symptoms are the same or similar it seems treatment would be similar. I don’t know enough to make definite statements. There are even a number of different coronavirus’, this one being COVID-19. So, I guess there is enough difference and unknowns …….that creates the greatest concern, which created the hysteria and panic. Don’t get me wrong, it is serious and needs to be treated as such……… but is it worse than pneumonia or flu? I know it sure spreads quickly. Is that it, is that what has made us bat crazy?

This is just another disease to add on to the pile to research. We really are not very good at coming up with cures. If we are, somebody would be receiving it, who are they? Researchers always say we’re making progress. Jerry Lewis was hoping to live long enough to see a cure or prevention to Muscular Dystrophy. We are still waiting. We might be good at making people more comfortable, but curing……….? We could use a little help from our alien friends in the galaxy.

We still don’t know everything there is to know about pneumonia or the flu, or the common cold for that matter. Apparently we know even less about COVID-19. Why have we never had the same concern about the other virus’ and bacterial diseases as this one? Just seems there is an underlying issue going on. I keep coming up with “control”.

I know this, we damn well better stop relying on getting so much of our medication from China. We have the capability here in the U.S. to provide for ourselves, be independent not dependent. And seriously, we are getting masks from China as well. Made in America is sounding much more secure to me.

See the link on pneumonia from the CDC below.