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When I received one of my first vaccinations it was distributed at school. Yep grade school, and we lined up like sheep to receive the jab. This was back in either the late 50s or early 60s. We lined up a week later so the doctor could inspect our arms for any side effects.

We received a smallpox vax, polio and whatever. I think I once received a shot to keep from getting the mumps as well. I nearly died from the measles, I was about 6 or 7 at the time. I remember the doctor (who happened to be a close friend of our family) coming to our house to check-up on me. My bedroom was kept dark with the curtains closed. I was even told not to look outside, the sunlight could be harmful (that is what we were told back then). I never caught the mumps, polio, smallpox, so the shots apparently worked. I did catch chickenpox though, and got quite ill from that as well. When I catch a fever, I usually get a high fever. That was the greatest danger I had, the fevers. Once had a 106 temp with pneumonia when I was 16 years old. Was packed in ice, freaked out the nurses. They thought I was about to die! I escaped death, no brain damage done! 🙂

Onward to today: These COVID shots, are far from 100% effective. Not sure they are even 50%. We just learned some women (3 to be exact, as of now) that attended a Christmas luncheon have tested positive for COVID; they all had been vaccinated! Now either the vax does not work for everyone, or the COVID test, calls every little sniffle and sneeze as a positive for COVID. So, these individuals are now being quarantined. The purpose of COVID vaccination seems to be more about control than it is disease prevention. Anything the government is involved in results in failure more so than not! These COVID vaccines seem to be more about weakening than preventing disease. WEAKENING our spirit and bodies! CONTROL!

I have been outdoors during some cold, windy and damp weather. That evening or the next day, I may feel a bit rundown, head stuff, slight runny nose. Sometimes I feel like a cold is coming on. It disappears after a good nights sleep. My point here is, every time I get some kind of symptom I am NOT running to the clinic for a COVID TEST! I can just about bet (now I am guessing), a stuffy nose or sinus’ would come back as COVID POSITIVE. This is BS! By the way, yesterday……….slight stuffiness. Today I feel GREAT! NO medical intervention sponsored by the government needed!

Rest well, eat healthy, drink plenty of liquids!

Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden………and his ridiculous side-kick (Kamala) are not your saviors!