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ARLIN REPORT QUOTE OF THE DAY; OK more than a quote, a bitch, a rant!

“County government really is just for:  regulation, regulation and regulate some more.   Government should be as accountable for their action as they hold us for ours. ”

Fixing/replacing/repairing structure that is a safety issue is one thing.   Replacing structure that, such as plastic water supply lines to a bathroom basin that is in perfect condition and DOES NOT LEAK, with braided flexible lines is ridiculous.   Replace them when they start to leak.   Same with a water heater flue, changing from aluminum to galvanized steel…….why change when it has worked perfectly for 12 years and looks as good as it did when put in.   Why not replace with galvanized when you replace the water heater?   Nothing is grandfathered in when getting a permit for re-occupancy( sold house).   St. Louis County inspections motto “Fix it even if it ain’t broke”.  They couldn’t hold protesting looters, vandals and arsonists accountable in Ferguson, but let them in your home!!!!

Grandpa (grandfather clause) is dead in St. Louis County.

And don’t send an inspector to my home that spells “cattle as caddle”.