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Did you ever watch The Tonight show with Jay Leno, where he would go out on the streets and ask questions randomly of those passing by?  Now I am sure only those with the most ridiculous answers were aired, it was for comedy after all.  Still, the fact people wouldn’t even know who their vice president was, or had little knowledge of current events etc.    I apologize but for a lack of a better word, they were simply dumb, uneducated people, Americans.

Dumbing Down of America did occur and continues.   Think about this, could this explain the mentality and intelligence (lack thereof) of our Congressional leaders and president?   I will excuse Obama from this group, he learned very well from his mentor Saul Alinsky…..and college professors.  He is executing Alinsky’s political philosophy of destroying the U.S. just as instructed.   Our leaders just may be products of the Dumbing Down of America of our educational system.

Only 22 – 25% of voters will vote today, Tuesday Aug. 5 in Missouri.  Lack of interest, lost hope…….is it all part of the Dumbing Down?  This didn’t just happen over night.   We don’t get involved, not enough of us anyway.  Too many people either aren’t aware or don’t care what goes on in our country and the world.  Too many zombies!  Our society is too easily controlled by corrupt government and president.  Dumbing Down is about control, keep us from thinking for ourselves.

I believe a lot of problems we face today could better be solved if it weren’t from a  deteriorated education system.   Am I off base here?


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I haven’t finished the first chapter of Dinesh D’Souza’s book America, Imagine a World Without Her but I’m already disturbed….even  a bit further pissed at our illustrious leaders.   The words of D’Souza are making sense, and you can see what has and is yet to unfold throughout the world and particularly here in the good old USA.

D’Souza’s writing purpose is not only informative but to create emotion and possible reaction and action from his readers, We the People…. to save America.   The emotion and reaction part he appears to be achieving, with me.

A thought that has come out from me, and I don’t know if it’s from the book or just current events, Do the attitudes from our leadership, especially in Congress, reflect that of the people or do the attitudes of the people reflect that of the Congress or both?

Think about this, We the People whine, complain, debate, argue (not always the same as debate), cry about how bad we have it and criticize our government.   Beyond all that we do very little to solve anything.  We complain about our leaders doing nothing……and I agree they do very little.   You want more out of your representatives, get more active yourself, let them know how you feel and where you stand.    The reflective mirror, Congress does the same, they whine, complain, debate, argue and point the finger and do nothing.   So, who is really to blame for the state of our nation?  We all are.

Want change, break the glass in the mirror…….become active, even if you just speak out.   They have to listen, eventually….maybe the broken glass will turn us in a new direction.

As for Obama, there is no reflection; he is in  his own world with his own programmed agenda.   Barry doesn’t look in the mirror.   He is carrying out his purpose, to destroy us from within……..progressive policy.

I am not a book critic, but to hold my interest to finish a reading it has to be good and very informative.   So far D’Souza has my attention.


Is it getting hot Mr. President
Is it getting hot Mr. President?

The Arlin Report unofficial, unscientific but interesting impeachment or treason survey of President Barack Obama:

After receiving comments for a week of this voluntary survey, and I say voluntary only because I did not solicit for the responses, it has come to a close.   I know you are all excited to hear the results.

I ask bloggers to respond to the following questions?

1. Should Obama be impeached?                                                                                     2. Should Obama be tried for treason?                                                                       3. Has Obama violated the Constitution and should be held accountable?                                                                                                                              4. Has Obama violated the law and the constitution, but should not be impeached?

Results:                                                                                                                                           Impeachment:    45 %                                                                                           Treason:                  45%                                                                                                              Nothing:                10%

All that wanted to see Obama impeached stated in the least he has violated the Constitution and should be held accountable.                           About half of those that wanted to see him held for treason, if found guilty, wanted the death penalty (by hanging).

Most of those that were in the 10% believed he was guilty of violating the Constitution or stepping out of his boundaries, but felt it would be a waste of time, that the Senate would not follow through regardless.

Interesting comments:   One individual felt Barack O. is the greatest president since J.F.K.   and that anyone thinking of impeachment or treason charges are being ridiculous.

Several of those that favored impeachment also favored cleaning house of all Congress.  Personally, I have come to like that myself.

The thought of having Joe Biden as president if Obama were removed, was mostly addressed with a joke.   Too many to share now.

Obama supporters will say that only those against Obama or racists would respond to the survey anyway.   Of course that would be their justification, but I am only speculating.   Speaking of which, it was mentioned that impeachment would bring out the race card; and interestingly enough, one individual said they could not use the race card with treason, since even white people have been hanged.

I was a bit disappointed that there were only about 50 responses to the survey, but it did indicate a trend.   The question now is, does that trend hold up throughout the nation.   It is a good indication that most Americans  want the President held accountable for his actions, but have little confidence in Congress to be responsible.



Impeachment NOW
Impeachment NOW

I originally had mixed feelings on impeachment.  I thought it was too late and only a waste of time and money.  Even if the House impeached Obama, Harry Reid and his band of idiots would only protect their savior.   But then, what has Congress done for several years now anyway, but wasted time and money.  While they have impeachment hearings, we could find out how are representatives stand on Obama’s antics.   Not that I need to know which ones need to go, I think they all need thrown from the halls of where real leaders assemble.

Personally I would rather see Barack Obama arrested for treason than impeached……..there is plenty of reason for both.  Neither the Legislature or Judicial systems in this country have the nerve or integrity to charge treason.   I’m not sure they have it for impeachment.   What is unique about this situation with our self- proclaimed King is, at one time I would have said they won’t do it because they have to be politically correct).   However, if they did impeach, it could now be both politically correct and the right thing.  The way I see it, it is a win-win for the Legislature.  But they don’t think like the rest of us or me anyway- do what is right not politically correct.

Just because Obama is a lame (and the term could not be truer) duck half way the through the term doesn’t mean Congress takes a vacation from their responsibilities (tongue in cheek there).   Not doing their job, makes them as guilty as the accused.

The differences between Republicans and Democrats are quite often for show.  They are supposed to disagree, right?  Don’t believe that so much, issues are decided in backrooms away from the media, and in many cases the few honest politicians that are sprinkled in the crowd. These actors then come on stage and put on their finger-pointing performances.  Obama’s fate has probably already been decided.   I only say probably because, I can’t prove it and I hold a glimmer of hope I could be wrong.

Impeachment or treason?   I am only going to mention two events.   No. 1, Obama released 5 dangerous terrorists, and gave them back so they would eventually be reunited with comrades.   Obama created an unnecessary threat to the security of this nation the instant he opened their cell doors.    That is treasonous.   No. 2, Obama allows a flood of immigrants to illegally cross the border into our country, carrying all their problems with them (too many to mention here) in violation of the law.  Obama turns his back on this problem, he was only miles from the border just this past week, but would not go.   Barry wants to blame Republicans for holding up the 3.8 billion of your tax money for the crisis getting worse.    No…..he pushes blame in another direction to avoid the issue himself.   Does Obama get immunity from violating the law?   I suppose Biden could always pardon him later.

These were just 2 events, there are many more, at which the very least are impeachable.   The point is, we must do something to rid the most arrogant, destructive individual to ever reside in our White House.    Impeachment or treason…….my vote would be treason, but that’s just me.


I ONLY WANT 3.8 BILLION $ TODAY (pssst……your money people)

I only need 3.8 billion from tax payers
I only need 3.8 billion from the tax payers for someone else’s children.

It seems like every day or every other day your President is asking Congress for funds, major big league funds; none of which is being used here in the United States.   I didn’t know our finances were spilling out of the money bags begging to be taken for all of Obama’s favorite causes.     Forgive me, I thought we had a deficit?  Did China loan us their banks again?

Obama wants 3.8 billion to help the innocent children at the border.   No, this doesn’t count as putting the money to good use for Americans, it’s to assist the illegal immigrants.   I agree, something must be done to control the flow, how about turning their little butts back around, tell them thank you for your interest in the U.S. but we don’t have any openings right now.   We’re sorry, but our kids can’t find jobs now either and many can’t get the free health care Obama would give away to you.

3.8 billion dollars King Barry is asking for, weeks after the accumulation of illegal aliens (Yes Barack I said aliens) mount, which is a problem he helped create.   So, he can put us further down the road of destruction.  The 500 million dollars for Syrian rebels, oh yeah the middle east has always been a good investment.

Let me ask you, how are your highways and bridges looking these days, need of repair?   Your health insurance premium…….going up aren’t they and for less benefits?   When was the last time you felt like your federal tax dollars actually benefited us?

Obama is asking for funds we do not have, and why not, not his money.    This is the White House family that will ask for your money to help some lost cause and then go on an African Safari at your expense.   Aren’t you in the least bit tired of this crap?

The real kicker is, Congress plays his game,  Monopoly, only we’re the ones going broke.  Obama and his gang should go to jail, go directly to jail.






























President Obama, his administration and all of Congress have extremely poor approval ratings, record lows.   That isn’t surprising when you have a legislature that is ineffective and proven to be incompetent; and throw in a President, who believes he is superior to all of us and has no respect for the constitution or the people it was to protect.

The approval/disapproval ratings come from randomly taken polls, from the people.   I believe it is safe to say, most of us are not happy with our elected leaders, decisions and indecision and the state of our nation.   Presidents don’t give State of the Nation speeches with any accuracy, they would have to admit failure.   They usually state all of the obvious and what they would like to see happen and why it hasn’t because they can’t get any cooperation from Congress.   So, the thing to do in Washington is point the finger at one another as the guilty party when nothing positive gets done, when in fact they are all just clueless and incompetent.  There’s that word again.

I know that we are all tired of hearing the rhetoric, frustrated with the policy and non-policy of our government.   The corruption, OMG the corruption, scandal, partisan B.S., and general stupidity you hear from those that were sent to Washington to represent you.   Represent you, us and not for their own personal gain.

Everyday, it is something else, quite often so we will quit talking and inquiring about the previous piece of controversy.    If Washington is good at anything it is creating distractions.

Too often we question what needs to be done and complain but take little action ourselves.  We occasionally write or speak out, expressing our anger over illegal immigrants, too much money spent on foreign aid, why can’t or don’t we tend to our own problems.   I remember the sixties and early seventies where a generation protested in the streets, marched on Washington for whatever their cause.   The Hobby Lobby decision showed a spark of some of that same spirit with people, mostly women protesting against the Supreme Court and Hobby Lobby.

There are very serious issues facing our country.  The Speaker of the House and it’s Minority Leader I might add, have said immigration reform will not get done this year.   Then we have a Prez who wants to make an executive decision, which won’t be out of spite but for power.  Folks, it is time the American people stood up to this crap.

If President Obama can make an executive decision without Congress, I can proclaim a National Day of Protest.

I, an ordinary but highly frustrated  citizen, announce July 11, 2014 as a National Day of Protest.    What ever you are against or for, speak out, assemble, march on Washington, write a letter to the editor, just be heard.   It doesn’t have to be national, it can be your state or local government.   If you are unhappy about the state of this nation, your state or community then say so, show up on their doorsteps.

If we want and expect change we must change our state of complacency.   Why do we simply accept the direction our government has led this nation?   There is more we can do, we have our voice.  We must become more visible and take action.   On July 11th if people across this country participated in a peaceful, and it must be a peaceful protest, we will be noticed and we will be heard.  We have to get up off the couch and just do it.

If July 11th doesn’t work for you or your group, pick a day that will.  This is your day, it is our day and it is about time.

I would encourage all the readers to reblog.   Thank you.