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Originally posted on BLOGGIN’ BAD w/ Gunny G! ~ HEY! NO MORE PC, REMEMBER! ~AMERICA CANNOT BE GREAT…YET! UNTIL… THE STAIN, STIGMA, STENCH AND SHAME OF “THE PRINCE OF FOOLS” IS “OFFICIALLY” AND FINALLY BROUGHT TO JUSTICE, AINOs (AMERICANS IN NAME ONLY) EXPOSED, AND THE SWAMP FLUSHED~FLUSH TWICE!-(“FLOATERS”) -POTUS .45 TRUMP COCKED and LOCKED!…..-ONE RIGHTEOUS MAN–IF WE CAN KEEP HIM! ~ Illegitimi non carborundum..!: Tennessee House Republicans call for investigation after Memphis removes Confederate statues Tennessean ^ | 12/21/17 |…

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Pelosi is leading a charge in Congress to remove Confederate monuments and anything that reminds us of our history.  These morons in Congress are creating enough history we all would like to forget, and none of that history has any significance improving the quality of life in our nation.  What Nancy will do next is replace Confederate statues with one of her own and some of her liberal isle buddies.   Compare the contributions of todays politicians with those of yesteryear, yes even Confederate soldiers, and how they shaped this nation.   You can plainly see a nation being torn apart and out of shape by the likes of Congress today.   What are they contributing to our nation?  Nothing, except destruction.

Nancy Pelosi is too stupid to understand the significance of our history.   She couldn’t name 3 Confederate or Union generals in a pop quiz.  And by the way, while the North and South fought, one thing is certain, the Northern and Southern officers had one common denominator……….RESPECT FOR ONE ANOTHER, even in battle.   Of course they don’t teach that do they?

Nancy Pelosi, and who knows how many clowns jump on board her removal train, will have this one single accomplishment; removing monuments……at our expense.   History should not be kind to our lawmakers of today.


Liberals and sensitive minds believe you can prevent repeating history by destroying history, all things that remind us of a past.  It is the past that builds the character of a present and future.   Not all of which is good, but lessons to be learned from the good and bad.

Seems to me the best way to repeat the past, is to have no trails that lead back to it.  Pooof………destroy it and it never happened.   Take down that statue it hurts my feelings.  How does that happen when you never learned what it represented in the first place?

Instead of building and rebuilding highways we pull down monuments.


MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Alabama — one of the Southern states steeped in controversy over the public display of Confederate monuments — now has a law protecting these and other old landmarks. Gov. Kay Ivey on Wednesday signed the bill approving the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017. The law — directed at local governments —…

via A new Alabama law makes sure Confederate monuments are here to stay — myfox8.com

Who’s next, ignoring history and our past

Behind this remorseless drive to blast the greatest names from America’s past off public buildings, and to tear down their statues and monuments, is an egalitarian extremism rooted in envy and hate. Yes, and reading this causes me great sadness to think about what we have allowed to happen to our culture and heritage. — […]

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